End times for Islam

The forces of ISIS are currently gathering at a little town called Dabiq in the middle of a desert. There, they believe, the Crusader army will challenge them and be defeated. Then Allah will smile upon them and make them all a nice cheese toastie or some such rubbish.

What they seem to have missed is that we haven’t had a Crusader army for a very long time. We had tanks called Crusaders but men in shiny tin suits marked with crosses to give the enemy a chance? Not too many of those in the regular army these days. The modern army uniform tends to be much the same colour as the surroundings. We no longer mark our soldiers with targets and we no longer give the enemy a chance.

We would need to have utter idiots in charge to mount a ground attack on ISIS. Oh dear.

The sensible approach would be to let them gather in one place and then bomb them from very high in the sky. So that probably won’t happen.

I have long maintained that most of the Muslims out there don’t give a hoot for all this ‘kill the infidel’ crap and just want to get on with their lives. They have remained silent when they could have – should have – expelled the terrorists from their religion. Maybe they quietly did that, maybe that’s why the extremists form new shoots of Islam rather than it all just being Islam. But they still claim to be Islam so the rest of the Muslims should have been pointing out that ‘no, they aren’t ours, they are a bunch of nutters’. A few have spoken out but not many. There are a lot of ex-Muslims speaking out and if the remaining non-violent Muslims have any sense, they’ll join the ex-Muslims rather than the lunatic Jihadists. There is no longer any middle ground.

Not nearly enough have spoken out and now it might be too late.

All Christian factions distanced themselves from the Westboro Baptist Church as soon as they heard about it. Islamic factions have not done the same with Al Qaeda, ISIS, or any of the others. I really think it’s too late now. It’s just going to look like taqquiya.

The killing of the journalists of Charlie Hebdo and the execution – there can be no other word – of an injured policeman was a turning point. Oh, the dhimmis are out in force to blame the victims as usual but this time the voices of rage are not being silenced. It’s gone too far now. The dhimmis are being called out for what they really are and they are going to suffer for it.

Islamic loons were driving cars into people in France recently. Not targeted attacks, just killing some random strangers for the glory of the religion of peace. They do a lot of that in the religion of peace.

The dhimmis wrung their hands and insisted these were random, isolated incidents carried out by individual crazy buggers and not really to do with Islam at all. Three attacks with the same method in three days, and there is no connection? Nobody with half a brain believed it.

Now they have committed cold-blooded murder in broad daylight in the middle of Paris. France once rounded up and deported Roma gypsies for being a nuisance. Will they now do the same with Muslims? The dhimmis will object – until the mob turns on them too. Then, I predict, the dhimmis will shut up very quickly. There will be nobody to stand up for you, Muslims. All you who have nothing to do with the radical branch of your religion, well, sorry, nobody is going to face down that mob for you. You should have spoken up when the mob was prepared to listen. They will not listen now.

As for other countries, their leaders will make placatory noises but every non-Muslim is today thinking the same thing. ‘If it happened in Paris, it can happen here.’ Batsby waxes eloquent on the matter. Those anti-Islam protests in Germany just got turned up a notch and you know what, dhimmi Leftie useful idiots? The ‘far right’ didn’t make that happen. Your favourite pets made it happen and you encouraged them to make it happen.

Sweden is falling to the horde that David Cameron insists are a minority in Islam. I’d just wall them in and let the buggers starve. If we can’t go in, you don’t come out. In Cameron’s Britain, you get an armed police response for taunting extremists, not for being one. This fuse is burning very short now and I am sure it will explode this year. Possibly within weeks.

Look at the response in Paris. The army is everywhere now. The three Islamoloons have been caught (one dead, as I understand it) but there might be more! So the army will stay on the streets. Military control of the population is under way. In the UK, the general population cannot have guns but the police can. Why do the police need guns when the population is disarmed? Good question.

They didn’t have guns when the population could have as many guns as they liked because the police didn’t need guns then. Burgle a gun owner’s house and the police would come round later, take a statement and cart away the corpse. Not any more. Hold a burglar at gunpoint now and you’ll go to jail after you pay the burglar compensation. And politicians cannot understand why they are hated.

There are police with machine guns at UK airports and have been for some time. Yet there are barriers outside those airports such that you couldn’t ram the place with a bicycle. Metal detectors and scanners and security officers confiscating nail clippers and tweezers while a guy with a machine gun watches in case you try to sneak a toothpick through. Why?

