Other people’s stuff

Another long shift today and another tomorrow. Not looking good for my ‘by Christmas’ job change, it could well become ‘by Easter’ sooner rather than later. I have sworn to finish at least two books this year and if the job gets in the way then it has to go.

Tonight then, instead of a drunken rant, here are the more considered and sober thoughts of others.

The Spine predicted a certain tabloid photo over three years ago.

Frank Davis tries to instil reason into the unreasoning.

Dick Puddlecote writes of Whiny Slapman and his attempts to justify being a git.

So does Junican

Counting Cats on the population controllers who don’t want to be first.

Anna Raccoon on No Country for Odd Men

Captain Ranty offers a review of 2014 that pretty much sums it up.

As for me, tonight oblivion beckons. I still have no idea what work awaits for Thursday and Friday – there shouldn’t be any but it’s all chaos again.

It cannot continue. Well, it can. It can continue as long as it likes.

It just won’t have me in it for long.


5 thoughts on “Other people’s stuff

  1. Doesn’t one just do what one feels one must? I was never very good at turning down the chance to earn money. But that was probably due to insecurity.
    I never did earn a huge amount, beyond needs, which did vary somewhat over the years. And always by hard graft. But then there is always something to be said for that.
    I ought to be able to write a book, but I never will, mainly because I have no imagination beyond the utterly ridiculous. And because I can only write about the things I know. And there is no way in which I will ever shame my family to that extent.


    • One year I paid higher-rate tax and resolved never to do it again. No point working your arse off if a bunch of empty suits are going to take more than half.

      Write that book. The utterly ridiculous is reality now!


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