Unravelling it all (1)

I’m not going to finish this tonight. Have to be up early tomorrow again and am very tired, and dare not have whisky in the house tonight. I’d drink it and tomorrow’s morning shift would be torment.

The shop’s only closing for two days. Tesco will be open Boxing Day for the true shopaholics. There are piled-high trolleys forming tailbacks in the aisles – you’d think the ‘We are Closed’ must mean no shop will ever open again. There’s stuff going in trolleys that didn’t get as far as the shelves!

Nearly over for another year. This time next year, I want to be in a job that closes before Christmas and doesn’t restart until the staff sober up in March. Which means I have to get books out this year. Yes, an early resolution.

Right. It’s a big and complex story, this one. Even David Icke hasn’t worked it all out and he’s been at it for years. We’ll start with Islam.

I have nothing against Islam per se, and nothing against anyone of Muslim or any other faith. Believe in whatever God(s) you like, one of you might even be right. When you consider that there are 1.8 billion Muslims out there and ISIS and all the rest likely number far less than a million, what you have are 1.799 billion Muslims who aren’t maniacs.

What are they doing? Working for a living, running businesses, researching, generally doing what everyone else is doing – trying to have a comfortable life and a bit of fun. You never hear about them just as you never hear about non-racist white men or non-homophobic people or non-radical gay people. Such things are not news.

When the IRA were at their height (funded by American donations, largely), Irish people were regarded with suspicion everywhere yet hardly any of them were in the IRA, supported it or gave a damn about it.

Did you spot it? ‘Funded by Americans’. Again, not a large percentage of Americans. A large enough number to make a difference though. While America decried other states for supporting terrorists, it turned a blind eye to its support of the IRA. Because most Americans were not supporting it or even gave a damn about it.

How many Christians support the Westboro Baptist Church? None, probably, yet look at the news coverage they get just by shouting, waving a few placards and generally being gits.

Everyone is terrified that Muslims are going to take over the world. I doubt that more than a fraction of a percent of the total Muslim population are even remotely interested in taking over the world. Most of those who have come to the West have done so to get away from a Mediaeval world where they still hang gays from cranes and cut people’s heads off for looking at them in a funny way or reading the wrong kind of religious book. Unfortunately their own brand of ultraloon has followed them here.

In Dresden there are now huge anti-Islam marches. There are also anti-anti-Islam marches, of course, but I bet less than half of the anti-anti marchers are Muslim. People everywhere are terrified of ‘creeping Islamism’ and ‘the new Caliphate’.

It’s not going to happen. It was never going to happen. We were just supposed to believe it would happen. More to the point, the maniacs on ISIS and Al-Qaeda have to believe it will happen so they carry out their atrocities in the sure and certain knowledge that they will win.

Both of those, and others, were formed by the West and are now supplied with weapons by the West. They never stop to consider why that might be. They never wonder why western media is so keen to broadcast their propaganda videos, to suggest that going to fight Jihad is in some way normal for any Muslim or why they spread the news of their actions far and wide.

As David Davis pointed out in comments, several of the countries now occupied by very crazy people are armed with nuclear weapons. Their governments aren’t likely to fire them (well, Iran might and North Korea is run by the Bad Hair Day Man so is very likely to) but their security systems are not nearly as advanced as their weapons systems. When the whole population is Muslim and everyone prays five times a day, it’s easy for a devout jihadist to hide. There is nothing in everyday life to mortally offend them so they can remain outwardly relaxed and thus infiltrate any system designed to keep them out.

Those nuclear weapons could one day come under radical control. If they aren’t already. Would they fire them? These are people willing to blow themselves to bits because a woman wore lipstick or a man had a bacon sandwich. We are not dealing with rational minds here. ‘Perspective’ is not in their vocabulary.

Slight but relevant digression. North Korea has been blamed for hacking into Sony’s computers. Most of North Korea doesn’t even have electricity and if they managed to get enough computer experts to hack into a computer system… why Sony? Gary McKinnon managed to access the Pentagon and all the combined might of North Korea could do was hack a film set? Now they are apparently hacking into South Korea’s nuclear power stations and so North Korea is losing Internet access. Another faux-bogeyman is about to be squished. One with nuclear bombs.

