Unravelling it all (2)

This is probably out of sequence. There isn’t really a sequence, it’s all parallel and sometimes things in your head won’t come out in a nice straight line.

Anyway. I knew I’d seen this somewhere. In ‘Panoptica’ there is a ‘bus’ scene (not really a bus, people talk to each other on buses) and a train scene. Both have windows that aren’t windows but screens. You think you’re seeing outside but you’re not, because outside is not what is on the screens.

Imagine taking the bus from work to home and passing through dreary, dangerous looking streets until you get to your own street. Yours looks nice. Every other street looks like Stab Alley. How often would you go for a walk? An easy control, as long as passengers for different streets don’t see the same thing through the windows.

It is possible to do this now. Just add compartmentalisation.

I knew it was based on reality but only just remembered why. There was also one mooted for cars and will be easier when cars are electric and automatically driven. There will then be no need for a windscreen. Already on the way.

As for the Christmas story – can’t happen? Is happening. That one only took a few days.

The future is going to be pretty cold in winter. Because of… not the Muslims.

There is so much fear of Muslims around but how much has your life really been affected by them? Mine has been improved by the ones who run Local Curry Shop and has not been at all affected by ISIS. In Syria and Iraq I see Muslims killing, mostly, each other. They manage a few atrocities here but nothing compared to what they do to their own people.

It is not the Muslim child rape gangs who are really to blame. It is those who let them get away with it, and encouraged them to go further and further, who are to blame. Sure, those gangs are pervs and rapists and should be held to account but they acted with the blessing of authority. Those who shielded them, those who prevented the police from stopping them much, much sooner will not be held to account. They won’t even be named.

The Australian seige was perpetrated by a total crackpot who was already well known for violence and who was repeatedly released back into a community he hated… by whom? And why? Nobody has lost their job over that event. Nobody is being blamed.

Muslims are not a problem for the coming New World Order. They can be and probably will be easily eradicated. As will all other religions. The new religion will be a ‘convert or die’ once again (they pretty much all start out that way) but this time there will be no jizya or tolerance of other faiths. You will fall before the Green God or you will go on the naughty list.

Islam is a distraction. Radical Islam doesn’t know this. They think they are going to win but they were never going to win. There is something even worse controlling them.

The New Way is horrible. No sewers, no power, and not even a chimney for a home fire. Utterly dependent on wind power that doesn’t work. You will not own a car. You will hail a passing autodriven car if you can afford to ride in one. Otherwise you will walk. It’s good for your health and healthy drones are productive drones.

See it yet? Muslims are not talking over your life. They are, if you look closely, having no real effect beyond what their lunatic fringe are allowed to have. They will be wiped out when they have served their purpose and that is already beginning. You non-mad Muslims need to wake up fast. You are going to get the blame for stuff you did not do. The mad ones will be glowing glass in less than a decade which is why the controllers are encouraging them all to go to one place.

The ones taking over your life are the ones you are smiling at while they eradicate the freedoms of you and your friends. The holy warriors of Gaia are in control. The Climatologists are just one part of it all. Health, yours and the planet’s, is everything. Give up all you enjoy. Live a Puritan life of denial and be rewarded later. No afterlife this time. You will live forever in this life if only you follow the High Priests’ directions.

For fuck’s sake. It’s exactly the same thing all over again. Why can’t people see it yet?


17 thoughts on “Unravelling it all (2)

  1. Yeah the Australian crackpot one is very strange indeed, knowing what they knew about him it was amazing he was still allowed to be free to roam around, it’s almost as if they did it on purpose. And you’re absolutely right, no-one ever gets held to account.

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  2. “Why can’t people see it yet?”
    Plenty of us do. But we also know that however much us bloggers talk of “Come The Revolution”, in reality there’s there’s fuck all we can do about it. All I want is to find somewhere I can live out my remaining years as free from all this crap as possible.

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    • I don’t want to lead a revolution. They don’t often end with something better anyway.

      A lot of people like being sheep and that’s okay with me. All I want is for their owners to leave those of us who don’t want to be sheep alone. Can’t see it happening any time soon though.


  3. Heard on the Jeremy Vile show earlier. Apes to get rights. No mention of sorting out humanity before moving on to other species etc.

    Maybe the age of the disposable human s now upon us? Slavery just around the corner. The new dark ages. What joy.

    We let it happen. There are more of us than there are of them. Who is going to step out of line?

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