Jihad, soldiers, police and children.

Politicians continue to make excuses for Islamic terrorism while pretending to fight a war on terrorism. Meanwhile in America, the police are being demonised to the point where they are seen as almost as bad as smokers, and again it’s with Government encouragement.  The Army’s out of work so the country’s on the rocks and the internet is to be closed down for the sake of the cheeeldren.

Welcome to another year.

In Germany, the Merkin in charge has declared that those who protest about being blown up and beheaded by Islamists had better watch their step. One hint of goose in that step and they’ll be locked up by the State. Which won’t lock up the Jihadis.

I stand by what I’ve said before. Most Muslims are the same as most Christians and most of any other religion. They are not interested in the radical stuff, they just want to have a good life. Most Christians were not members of the Spanish Inquisition and most were not interested in the Crusades. They did not speak out about those things openly because the Inquisition and the Crusaders would have had them killed. It’s not that different now.

The crazies of the Westboro Baptist Church can be openly laughed at because they are few. Imagine if they were more widespread and you didn’t know which ‘Christian’ might inform them of your heretical wish to just live and let live. Then they might not be so openly laughed at.

Islam is good at radicalising enough followers to make the news. The morons who drove cars into people in France, the idiots who rush to live in Syria under ISIS, are mostly ‘recent converts’. In other words, violent idiots who are looking for an excuse for their innate violence. Radical Islam, like radical anything else, loves those loons.

The Mail often likes to wail about how some radical idiot from the UK has been killed in Syria or Iraq as if it’s a bad thing. The rest of us might not say it aloud but come on, we’re all thinking ‘That’s one crazy killer who isn’t coming back’.

The mood against Islam is rising and it’s not fair on those Muslims who aren’t radicals. The Muslims who run Local Curry Shop are a great bunch of guys. They have made me one-off special curries that were amazing – but then I’m probably a welcome change for them from the thickos who go in pissed-up and abuse them.

They are running a curry shop in the north of Scotland where hardly anyone really wants to live. It’s below freezing and dark for half the year and grey and wet for the other half, most years. An ideal place for writing horrible stories but not ideal for much else. If it wasn’t for the infidels they’d have about five customers a month. They are not interested in Jihad, they just want to sell you a curry. Or a kebab. Or pretty much anything you might want to eat (as long as it’s not pork, but there are several local options for a bacon roll or a black pudding).

The public cannot differentiate between the few inconsiderate smokers who light up wherever they feel like and the many considerate ones who smoke only where they are welcome. They cannot differentiate between a totally tanked yobbo rampaging around breaking other people’s things every weekend and a boozer who sits at home with a bottle and a keyboard and only ever (and rarely) breaks himself. They cannot differentiate between choirboy-poking priests and non-choirboy-poking priests. If one is bad, all are bad.

So as the tide turns on Muslims, they are all going to be targets. I hope the non-radical ones speak out soon because the time is coming when it will be too late. Syria and Iraq will be radioactive glass and the New World Order will initiate a Clearance the likes of which the world has not seen since Hitler tried it. For those who still think Islam will win – Islam forbids usury, the charging of interest on loans. Who really thinks the likes of the Rothschilds will let that world happen?

Nobody will object to Islamic Clearance. Nobody will speak out for to do so would land you in the same boat as those who derided the Inquisition or the Crusaders. Or indeed, those who would have tried to defend the Jews, gays, disabled etc in Hitler’s race-cleansing operation. Consider this – if you were in 1930s Germany and were horrified at what the Nazis were doing, would you have gone out and shouted about it? Or even discussed it with that neighbour who might or might not have been an informer?

For years, nobody dared speak ill of the Muslims because they enjoyed ‘protected species’ status. When that status is revoked and they all become labelled as ‘Islamists’ then nobody will dare speak out for any of them. You’ve been set up, Muslims, and you’ve been set up by professionals.

The police have been denied the ability to arrest Muslim gangs in the past because of political correctness. No longer. That has changed. It went a long way to turning the public against not only the Muslims but against the police too. Which was intentional.