Back to Islam. Most Muslims are not terrorists, do not support the terrorists and do not care at all about them. They are just people who happen to believe a certain way and who just want a decent life. Before the Iraq invasion set off a Shia/Sunni internal war in that country, Shia and Sunni Muslims lived next door to each other and didn’t care at all about their differences.

In the UK in the 1500s/1600s, Protestants and Catholics used to kill each other. A lot. Same God, different way of worship. Now, apart from the occasional drunken skirmish, they just get along. They would have got along back then if it wasn’t for the ruling class stirring them up. You Must Hate The Others.

It’s not at all hard to get people to pick on a group and hate them. Not at all. It’s been happening throughout human history. It’s happening now. After setting up the antismoker hatefest, look how easily it has been applied to drinkers, the overweight, the disabled…

Take that last point. Most of those on disability benefits are in fact disabled. All you ever hear about are the ones who claim they can’t walk and are then photographed refereeing a football match. You’ll never hear about a friend of mine who worked as a manual labourer most of his life but now has arthritis so that some days he can barely move. He also has something known as ‘Viking disease’ which has so far cost him three fingers that were removed because they could no longer be straightened. Most of his remaining fingers don’t work either.

He was declared ‘fit for work’ and sent to the jobcentre who asked what the Hell they were supposed to do with him. When he is in hospital (often) he is not fit for work so cannot get jobseeker’s allowance, and is off the disability allowance.

Why? Because of public outrage against benefits cheats and a Government obsessed with targets. Something must be done. Get a percentage of them off this benefit to appease the voters. No, it doesn’t matter whether they are genuine or not.

The likes of ISIS make it easy to stir up anti-Muslim resentment even though hardly any of the total Muslim population are involved. Add to that a good few years of political correctness that allowed Muslim rape gangs and murderers to build up to ridiculous levels. Every Western-inspired version of radical Islam is more brutal and insane than the one before. None are ever truly eradicated. They could be, but are not. Instead they are provoked into higher and higher frenzies and encouraged and supplied with weapons.

The point is that, just as with the Irish and the IRA, most Muslims are not Jihadis. But as with the Irish and the IRA there is no easy way to tell which are the dangerous ones. This leads people to suspect them all. It’s a natural reaction, really, much the same as those who think kids will get plastered on chocolate liqueurs or those who believe they will get cancer from tobacco smoke even if they cannot see or smell it. When it’s no different from the air, they are afraid of the air. The danger can be anywhere.

What’s it all for and who’s doing it?

War is profitable. Not for either side involved because they are spending all they have and more on fighting the war. It’s profitable for the ones selling weapons and lending money to buy weapons to both sides.

There is also the matter of the now well-publicised intention to reduce the world human population to 500 milion. Getting the rest of the world to approve the eradication of 1.8 billion Muslims and to lynch anyone who objected would go a long way to acheiving that goal. If those Muslims go down fighting – and they will – they could well take another 1.8 billion along with them. Plus all the politically-correct who will demonstrate against that genocide, and you likely have the rapid removal of four billion people. That’s over halfway to the goal and it won’t take long.

The Muslim rape gangs got away with it for so long and became so bold and widespread because they were allowed to do so. That has come to an end. The madness of ISIS goes far beyond anything Al Qaeda did – tolerance for jihadis is pretty much worn out, even among the PC crowd. So they are encouraged to congregate in one place, in the desert, where a nuclear strike won’t do much to harm the precious environment. The oil? I don’t think those behind all this care all that much about the oil.

Is it the government? I would have thought so but it seems they’ve been set up for a fall too.

This is all a bit rambling I know, but I have to get it all down before I can try to sort any sense out of it all. I don’t think it’s space-lizards in people suits, it’s just people being shitty to one another and wanting to run absolutely everyone else’s lives. Nothing new, in other words. Just a new way of doing it.

Anyway, have to sleep (if the rambling in my head will let me). Sorry about not keeping up with comments. Normality will resume once Christmas is over. I hope.



42 thoughts on “Unravelling it all (1)

  1. Well now. Not sure how I am going to sort that lot out. But it mostly came across as basic common sense. I think?
    Me? I am more into The Winter Solstice, which has passed now. What a relief. Things can only get lighter for the next six months. But then my Afghans always knew more about than than people.
    I don’t think my Afghans were Muslims, but then I never asked them, so I suppose they could have been. Bloody good dogs though. On the run they were phenomenal. And I can well believe that they could take down a Tiger or a Jihadist.

