Smoothing out the tinfoil.

So Prince Andrew had a pal who was into underage girls. Did he take part? Did he even know? Guilt by association is all the rage – it’s the new second-hand smoking.

I used to go fishing with some others including a bloke from the local plant shop. Didn’t know him well but he seemed pleasant enough and knew a lot about plants. Then he disappeared.

What I didn’t know, and what none of even his long-term friends knew, was that he had amassed quite a collection of particularly unpleasant child pornography on his computer. The police knew because while the originators of those images might be quite cunning at hiding on the internet, the recipients are usually not. Some use proxies, believing them to be uncrackable – but they’re not. Not when a computer whiz really wants to find you.

Nobody knew about his curtains-drawn vile hobby. Not even those who had known him for many years. So if Epstein told Andy that the girl was his masseuse, why would Andy assume anything different?

There may be more to it, but there is nothing yet to prove that the fat parasite prince was anything more than someone who had a friend who was a secret pervert. According to the papers, he is guilty as tabloid-charged. Good luck finding an unbiased jury if it ever comes to court.

If it emerges that Andy really knew nothing, what will be the response? ‘Well, he’s a royal, they’re just covering it up’. He is now in a no-win situation no matter what the truth is. This prince is toast.

The tinfoil was at play over the Glasgow bin-lorry crash too. The official story is that the driver had a heart attack and lost control. Unfortunately it coincided with three consecutive Islamic attacks in France in which mad Mullahs drove their cars into random groups of people. Making a connection is inevitable under those circumstances.

The driver of that bin lorry has not been named and it has been declared that his name will never be released. Well. That really pours petrol on this little fire, doesn’t it?

Perhaps he really had a heart attack and died at the wheel, and just happened to be a Muslim. That would explain why the authorities don’t want to release his name at the time of the French Islamic attacks because it would lead to the instant assumption that this was another one – even if it was a genuine accident.

But then, not releasing his name also leads instantly to the same assumption overlaid with an Establishment cover-up conspiracy theory. It’s worse than releasing the name! Oh what a tangled web we weave…

Maybe it was an Islamic attack like the ones in France and the Gubblement think it’s a good idea to just hush it up and pretend it isn’t. Maybe it was just an accident but the driver happened to have a Muslim name so they thought it a good idea to hush that part up so people wouldn’t draw the wrong conclusions. Or maybe the driver was someone famous who had fallen on hard times. Maybe it was Cameron’s brother. Without that name we can never know.

We can only speculate and many, many people are doing just that. And drawing firm conclusions from speculation as they see ‘experts’ doing all the time. Who can blame them? If ‘experts’ can come up with a random number for how much booze you can consume and how much fruit you must consume and that smoke can pass through walls and how you must suffer the eye-pain of LED lighting and all based on nothing more than speculation… well why shouldn’t everyone else do it too?

It’s now too late to release that truck driver’s name. If they were to say if was Angus McFlatulent from Auchtermuchty, nobody would believe them now. Everyone has already decided it must be Achmed McJihad, a recent convert from Buckfastarianism to Islam and that he deliberately drove into those people shouting ‘Ally McOist’s Snackbar’ or some such thing.

In both these cases, the Prince of Belly or the Wobbly Bin Lorry, the truth is unlikely ever to be known because it just doesn’t matter any more. The news focuses on just three of the victims of that crash and on Prince Andy’s link to his pervy pal. It is now impossible for anyone to come out and say ‘Here is the truth’ because it will be rejected by one side or the other out of hand.

Prince Andy is well and truly stuffed by this one. He has no way to repair his reputation, not that it was all that great anyway. As a foreign envoy, he will find it hard to continue.

The bin lorry crash is already producing photos showing the driver sitting upright in the cab as it crashed. I’ve never had a heart attack so I don’t know – would he double over, or lock up with hands on the wheel and foot clamped down on the accelerator? Someone out there knows from experience and more than that, someone knows what it’s like to have a heart attack while driving. What really happens?

But let’s take a step back and smooth out the tinfoil. Maybe Andy was bonking babies, maybe not. We have no proof either way so even though he is pretty horrible to observe, give him the benefit of the doubt. Innocent until proven guilty. Remember that one? It used to be how UK law worked in the olden days.

The bin lorry driver might have been named Osama Bin Lorry or he might have been Jimmy McPisshead. I don’t know why his name is so secret. Perhaps he was the ne’er-do-well of the Blair Witch’s descendants – no wait, that one became Prime Monster. Maybe he was the illegitimate son of Mrs. Queen and Harold Wilson. That tatty mac and pipe could turn a girl’s head, you know. Nobody knows because they won’t tell us and probably never will – thus the speculation will continue.

