Do not speak.

Or type.

The Jock Rozzers have set out the Rules of Speaking on the Internet. Much more important than rape, murder or burglary.

“Those who use the internet to peddle hate or abuse, to harass, to blackmail, or any other number of crimes, need to know that they cannot evade justice simply by hiding behind their computers or mobile phones.

Harassment, blackmail, libel/slander are already illegal, Why do we need new instructions? Hate is not as simple as it seems, as a smoker I know there is a lot of hate against me but no official agency of any kind seems to mind that at all. Only certain kinds of hate are illegal. Other kinds of hate are officially sanctioned and promoted by tax parasites with the full blessing of the government and the blind eye of the police. You can hate me, that’s fine, but if I hate you I’ll be arrested for it. Can you imagine what reaction I’d get if I told the police that –

Communications which specifically target an individual or group of individuals in particular communications which are considered to be hate crime, domestic abuse, or stalking.

– are precisely what ASH and Public Health have done to smokers for years, and they are now doing the same to vapers? With funding from our taxes? I’d be told to piss off and stop being silly.

And the police and government wonder why they are despised.

Abuse is just words. You cannot physically abuse someone online unless they are at the next table at the internet cafe. Words on a screen that can be switched to a different screen with a click of a mouse button. That is what people are terrified of now. They call the police to report a crime of ‘making them a little bit upset’. The police respond at once because murder is such a trivial thing to waste police time on.

“As prosecutors we will continue to do all in our power to bring those who commit these crimes to justice, and I would encourage anyone who thinks they have been victim of such a crime to report it to the Police.”

You think they need encouragement? Someone called the police because someone else followed Old Holborn on Twitter. Seriously. They call to report Old Holborn and others for upsetting them a bit with words on a screen. Dear God, how weak are these people? The Scottish police are encouraging them!

It is important to note that there is no danger to freedom of speech, and we will not be prosecuting people for satirical comments, offensive humour or provocative statements.

How about that guy who joked about putting a bomb in Nottingham’s airport if his plane was late? He was prosecuted. Many others have been prosecuted for words on a screen. Nobody died. Nobody was even bruised and yet these words are crimes. Wordcrime is not compatible with ‘freedom of speech’.

You can wave placards with ‘Behead those who insult Izal’ and not be arrested. That is freedom of speech. You are, and should be, allowed to do that. Nobody is obliged to take your random garbage seriously but you have the right to spout it. That right should be equally applicable to all, but it is not.

The Christian priest who preached that homosexuality is naughty and shouldn’t be done was arrested. The Izalists who declare that gays should be put to death never are. One is an actual threat, the other is illegal. You work it out, because I can’t.

Libel is illegal and rightly so. You can ruin someone’s life by spreading scurrilous rumours. That causes actual harm. Whether it is done by word of mouth, by letter or online, it’s all the same illegal act. It does not need a specific Twitter law.

But standing on a street shouting rubbish like some half-baked Brand with insufficient blood in his brainlet should not be illegal. We used to just laugh at the ravers on soapboxes as we passed them and we’d forgotten them by the next corner. No harm was ever done.

Now we call the police and declare ‘The bad man said bad words and I’m crying now’ and Nanny Rozzer rushes in to give the bad man a jolly good spanking.





It’s too late for most of them. Their deaths at 90 in a care home will be recorded as infant deaths and the rest of the 90-year-olds will get counselling in case they are upset by the absence of their playmate.

It’s good to be getting old and every day closer to death is welcome. I would hate to be growing up as a child now and have all this shit to look forward to. Instead I have memories of a freedom none of the younglings will ever know, because they will not try to fight the new infantilisation.

They wear romper suits and drink from bottles with teats or from trainer cups and think themselves adult. Then they cry to Nanny because someone they’ve never met and never will called someone else they’ve never met and never will some bad names.

New generation, this is your world. I had a lot of fun in mine but that’s all gone now. Your bland whiny nappy world is all yours and you are welcome to it. Enjoy the grey lands of political correctness while you can.

What comes next, for your children, is worse. And you helped make it.

Explain that to them, if you can. If you even care.


23 thoughts on “Do not speak.