    Do have a good Noel. It’s actually about Jesus in my house. Although not necessarily the son of God. Unless I am the daughter of God, which I don’t particularly need to be.


      • They do indeed have a ‘thing’ about dogs. That’s because Mohammed the Prophet declared them unclean (he probably got bitten by one as a boy, and never liked them since), but cats are ok – in fact they are almost revered in some Muslim countries. Even the strays look well fed.


  2. What I wonder, with the sudden and total demonisation of smoking and smokers, when almost all disease is ‘smoking related’ is what are they covering up? Diesel emissions? Atomic tests ? Indeed anything the Government could conceivably be blamed for. I also don’t believe the vast majority of Muslims are fanatics, having lived in Muslim countries I never found that, like the rest of us they just want a reasonable life. We do indeed live in interesting times.


    • Diesel emissions are only now being talked about – even though they have risen steadily along with lung cancer while smoking rates have declined.

      Nobody mentions nuclear tests. Of which there have now been well over 2000.


  3. XX what you have are 1.799 billion Muslims who aren’t maniacs.XX

    The difference?

    A maniac moslem will cut your head off. The rest just WANT the maniac to do it.

    Until I see these bastards having Peace marches, as the Irish did in Northern Ireland, I will NEVER believe in the “The moderate Moslem.” myth.


    • Do you actually believe that? Goodness me, since I have some fealty to your opinions. In which case, God help us all.
      But hang on a minute. We aren’t all martyrs to the cause. Some of us might fight back. Well, some of them, actually, since it won’t be me. I can’t be arsed.

      When I see some respect for the rule of law for all people, then I might get interested. At this moment I am appalled by what other people are doing in my name.

      I am so sorry that there is nothing that I can do about it. But on what day do you decide that it is acceptable to torture these people? It is so disgusting to be beyond me.
      Get on with it, and may your God forgive you, for I will not.


      • A little water up the nose a little enema up the wazoo but still no beheadings of terrorists. Yet they shoot or torture smokers just fro fun following a certain fatawa bought by Bloomberg for 380,000 dollars a few years back……..

        It finally got so bad even ISIS finally said its bad for our public relations to destroy tobacco and punish these smokers………….

        Yet they still behead…………


    • Agreed.

      The ‘muslims’ who don’t want an Islamic state are those who have left the religion behind and have become atheists, but they daren’t say so.

      Those who still believe have the ambition for an Islamic takeover.


    • Well, the IRA didn’t have the same mentality as the loons of Islam.

      The IRA might kneecap one or two dissenters but they could do nothing against a massed crowd. The IRA fighters did not want to die.

      The loons of Islam would have a guy with a dynamite waistcoat in the middle of that crowd. Their loons are not only not afraid of death, they welcome it.

      It’s a completely different level of threat. One that would keep any Muslim objection silent for sure. A Muslim objecting to the Islamoloons would get it worse than we kaffirs would.


  4. This is all awful. Does everyone fear these people so much? It isn’t as though we can’t kill them if we must. They can be wiped out if it suits the The Western World. So what do any of you think the Western World is doing?
    Shit. This is making me feel sick.

    I am not going to lay the blame at the door of any one person. But regard. The blame does not entirely rest where some of you want it to be .
    You think that torture of individuals was ever going to solve this?
    If so, then on your own head be it. I am sick to my own stomach.


    • People fear who they are taught to fear. Even if there is no real basis for that fear.

      Most of those alive today grew up around smokers and didn’t die. Yet now they believe that even seeing a shiny packet will kill them. Packets they have seen all their lives and ignored are now the irresistible temptations of Satan himself. People can be made to fear absolutely anything at all.

      It’s not hard. An early example…


    • XX elenamitchell This is all awful. Does everyone fear these people so much?XX

      What is it with you wet pansy bloody commy green liberal shower and this “Fear” thing?

      NO! We do NOT “fear” the bastards, we just do not want that kind of shite living amongst us, and dictating what WE should be doing, and HOW we should be running our lives, countries, families,, laws, etc.

      That is not “fear” that is hating a shower of viscious dictatorial bastards.