It might have been a heart attack or an attack of Mad Jihad. Or maybe he was desperate to get the rounds finished so he could have a smoke and a bottle of Bells toilet cleaner. Perhaps he was trying to flatten a smoker. That kind of rage is currently allowed in the UK. Maybe he saw someone drop a sweet wrapper and was so diligent he was racing to get it before it hit the ground.

See? Speculation can soon get way out of hand. You can’t draw firm conclusions from speculation. People will anyway, they always have. And politicians know how to use it to control us.

You want people to support your eradication of the Monarchy? Just hint to them that the Monarchy is covering up for a pervert. You want to persuade people to support the eradication of a billion people? Just don’t tell them that Jock McWeakheart was driving the truck.

You don’t need to force people to do horrible things to each other. They love to do those things anyway. You just need to give them an excuse.

It doesn’t have to be real.


53 thoughts on “Smoothing out the tinfoil.

  1. One of the most uncomfortable aspects of life in today’s UK is the feeling that we’ve descended into mob rule and that the mob judges by its collective feelings (whipped up by the MSM telling it how it should feel and fuelled by social media) rather than by the facts or any rationality. It hadn’t occurred to me to doubt the reportage about the bin lorry driver – I thought that his name was withheld so that he wouldn’t have to suffer crass comments on social media.

    As for Andrew, the Yorks seem to have a talent for befriending dodgy sorts. Is the woman making the allegations taking this to law? Are we going to find Andy called to appear in an American court? God, the Queen must be having a fit of the vapours.


  2. I must be incredibly naive. I automatically believe that everything is as it seems. “Ah”, you might say. “How how does it seem?”
    I really ought to know better by now, I have been hanging around The McCann Case for long enough to know that some people will never believe that the poor child was abducted, not even if the abductor is caught and Madeleine is returned to her parents alive and well.


    • I also believe that Madelaine McCann was abducted.
      But I KNOW that her parents left 3 very young children unattended while they were out eating at licensed premises.
      I BELIEVE that if the parents had not been articulate and telegenic people from a high status profession but instead had been, say, a care worker and a factory worker, or maybe a white van driver, then the press would have vilified them as neglectful piss-heads and unfit parents who should be prosecuted.

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      • The UK prosecuted parents for trying to get cancer treatment overseas for their child. The law only works one way now, and if you can’t afford it, you can’t have it.


  3. Despite the tragedy, that was a very funny post.

    I have been living sans tin foil hat for the past few months and so have left myself completely at the mercy of government mind control – I bought the entire bin lorry story as told by the MSM.

    I had never heard about the attacks in France. I hadn’t known that there were two other people in the bin lorry cabin when it ran amok.

    According to Bare Naked Islam the other two were Muslims. I guess they would, but they have a photo seemingly adding weight to their assertion. But it was taken after the emergency services had arrived. The driver (as we can see on another photo) wore hi-viz clothing and so, I would assume, would his co-workers; even more so as they would be the ones working outside, so that’s unconvincing.

    Another thing: has it ever been confirmed whether the driver had had a heart attack? And if there were two other men in the cabin, wouldn’t they have been able to move the driver or at least hit the brakes rather than let the thing career for over 300 yds?

    As for Prince Andrew, I’ve been learning to love The Family again, so I won’t hear a bad word said against them.

    Mrs Queen does a great job. They’re good value for money.

    I think I need to smooth out my tin foil hat and start wearing it again.

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    • A cew cab has the crew seated behind the driver. If the one in the front passenger seat was out moving a bin when the driver had a heart attack then the ones in the back couldn’t do much.

      I like Mrs Queen and Uncle Phil, but the kids are out of control.


  4. XX It is now impossible for anyone to come out and say ‘Here is the truth’ because it will be rejected by one side or the other out of hand. XX

    And that is EXACTLY why the Dictatorshiops just LOVE the internet, and conspiracy theorists.

    They can do what they like, and no one knows WHAT to believe.

    In fact, there is probably a secret department at GCHQ, whoes job it is to START conspiracy theories, just because of that.

    Or would that be a conspiracy theory?

    Don’t forget, if conspiracy did not exist, it would not be a major offence in every country that even PRETENDS to have a viable legal system!


    • Stewart has been saying for a long time that the likes of Icke and Jones are just there to keep us hoping.

      Sort of like Batman or Spiderman – we don’t need to do anything, just wait for the hero to deal with it.

      One day.


      • You’re right, L-I. I think they’re government shills who look like they’re in control so we can sit back and let them get on with saving our society.