Does anyone really believe that the average copper really wants to investigate a vacuous bimbo’s deliberately inflammatory mouth-shite on Twitter? That is not what they signed up for. They are doing it because they are forced to do it because it will help to alienate the police from the public. A police state only works when the police are so scared of the public that they will do anything to keep them down.

In America, the police are being viciously targeted by the estalishment. The thugs doing the killing are just the front line. Behind them are the government, The people have been turned against the police so now it’s time to turn the police against the people. Against a particular group of people. A small and therefore easily eradicated group of people. Yes, it’s not just the Muslims pegged for annihiliation, you know.

Look at the visitors to Bohemian Grove. Notice anything? Look at those accused of being Illuminati or One World Order. Notice anything? They aren’t the sort of people who want the eradication of white men because almost every one of them is male and white. Yet almost every action they take is to slap down the white male.

Well, if you want a rage war you have to instil rage in your warriors. White straight males are now pretty much at that point where they are prepared, at a word, to kill absolutely anyone who isn’t one of them. It’s no accident.

The rage will explode into war. But not with soldiers. Soldiers are human and have families. They tend to get a bit upset about being killed or maimed. No, you take the soldiers out of the equation.

Since the 60s and 70s the population-reduction maniacs have salivated over the prospect of nuclear war. It didn’t happen and it didn’t happen because the horrible effects of Hiroshima and Nagasaki meant that absolutely everyone went for the tanks and the guns and the infantry and the ships before they’d even consider firing the nukes. Nuclear war cannot happen while there is any alternative at all.

So. If you want a nuclear obliteration of humanity, you have to remove the alternatives. Cutback after cutback for the armed forces. Make it clear that volunteers who are killed or maimed will be dumped and ignored byu the government who caused that. News stories of deployment with no or shite equipment will put off the most patriotic proto-soldier. Then you have a feeble remnant of a military.

And then, if you are attacked, you have no choice…

I don’t think we are facing a nuclear Armageddon. At most there will be mushrooms over ISIS but escalation beyond that is unlikely. The new Green God will refuse to allow it. Sure, you can turn a desert to glass but forest and grasslands? No.

We aren’t going to be allowed to discuss it when it happens. I’m actually surprised we can still discuss the possibility of it now. Then again, they are so confident that they’ve been shouting their plans from the rooftops for years knowing that anyone who actually hears their message will be derided as a tinfoil-hatter or a loony. The drones are that far under control.

They have wrecked the pubs and clubs and shut down conversation almost everywhere, Except here, on the internet. That has to go next. It lets us converse across the planet and that simply will not do. It is not under their control and they cannot bear it.

It will be for the protection of the cheeldren, as most other controls have been. Because the paedos share appalling images online, ‘we must all feel guilty’. So says an utter cretin who has absolutely no idea what he’s talking about.

Dozens of child abuse images exist on the internet, with four in every five featuring a child under the age of 11 being abused – some tortured or raped by an adult

Dozens? The police routinely bust individual paedos with thousands of these images. Each. I feel no guilt because I have never, and will never, view any of them. I am not responsible for the existence of a single one of those images. Nothing at all to do with me.

It is not possible to take those monstrous images off the internet, no matter how much we might all wish it to be so. The only way is to filter individual connections and that is real control – do you wish to have a filtered internet or do you want to access child porn? Get out of that question with your internet intact.

As for the assertion that it could become a ‘normal part of life’ to view such images – you’d have to have a mind twisted harder than a Slinky to even consider that as a possibility.

And yet there are those twisted enough to agree with him in the comments.

All of this cannot be accidental. We should have listened to the shiny hats years ago.


29 thoughts on “Jihad, soldiers, police and children.

  1. “Consider this – if you were in 1930s Germany and were horrified at what the Nazis were doing, would you have gone out and shouted about it? Or even discussed it with that neighbour who might or might not have been an informer?”

    Of all the evil things Hitler did, introducing ‘Sippenhaft’ was perhaps one of the more evil. For the none German speakers among us I’ll explain what ‘sippenhaft’ was; if you protested then they sent,not only you, but your wife,kids, grandparents and the family pet to the camps. Collective family punishment.