  5. Population reduction… For the people who want to get the reduction really started set an example. David Attenborough, Prince Philip and Prince Charles for starters. Soon as they like,

    The IRA killed people and didn’t make much headway, then they started killing buildings in the financial district and they made a lot of progress.

    Yes the Muslims are just ordinary men. Just like us. They have to keep a roof over their head and food on the table.

    Of course there are the usual suspects who want and need bogey men to frighten us. They have also been around in one guise or another. I doubt they will ever leave our society.

    Ok a brighter note…



  6. First of all, the paedophile rings in the Establishment. I’m sure they exist; positive they must, as “power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely”.

    What I don’t understand is that just as the “lid is about to be blown off” (or some such cliché), we read something like this in the Mail about one of the alleged whistleblowers who was murdered,

    In the months before his murder the 42-year-old had told colleagues at Lambeth Council he was on the verge of exposing child sex abuse and corruption.

    It reminds me of the TV/film criminal masterminds who reveal their entire plan (often ending with maniacal laughing) to James Bond or the arresting officers just before their own undoing.

    If I had that sort of information, I wouldn’t want to procrastinate for the sake of the children and I certainly wouldn’t be telling all and sundry at work. When I reported a suspected terrorist to the police many years ago, I told nobody beforehand. I did take my time over it. Was I right? Then trying to make up excuses for not doing it.

    Anyway, let’s hope that this time, this particular alleged paedophile ring is blown wide open and it leads to others and it is before the General Election.

    Now onto the rest of your post. David Icke, as I must have said here before, is almost definitely another Establishment shill. It’s what they do: take articulate individuals who appear to “normal” folk to be crazy so as to ridicule all the truths that they are telling, such as world government and yes, the paedophiles in high places!

    While Icke promotes a video with the words, “The Not So Royal Family of Professional, Intergenerational Killers, Paedophiles And Parasites” he is best known for theories like the moon being a spacecraft filled with aliens and those of us old enough remember when he declared himself to be the Son of God and made various “prophecies” which didn’t come to pass. What better person to “expose” paedophilia in the Establishment?

    Re. Muslims, as I wrote yesterday…When I understood that Muslims were being used as a divide and conquer device (and Islamic regimes as a reason for perpetual war overseas) things started to make more sense and that the only such danger [re. a worldwide caliphate] was a global socialist government, which is what the planners keep trying to deflect attention from.

    Re. the demonstration against Islamisation by “far-right” Germans – are they genuinely far right or in the sense that UKIP are described as such in some organs? The fake patriot groups (whose output is 99% aimed against Muslims to deflect scrutiny of our Establishment) tend to be full of far-right skinhead-types, so that “normal” people will be turned off the idea by association and identify more with their fellow “normal” types in the PC camp.

    It’s all very simple and very effective. The Establishment just need to provide an articulate shepherd, ensure that he has sufficient media attention and the sheep will follow.

    The media is also complicit in the war on benefits cheats and there are always civilian casualties in war, but by now many Daily Mail readers probably believe that all benefit claimants are cheats. In fact, most people have probably never formed their own opinion, but had it made for them, copied and pasted into their psyche from what they have read in the papers and heard on the BBC and were taught at school as gospel truth.

    The danger can be anywhere.

    What’s it all for and who’s doing it?

    Indeed; they want us to believe the danger is everywhere so that we are perpetually scared and looking to the State to protect us by removing our freedoms. I’ve said this many times as well, but if Muslims really had carried out the 9/11, 7/7, Madrid and Bali attacks and that many thousands had been at training camps in Afghanistan then there would have been many more such attacks, but there hasn’t been a multi-location attack since 2005. What are they doing after coming back from Afghanistan? For all the alleged bomb-making factories uncovered by police in council flats, what about the others that must have escaped detection?

    It’s just a mirage. There will possibly be another huge attack as a reminder, but the more they do, the bigger the danger of being caught and exposed by the mainstream media and not just Establishment puppets like David Icke and Alex Jones.

    What’s it all for? With the Muslims, it is to weaken our culture to bring in world government (which has been ongoing for decades, anyway).

    Who’s doing it? If you believe many of the ‘Truthers’ it’s “the Jews” because many of the banking dynasties are Jewish. Again, it’s another distraction from the truth – to conceal the real cabal behind the curtain. I’m not sure myself who they are. Some say it is the Jesuit Order.

