Nearly New Year

I am sober. This is not a mistake. The first few Scottish Hogmanays I experienced, I started drinkng too early and didn’t realise they can still be going when the sun comes up. Now it’s just a sip or two until midnight then out to the Smoky-Drinky mad party.

Everything is sorted and set out for work on Friday because I know I won’t feel like doing it tomorrow. Now all that remains is to have a glass or two of the warming liquid, dress warm and head out.

Next year I won’t be working New Year’s Eve because next year I won’t be at Local Shop. The search for a job change starts in earnest as soon as Scotland sobers up.

So about March or April, then.

The festive season is nearly over for another year. Normal service will resume soon.

Happy New Year to one and all!



23 thoughts on “Nearly New Year

  1. Happy new year, merry Xmas, Easter Greetings and long may yer Lumm reek… or whatever you scots to each other say on 01.01 at 00:00:01 (judging by my own experience on the Tron usually something along the lines of ‘Supp up ya wee Billy Bass-tard!” or an endearing “HiiiiiIIIIIbbbss!”).

    Anyways Leg, may the “whiskEy flow like the crystal streams they say flow in hell” -Alabama 3


  2. Happy New Year Leggy. Your blog and macabre stories brighten up my days and I thank you for them. Good luck with the search for a new job.


  3. Happy New Year everyone! I’ve made my first resolution – not to take part in CRUK’s Dryathlon (bit of a cheat – never intended to anyway).

    All the best with the jobhunting – food health and safety consultancy beckons, methinks!


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