  1. I don’t know. Some people take these things seriously and some people don’t. I don’t, personally, and I have been called a few nasty and libellous names in my time on The Internet, simply because I believe in Innocent Until Proved Guilty. But then I grew up standing on my own two feet. As we did when I was young.


    • Yesss! Especially in the likes of the Express and Mail, they tend not to like the “Innocent until proved guilty” bit. More red arrows than the red Indian Olympricks archery team.

      I wonder if they would be so keenly against the idea if THEY were the ones being accused?


      • Have you come across “The Free Speach But Only For Me” Brigade? They are interesting. They change the rules to suit themselves.
        The strangest thing is that the likes of you and me would be the first to defend them.


        • Defend them.

          I may not defend them, but I would defend their right to say it.

          If it is of no consequence, then no needs to worry about it.

          This is where Dawkins makes his mistake.

          For him, religion is very deffinately a powerful and meaningful force, other wise he could sit back and forget it, instead of getting his Knickers in a twist.


  2. Perhaps we should all be offended round the clock and report everything or body that upsets us, starting with the izal placard waivers. It might overload the system a bit!


    • I was thinking rather along those lines – there are so many abusive comments directed at smokers that we really are spoiled for choice. There’s a fresh pick every day. Maybe a concerted campaign of reporting said comments to the police, daily, would help focus their somewhat limited intellect on the stupidity of it all. Because of course, as LI points out, smokers are state sanctioned targets for hate speech so they couldn’t act on any of the complaints, but it might bring the point home.


  3. XX specifically target an individual or group of individuals in particular XX

    So if I have to wait six weeks to get my sink fixed, it is an offence to write a”fucking shower of bastard plumbers?”

    Or that “All solicitors are bent, robbing bastards?”

    What about those with tattooed fingers with; “ACAB?” They can now be locked up?

    Are criminals not a “group of individuals in particular?” Will they all be able to sue the Police for “a “hate” or “discrmination” crimes” every time they are arrested?

    Have they actualy thought this through?


  4. ——–
    It’s good to be getting old and every day closer to death is welcome. I would hate to be growing up as a child now and have all this shit to look forward to.

    Indeed, as the poet said:

    “I runne to death, and death meets me as fast,
    And all my pleasures are like yesterday”

    I had a conversation with a younsterling just the other day. We got to talking of childhood days… His memories were of playstations and phones and parental supervision. Mine were of the dump, the short-cut, the derelict building, the park, behind the park (!) and the River.

    The River ain’t the Mississippi, but it’s a river nonetheless – and not a mile away down the public footpath between farmers’ fields.

    Not sure he believed any of it. After all, it’s all gone. Well, I suppose the river’s still there. Or is it?


    • Shades of my memories. The River Brent at Neasden, and The Feeder, in both of which we nearly all drowned, frequently.
      As for The Dump. Oh the treasures I found. And it was still the favourite place of my children. But then they had me for a Mother. And I did make sure they could swim, among other things.


    • “Well, I suppose the river’s still there. Or is it?” Be careful. There’s a character comes here who would report you to the Police for killing a river.


  5. I remember the glory days of Usenet, before the Eternal September set in. Those were heady days indeed, complete with a full complement of trolls, loons, twerps and so on. Especially amusing was when the local troll got his article attributions wrong, and flamed the wrong person (i.e. himself) for being an irrelevant nitwit.

    I remember also a prince amongst trolls; the man who posted a request to the US group rec.pyrotechnics asking if someone might send him a bomb recipe in Braille, preferably a fairly safe one this time. Posting as “Stumpy”, this obviously stirred up quite a bit of interest and animosity, especially from the American contingent who are notably poor at spotting a leg-pull.


  6. Whatever happened to the Lewes Bonfire Society’s effigy of former First Mongler Salmond being deemed a hate crime and under police investigation? Did the grown-ups step in there?


  7. Might be some hope yet, my grandson, 7, asks why I smoke as its bad but my granddaughter 5 says when can she make smoke! A rebel in the making I think! Wonder who she takes after. Seriously though I am also sad they will probably never know the freedom we took for granted. Not even teenagers rebel these days.


  8. Occasionally, when reading the DM comments section, I do like to report the ‘Capnophobic bigots’ and enquire whether homo/islamo comments are now also permitted. Doesn’t do any good but…


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