    Reducing the world population to 500 million (the figure on the Georgia Guidestones) or whatever could be achieved by any number of routes, but we seem to be bombarded with “overpopulation” propaganda, when most of the world lies empty or near enough. Where we live, in the land of Local Shop, it is clear that the world isn’t overpopulated at all. I once calculated that everyone in the world could be reasonably comfortably accommodated in a building the size of Yorkshire.

    I don’t think all the Muslims will be for the chop; they’re just convenient to be used, although as there are eugenicists in charge, we could be heading for a “master” Aryan race. A nuclear war would thin out the population, but they need to get rid of the “weeds”; the “useless feeders” because another thing we increasingly see in the media is how the old and sick are a “burden” on society. This could be intensified to drum up support for involuntary euthanasia.

    Our society is increasingly being built by eugenicists. The USA’s contemporary of mad feminist Marie Stopes was Margaret Sanger, founder of ‘Planned Parenthood’, who wrote in 1933 that Slavs, Latin, and Hebrew immigrants were “human weeds” and “a deadweight of human waste” and that Blacks, soldiers, and Jews were a “menace to the race” and that “eugenic sterilization is an urgent need … We must prevent multiplication of this bad stock.”

    As for the disabled, they’ll have no chance! Marie Stopes cut out her son from her will because he married a short-sighted woman. Hitler had thousands of disabled people gassed in hospitals before he started on the Jews. In our hospitals today, unborn babies believed to have disabilities can be killed right up to just before birth.

    I have just read this:

    Hundreds of thousands of pensioners are receiving care at home which is so brief that they have to choose between eating or being taken to the lavatory.

    Three quarters of councils in England are offering pensioners just 15-minute visits from carers, a Freedom of Information survey has disclosed.

    This is what a lifetime of being overtaxed to pay for the ‘welfare state’ entails. It was probably only ever introduced to monitor and control us. And kill us.

    Anyway, I think the elite controllers will have put on a Churchill voice and declared, along the lines of his, “We shall fight them on the beaches” speech,

    “We shall kill them in the hospitals, we shall kill them through the food, we shall kill them in wars, we shall kill them with vaccines, we shall kill them through neglect; we shall never surrender.”


    • Establishment paedo rings – yeah probably, the nobs and their lackeys think they are too big and important to worry about being caught.

      Whistleblower murders – probably true also. Dead bod can’t confirm or deny they said anything before they were topped – it’s why they are dead, innit? Easy enough to start a rumour that s/he said this, that, other just before they died.

      Icke types – distractions. Just like Russel Brand, or any other “celebrity”.
      Diverts attention from whatever the nobs are really getting up to.

      Muslims – bit more tricky this. Yep, maybe they are being set up as the new bogey-men. Problem is, they all follow the same book of instructions, with all the paedo-tendencies, head-lopping, Islam is better than everyone else guff. Easier just not to trust any of them. As you say, when TSHTF lots of dead peeps on both sides – not pretty.

      Not so sure the population control / 500 million idea is a runner. If TPTB can’t get enough out of us at current levels of population, how will reducing it to 500M give them more??? They always want more.

      Got a solution for the non-care of the elderly/disabled though.
      Take all the MPs, Civil Servants, Influential/Finance bods etc and lock them in individual holes in the ground. Each 1 gets 1 vote per day for some OTHER hole-dweller to get 15 mins of attention / food. They get to hope that someone might give them a vote the following day. After a few months the surviving ones will realise just how bad this is and, hopefully, agrees to a better system of care for the elderly/disabled.
      They only get released from the holes once a new system is in place.
      Any attempt to screw with the new system results in automatic return to the hole for ALL of them. Discomfort and hunger tends to concentrate the mind.
      We need to make sure the “ruling class” are subject to discomfort any time they step out of line.


      • I would rather the people woke up and understood that they have been wrapped up in State-supplied cotton wool (that they paid half their wages for, but don’t realise it). I don’t think the ruling class is up to the job. Was it ever?


    • David Icke and Alex Jones – i don’t think they are lackeys but are being used. They both talk of ‘information from insiders’ but hey cn’t know if what they are being fed is true or diversionary.