        I used to listen to Jones’ three hour marathon radio show every day and it filled me with bravado to fight the New World Order and all the injustice in Gotham City. But what do you do with that bravado. Start a blog? Write letters?

        Jones, for me, ended up as entertainment and in a way – once the show was over – like I’d been at church and learned a few things and been empowered – only to step back out into the world where I felt pretty powerless to change anything.

        They also act in other ways. Icke promotes his New Age religion of peace and love – just the sort of thing Yuri Bezmenov warned about (re. yogo, eastern religions, etc.) – which leads to people looking inwards and ignoring the wider world.

        Jones promotes advertisers (notice how often he has them on the show) who sell everything concerned with self-preservation, like water filters, emergency food and shelter, gold and silver for when money becomes worthless.

        They can both plant ideas into the public’s consciousness (notice how much they are on the MSM) so that when these things happen, we’ve been expecting them so they don’t seem so weird. But because they are weird, people can’t help reiterating what they have said, so their message perhaps gets out more effectively than if they were sensible chaps in suits.

        I think this is why they have been given inside information – to plant those seeds. It’s how I learned about the NWO (for want of a better name).

        What they’ve not told me is who the NWO is and what can be done to stop them, other than voting for Ron Paul, who I suspect is another shill.


  5. XX It is now impossible for anyone to come out and say ‘Here is the truth’ because it will be rejected by one side or the other out of hand. XX

    And that is EXACTLY why the Dictatorshiops just LOVE the internet, and conspiracy theorists.

    They can do what they like, and no one knows WHAT to believe.

    In fact, there is probably a secret department at GCHQ, whoes job it is to START conspiracy theories, just because of that.

    Or would that be a conspiracy theory?

    Don’t forget, if conspiracy did not exist, it would not be a major offence in every country that even PRETENDS to have a viable legal system!

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  6. I know very little about the bin lorry incident, however as an ex LGV class 1 truck driver for 16 years to make a truck ‘career’ over 300 metres means that someone, usually the driver had his foot on the accelerator and had control of the steering. It also would be likely there are emergency stop buttons in the cab should one of the crew fall into the back of the vehicle whilst compacting the rubbish which immediately shuts the engine down to idle or full stop whilst disconnecting the hydraulics. I can only guess but usually if someone has a heart attack at the wheel the uppermost thoughts in their head is to stop the vehicle to get help. I am reasonably certain the truth will out eventually.

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      • It will depend on the severity and duration of the attack. It is possible to have an MI (Myocardial Infarction – heart attack) and suffer no obvious symptoms, at that time.
        However, typically the individual suffers chest pain, possibly with arm, neck, jaw pains and possibly difficulty in breathing. If the MI was serious enough to disrupt the heart activity, then blood flow and hence oxygen supply to the brain, may be disrupted. This could cause seizure, unconsciousness or stroke – or any combination thereof.

        If the driver had been “slumped over the wheel”, it is unlikely he would be steering the vehicle and, after the first impact with another vehicle (reportedly at least 5 or 6 in this incident), one would expect the bin lorry to deviate somewhat from its course, or reduce speed.

        it is possible that during a seizure or stroke, the right leg would extend in spasm and depress the accelerator, but unlikely that the ability to steer the vehicle would remain.

        I have not seen ANY official report confirming the driver suffered any form of MI / collapse, or any other medical condition. The initial descriptions came from “witnesses” and have been parroted by the MSM. If the cause was medical, then the hospital could disclose what it is the driver is being treated for, without disclosing his identity. It is frequently reported in other Road Traffic Incidents, that “the driver of vehicle X is in hospital Y, with Z injuries”.

        Of course, it may simply be that Glasgow City Council over reacted, went public with the no name ever stance and now feels they cannot back down.
        Or it may have been a deliberate act, by some nasty bugger – either way, releasing the name(s), especially in light of the French cases, would probably have been the right thing to do.


  7. I simply don’t believe all these smear stories. It started with Jimmy Savile (or Jimmy Saliva as you like to call him) who’d hardly been dead 6 months (and thus unable to defend himself) when lots of women started claiming he’d abused them 30 or 40 years earlier. Why hadn’t they spoken up earlier? Next thing his reputation is in tatters, without getting anywhere near a court. Anna Raccoon debunked several of the stories. But then any number of living DJs start facing similar accusations. And now it’s Prince Andrew.

    I don’t see that he’s toast (unless there actually is substance to the accusations, and it arrives in court one day). The right thing for him to do is just carry on as normal. Because I for one am not going to believe anything until I see it proved.