    There will always be ‘heroes’, man and women brave enough to risk certain death by speaking out against things like the holocaust- infact I would argue that for most men there is a point at which they can no longer look away. But there are very very very few who would be prepared to risk the lives of their loved ones.


  2. We should have listened to the shiny hats years ago.

    I have been banging on about it long enough. A friend wrote recently that he’s coming round more to my way of thinking. It’s what made us fall out and he wants to get back in touch.

    Good point about usury. I’d never thought of it from that angle before. That’s another reason a world caliphate is impossible. It’s not just that the Rothschilds would abhor it, but their overlords. Part of the skill of tin foil hattery is fine-tuning to reject the disinformation, such as “it’s the Jews”. This NWO business has made anti-Semetism fashionable once again. The proponents are very pleased with themselves that they are ‘enlightened and “know” this, much like the humanists and their “free-thinking” even though some evolutionists say there is no such thing as free-thinking as our brains are computers made of meat simply following the laws of chemistry!

    The rush to get half of school leavers to go on to tertiary education (a misnomer which suggests they received two doses previously!) means, among other things, that they are enslaved for a lifetime by debt.

    So, confusion reigns, but that helps make people angry with other people and they don’t come angrier than militant humanists. I was debating with one on The Telegraph this week – for the first time there my posts were being pre-moderated and rejected. I got a post through which accused the D.T. of religious intolerance and I was back on track, only to get it in the neck from an ardent Dawkins’ adherent exhibiting the classic symptoms of arrogance due to an assuredness of being right.

    I now haven’t heard from him for 36 hours after playing what looks like the winning hand. Darwin had written (On the Origin of Species):

    “Why then is not every geological formation and every stratum full of such intermediate links? Geology assuredly does not reveal any such finely graduated organic chain; and this, perhaps, is the most obvious and gravest objection which can be urged against my theory. The explanation lies, as I believe, in the extreme imperfection of the geological record.”

    “That was the case in 1859. Isn’t that still the case?”

    He insisted they were NOW there, so I broke it down for him,

    “Where is the evidence? Where IS this *finely graduated* organic chain in *every* geological formation and *every* stratum?”

    /Royal flush/

    Lenin said, “Our programme necessarily includes the propaganda of atheism.”

    Same with our Marxist-Leninist re-engineers. It’s how the Fabians and others are destroying the family and religions for complete control. Yuri Bezmenov finished his only? lecture available on YouTube by saying that once a country loses its religion, it’s finished because that’s the thing which holds it together.

    2 + 2 = 4 is a truth we can all agree with, but who is going to defend it to the death? People in Stalin’s USSR were being killed for being Christians, but he said they were going contentedly. Mr Bezmenov was a KGB subversion agent, in case you missed me banging on about him before.

    Check out his lecture on YouTube and also his interview with G. Edward Griffen, but definitely the former. What he said the KGB were doing to undermine Western culture, our ‘own’ leaders are doing to us. That’s because they have been chosen to betray us into the hands of the ‘NWO’.

    Everything that I can see is pointing at a really miserable and scary future. While there is genuine hatred of the Jews out there, the 78 year-old chairman of Wigan Athletic has been ordered to go to re-education courses after saying how they used to call the the Chinese takeaway “the chinks” and said to the Guardian that Jews chase money more than anyone. (Was that in a private conversation?) People are grassing up their neigbours, like the ones the other day in Scotland who heard another old boy referring to common neighbours as “Tinks” and the old fella was arrested and detained overnight on some ‘hate’ charge.

    I’m not pleased that my tin foil hattery is being proven right because I’m in the same danger as anyone else. I had a young lodger for a few months (the son of friends of mine) who I let stay for free, but he threatened to report me for being “homophobic” after a conversation.

    They have most people where they want us.

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      • Indeed. After being housed and fed for quite a number of weeks. He was a teenager just out of school and thus well trained.

        He lasted here a couple more months, I think. He started taking over like he owned the place. It’s a big house I’m renting. I came downstairs one morning and he had turned the small TV room into his private office, complete with fancy desk from upstairs with all his computer gear set up and the walls boasting his school certificates (which he’d ripped off another wall). Oh, and a sign on the door to say it’s his company office.