      Look at those lizard men Icke talks about. Rather like the story-wrecker in that TV show ‘V’ (the lizard alien one, not the ‘V for Vendetta’ story), the lizard cannot take off a latex flat human face mask and have a protruding lizard face. They can’t forget how to speak perfect English and only be able to hiss, just by taking off a mask (lots of SF films make this mistake, Dr. Who has done it more than once).

      So you feed Icke a bit of truth but conceal it in some total absurdity. Then the truth is decried as absurd along with the nonsense-message. A good way to hide the truth in plain sight.


      • I would say that Jones certainly is a double agent. He ‘exposes’ a lot of things – things the PTB want out here so that when they happen, we’ve already become acclimatised. Jones was propelled into ‘alternative media’ superstardom by sneaking into (i.e. allowed into) Bohemian Grove to film their ‘Cremation of Care’ ceremony. His specialised subject is fearmongering. He has a PhD in exaggeration. Anyone encountering him for the first time sees a raging madman and is dissuaded from learning all the nuggets of truth he does offer. Another clue is that he is constantly on mainstream media. He was on a BBC show quite recently being interviewed by Andrew Neil, who, after the interview, spoke into the camera, “We have a loony on the show today,” as Jones could still be heard ranting in the background.

        No doubt, thousands of people had told their friends that they must tune in to hear the great Alex Jones only for him to be an embarrassment, but the seeds he had sown will stay with them, so they can expect more police state tactics, more globalisation, etc., so that they will accept it.

        David Icke might just be mentally ill and his delusion is being used to full effect. Gorilla 199 on YouTube has exposed him as being a Pagan witch and questions his sanity: http://www.planetxtube.com/category-table/243-david-ickes-mental-health-questioned-by-his-own-doctor

        Another facet about these types is their bravado, real or put on. Don’t know if you’ve heard of Jesse Ventura. I also realised that they give the impression that the future is so bleak that we are powerless and that they will save the day for us.

        With Icke, you also have his subliminal efforts to encourage New Ageism; to become passive. All YOU have to do is buy his books and attend his conferences @ £60 a time.

        It’s all too contrived to be genuine!


        • I meant to say that for years, Jones referred to Icke as being “a turd in the punchbowl” for being a negative influence in the “Truth Movement” but now they are best pals. I remember Jones saying on his radio show that he now agrees with 99% of what Icke says and that maybe he is right on the other one percent too. Why, when he’s been saying the same nonsense the whole time?

          Like this character Mark Dice. He’s another major “Truther” with a loud mouth. He had a falling out with Jones and they kissed and made up, but again, that looked stage-managed.

          The PTB control both sides. The likes of us will never be interviewed by Andrew Neil or Paxo unless it’s a set-up to ridicule us. I have seen both these characters absolutely sneer in disgust at the suggestion by interviewees that homosexuals shouldn’t be allowed to ‘marry’. They aren’t remotely unbiased.

          They’re all working to a script.


    • I do like what you say and I agree. So, who are these ‘them’? The UN are often (too often) painted in the press as toothless, therefore we believe that. As with the EU, the UN requires member nations to commit to Resolutions. No accident there, both were the brain children of mid twentieth century eugenicists. George Bernard Shaw springs to mind.


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  8. I’ll believe in “moderate muslims” when more than a very few stand up against sharia law with its inbuilt unfairness to women. Because, freed from their inhuman designation as just the property of men, and also allowed some financial freedom, muslim women would very quickly put a stop to all this mediaeval nonsense.


    • It is happening – embryonic but happening. Women in the Middle East are defying their ban on women driving, for example. In the West, women are refusing arranged marriages and sometimes dying for their protest. They get little to no support from the politically correct because ‘it’s their culture, innit?’

      It’s not easy to overthrow that level of oppression, especially when the other side holds all the cards. It’s going to take time.

      But it has started.


      • It actually started a long time ago. When I was in Tehran in the late 60s, it was a jumping town, great bars, lively downtown area, lots of pretty women wearing the latest fashions , going to university and working in well paid, professional jobs. Likewise Kabul in Afghanistan (apart from the nightlife aspect). The past few decades have seen a regression of about 600 years in terms of female emancipation in parts of the Muslim world.


        • I remember Teheran with very fond memories, forced to leave during the revolution in 1979, it was a great place. Such a shame it has gone so far backwards, we never wanted to leave and stayed until the last minute when we were evacuated by the American military who were great.