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    • He’s going to fall foul of the modern ‘guilt by association’ game. Nobody will want to be seen with the accused in case they get third hand guilt.

      It’s actualy worse if it’s not cleared up at a trial. That doubt will linger.


    • I agree with you. However his people Judgment leaves a lot to be desired. Having said that let’s remember that he earned a green beret with the Royal Marines, not easy. He also flew a helicopter in the South Atlantic acting as an Exocet decoy and flew his helicopter low, over burning exploding ships to rescue trapped sailors. As far as I am concerned Air Miles Andy earned every one of those air miles he’ll ever use.


    • From all the ‘paedophile’ references in the MSM, you’d think the girl involved was a twelve year old or thereabouts, but it turns out that she was 17 at the time. Seventeen, ferfuxake! How many seventeen year old virgins are there in the western world? Not many, I’ll wager. Anyway, I thought sixteen was the age of consent? And this ‘sex slave’ says she was paid $10,000 for the job. Slavery? Sounds like she spent the proceeds of her promiscuity and now she wants some more.

      This is just another witch hunt. The MSM have got the scent of another salacious story and they will gleefully milk it for all it’s worth. To hell with the collateral damage.


  8. Reading these Twatter storms and Wail comment threads, there is only one conclusion; the General Dyslexic is a mob. A room temperature IQ mob that ‘believes’ in stuff that would have the craziest tin foil hat wearer go “Hang on a minute, that can’t be right.” No evidence required.

    I wonder if there’s some form of Interweb logic cannon for online riot control?

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    • The drones will really believe any old shit if it’s put to them as ‘truth’. I’ve been twisting their minds for years.

      I was lucky today – the woman I spent ages telling how cheese was extracted from cheeseplants and who happened to have one and was going to try it… had the day off.

      Gives me time to think of reason why she failed.


  9. Seeing as ‘Glasgow’ originally meant ‘Beloved Green Place’ or ‘Green Hollow’, depending where you look it up, I could speculate that this was a sacrifice to the Green God through the vehicle of Waste … people did turn their Christmas lights off afterwards as a mark of respect.

    But that’s a loony tunes theory to consider seriously, although it might work in a book … especially if shortly afterwards there was an occurance of some terrible jungle disease …

    I do like the word ‘conspiracy’, though. Perhaps we’ve been conned by the ‘piracy’ in it somehow because it’s original meaning is ‘to breathe together’ and if you think about it that something we’re all doing, all the time on atmospheric little planet – unless of course you’re dead.

    And the shiny stuff, that was used by Thomas Edison in his first phonograph, although you can use tin foil to make music:


  10. I knew about the attacks in France and my son was immediately suspicious but I dismissed it. However once I read that they said they would never release the names of the driver and other two men I began to wonder. I doubt if it will be possible to keep them secret and I can’t understand why they would want to, I am amazed that they have managed to do so this far. One of my neighbours died from a heart attack but he managed to pull over to the kerb and stop they car. He was found dead there.


    • Pure guess, but heart attacks might affect people in different ways. One might realise what was happening and try to bring the vehicle under control, while another might panic.

      It’s the hidden name though, that is what is causing the speculation.


  11. There is a very strange Brit TV series on Netflix: The League Of Distinguished Gentlemen. There are several focal points in the series, but one of the main ones involves an isolated “Local Shop” where the insane owners only want to serve “local people” and sometimes feed the nonlocals to an unseen crazy uncle who’s locked in the attic or somesuch.

    Is your “Local Shop” like that Leg?



    • It’s just called “The League Of Gentlemen”. I had always assumed it’s where Leg got his Local Shop, etc. from. As I remember, everyone in the series is insane, apart from maybe Ross in the Job Centre, but you’ll see why that is as time goes by. And the road builders.

      “There is a Swansea!”


      • I must have missed the episode when you find out why they’re all so weird – would it spoil it for Michael to divulge? (serious inbreeding?). The LOG’s local shop reminds me of having to stop at Local Pub when driving in Caithness – I’d never heard a roomful of men fall silent so quickly.


          • I think I made it a bit more than halfway through what’s available on Netflix (3 seasons?) before I got diverted. I’ll have to check back on it at some point!

            :> MJM

            On Mon, Jan 5, 2015 at 7:22 PM, underdogs bite upwards wrote:

            > legiron commented: “It’s pretty much the final episode, I believe – > it’s not inbreeding but here’s a hint – we too have a Local Butcher nearby > ;)”


          • Local Butcher?? Did Local Funeral Director have a deal going with LB and the inhabitants have eaten the deceased of Royston Vasey in pies? :>


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