        I am incredibly easy going, but In the end I had to order him to leave. Not surprisingly.


  3. I live in San Diego, Caifornia, a relatively mild weatherd place. For the tenth year in a row ,last night, New Years Eve, I sat on my back deck at midnight and listened to well over 100,00 guns being shot off into the air. The police did not come. It was situation nornal. There were no reports of mass murder here in the papers or media. But I don’t think most of us are not worried about the police in America, the citizens are still far outnumber them and are well armed if they can waste that much ammo for a lark. Plus, it is generally not a good idea to go to war against your nieghbors, as they know where you live. The world has a lot of problems. lets try to temper with a bit of sanity for a couple of years.


  4. Well… The headlines in today’s Scotsman include a front page saying the getting cancer is just down to bad luck. Get the fags out guys and head for the pub. Amebiasis already know this as did anyone with more than a few brain cells.

    If they want a culprit for lung cancer look no further than diesel exhaust fumes. Of course the green God won’t like that at all.

    Get nanny out of our lives and let us take responsibility for our own choices.

    My newsagent is a great guy from India. We talk cars for hours. All he wants to do is bring up his family and enjoy his life. He’s no different then his customers.

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    • Diesel, and perhaps a hint of the 2000+ nuclear bombs that have been set off all over the planet since the damn thing was invented. But those were just tests, not war usage, so where it blows afterwards is nobody’s concern…


  5. Aha, so should we now thank Tony B. Liar for his prescience? Your piece suggest he was looking far beyond NuLab’s underhand importation of “their” voters – he was actually setting the immigrants up for a fall.


  6. Child pornography! Bad! Cradle to grave exploitation in order to enlarge your own field of influence? Oh that’s just fine. Remaining a child forever? That’s fine too. Having a private life? Bad! Could it be that it is in fact permanently arrested children who are screeching the loudest? How many of them put on great big bows on their heads and diapers on their bums in private? Adult baby porn. Now there’s a scourge. Just to be safe, I’m going to have to start smoking more. I’ve heard it makes a good adult baby repellent. Beware of the adult baby jihad.


  7. Cops in America are wary and sometimes over-react.
    ‘Tis for good reason.
    Last year, there were 50 cops killed by the ‘mundanes’ and FBI data says about 500 ‘mundanes’ killed by cops.
    Let’s make that 1,000 ‘mundanes’ killed by cops.

    There are about 800,000 cops of one sort or another and about 315 million mundanes.

    A cop has a 1 in 16,000 chance of being killed by a mundane.

    A mundane has a 1 in 315,000 chance of being killed by a cop.

    A cop is about 20 times more likely to be killed by a mundane as vice versa.

    Let us say that cops commit 100 assults on mundanes per day, that is 36,500 per year.

    FBI data tells us there are about 725,000 aggravated assults per year.

    A citizen is at least 20 times more likely to have the crap beat out of him by their neighbor as by a cop.

    Just a bit more.
    There are over 58,000 assults on cops per year.
    That is a rate of 1 in 14 officers assulted by citizens per year.

    Using data from my previous post, we find that cops are over 600 times more likely to be assulted by a citizen than vice versa.


  8. If you are coming around some more to “alternative narratives” a very balanced and “war on/for your consciouness” focused person to start with is a fellow Celt with a similar ring to his ideas as yourself Leggy albeit more in depth with the subversive power structures and their deletirous, undermining effects on modern minds and cultures. He’s really complimentary to your more day to day/narrating the cumulative decline as-it-happens reports.

    His name is Michael Tsarion.

    He has some very dense tinfoil material stuff about alien geneticist manipulators and then some “slightly” more relevant stuff where he chimes with a lot of the stuff you say in terms of the degrading of society/ societal control in the post humanism world by making people into hopelessly befuddled, overwhlemed and chicken headed automatons hopelessly parroting the meaningless mantras of “safety”, “health”, “the cheeeldren”, and other fear, divide and conquer, never ending dichotomies based strategies.

    Keep up the great work brother, your right on the money for what it’s worth.

    All the best for 2015 – it might not last that long!


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