  9. There’s a Muslim bloke at work. He was at the Christmas dinner wearing a paper hat from a cracker and generally enjoying himself, drinking Fanta and turning a seasonal blind eye to a component of his turkey-and-ham dinner. He’s a likeable fellow, courteous and a reliable work colleague to boot.


    • “I don’t understand it! He was SUCH a nice boy, until he cut the head of those people in the super market last Saturday. You would NEVER have expected THAT of him!”

      And HOW many times have you read that after an event?

      Any way, you know ONE. Great, but you can not judge a whole religion/Race/community by the actions of a few.


      • They’re fine as long as they stay in their own countries, amongst their own people.
        That certainly seems to have been their attitude towards us in the past, unless we had the temerity to land an aircraft in their shit-encrusted, poor, mediaeval airports, whereupon they’d attempt to seize it.


        • I don’t mind anyone from anywhere coming here as long as they fit in with ‘here’. They would expect exactly the same if we went to their countries so it’s not ‘racist’, it’s an outdated concept called ‘fair’.

          I do not believe our culture is neccessarily superior to anyone else’s. I leave that sort of thing to the Equality Brigade who spawn things like Greenpeace and are then all surprised and outraged when they are sunk by the French, shot at by the Japanese and imprisoned by the Russians and Peruvians.

          This is my idea of a foreign policy – Our way might not be the best way but it’s the way we like. Join us if you like it too or get lost if you don’t. If we don’t like your way, we won’t come to live in your country. Deal?

          It really can’t be that hard a concept to grasp.


  10. The only fault I find in the theory is Hitler was only a handful at the start too way less than a million and more like about 800 strong if I remember right at the start…………..Of course ISIS isn’t running a popularity contest although they tried by stopping torturing smokers and lobbying off hands and ears if caught smoking……….

    But still other terrorist groups still push bloombergs ultimate wet dream

    A Holy War Against Smoking

    Adlin Sila, a researcher at the Ministry of Religion who has studied this debate extensively, said that overseas anti-tobacco NGOs may be funding Muhammadiyah to continue their controversial campaign against tobacco. Piet Khaidir, the director of the Centre for Dialogue and Cooperation among Civilisations, a subsidiary of Muhammadiyah, identified an ulterior motive: politicking. The fatwa was apparently the brainchild of a Muhammadiyah leader with aspirations to be chairman of the organization. Rumors swirl about the true motivation for this fatwa, but Khadir revealed that even within the Muhammadiyah headquarters, there has been no decrease in smoking. “The joke,” Khaidir said, “is that there are two groups in Muhammadiyah. The majority is smoker while the minority is nonsmoker.” This trend is no exception; the fatwa is notoriously ignored and often lambasted by other Muslim organizations and even other anti-smoking organizations, which do not believe that religious doctrine is the most effective way to enact change.



    • Hitler managed to convince the drones to vote him into power. ISIS are very different. They don’t want us to vote for them. They just want us to die. And they don’t care if they die along with us.

      Which means the argument presented to them against smoking just isn’t going to work. The Antis have entirely misread the mindset they are dealing with, as have the fools trying to use ISIS as a tool.


  11. Apropos your comment on disableds.

    It doesn’t stop the Richest Man in Ealing doing his daily pub crawl (usually ending in my local with a double Scotch chaser and three pints).

    He’s the RMIE because he has no bills – no, the Council will sort ’em out likesay. He gives his dissa car to his daughter – he’s never in a fit condition to drive anyway. He drinks with the couple who are too depressed to work. They have council flats in a street where properties are about £2M.

    I am sorry for your friend’s predicament. Never trust the State.


    • When I lived out in the back of totally fuck all, there was only one pub in range so everyone was careful to not get banned. The next was three miles away.

      I remember going in one day-off lunchtime fae a quick swallae and Benefit Man was there (bugger all wrong with him that I saw in the years I knew him) already drunk.

      I’d go home and come back later on in the evening and he was still there, absolutely plastered.

      I was on a lecturer’s salary. I could not afford to drink that much in a pub, even then! He did it daily.

      That’s the sort that the Mail like to hold up to make the drones think that all claimants are on the make.

      It works, too. When the Nazi doctrine of ‘kill the disabled’ is announced again, the drones will go along with it. Because they have no capacity for thought and never have.


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