Islam made that happen and the Left let Islam make that happen. You Muslims who aren’t into wearing the Black Tent of Silliness and all the rest of it said nothing. You just let your radicals dictate your lives and ours. Oh, I know you were afraid. It’s like those who could have informed on the IRA in the Seventies but wanted to keep their kneecaps. But there are so very many of you. You have political Muslim representatives who coo and ooh and aah over the terrorists while saying the victims were asking for it. Yet you keep voting for them. Don’t you see how the rest of the people will react to that? Never mind. Too late anyway.

Muslim child-rape gangs. Bombs. Beheadings in the street. ‘Muslim areas’. That’s just the UK, one little island. Now you are killing journalists in their own countries. There goes your tolerance in the press. There are still the dhimmi press, largely in the UK, but in Germany…

hebdo…and in other less repressed countries, the reaction has been immediate. The UK reaction will not be in the press. The British, and especially the English, do not let off steam through publication. They brood and simmer and then explode.

That point is very close now. This is no longer a safe place to be a Muslim and I’m glad I’m not one. I warned you but I will not defend you. You had the chance to do that yourselves and you declined. I am not going to do it for you.

If you are intent on Islamic Jihad, go to Dabiq and wait for the cusaders who will never come. You’ll be safe there. We don’t care about it.

Oh yes, Muslims, you have made us afraid of you. Just as some of us are afraid of spiders.

You know what we do to spiders…


53 thoughts on “End times for Islam

  1. The irony of C4 7pm news reporting that Charlie Hebdo had repeatedly published cartoons featuring Mohammed and in (literally) the same breath informing us that it was C4’s policy not to show those cartoons….. The news had been preceded by C4’s self-promo ad trumpeting its policy of taking risks in broadcasting….

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  2. Theo van Gogh, the Dutch filmmaker, was murdered by a Muslim a decade ago and no (lasting) uprising occurred. We are approaching the tenth anniversary of the 7/7 London bombings and it has been business as usual with immigration. As we all know, it’s almost impossible, with ECHR safeguards, to extradite a Muslim who is wanted in other countries (even the USA) on terrorism charges, yet our own people can be whisked off to the USA (due to our lopsided extradition agreement) or to a jail cell in the former Soviet bloc under the European Arrest Warrant.

    I can foresee that the only effect these attacks in Europe will have is to further isolate the 5% (or so) Muslim population, but that was the point all along. The calls for a burka ban (recently released from the clutches of PC protectionism) seem to me to be a rather petulant and unnecessary attack on some Muslims as a way of getting back at them (not that most of them deserve being got back at!). The way the campaign has spread across Europe as quickly as smoking bans suggests it is being orchestrated. Maybe this is the start of Muslims losing their “protected” status now that the West has become largely de-Christianised due to PC leading to all religions being treated equally and Fabian socialism and feminism destroying the family and loopy human rights laws trumping natural justice.

    The director of a college I know had a visit from a Scottish government “equality” inspector. My friend, a Christian, asked at the end about protection for Christians. The response was that Christians don’t matter. In other words, our Western culture doesn’t matter – to governments – and increasingly to the wider populace as legislation denormalises our culture and trashes our history to try to make us ashamed of our past. This is why there won’t be any uprising over this, nor should there be, unless it’s against our governments, but the sheep have been conditioned to blame the Muslims, not the wolves in sheep’s clothing sitting in parliament buildings across the Continent.

    Like the Wigan Athletic chairman. I think he’s 78, and he was talking about how they used to go to the “Chinks” for a meal. We called it the “Chinky’s” in the 70s. Absolutely no racism was intended, but this old boy has been fined by the FA and told to go on a re-education course. And of course, this sort of thing is constantly in the media to give the impression that we were all racists in the past and that we must therefore give up all free speech (and all freedoms, generally) to counter this “hatred”.

    There aren’t enough real cases of racism, sexism, homophobia, Islamophobia, etc., so the situation has to be inflamed with propaganda. I remember a caller to a radio show – probably Alex Jones’ 😦 – from a man in some Canadian city out west – Calgary or Edmonton? Anyway, there suddenly appeared on the buses posters to “stamp out racism”, but he said there wasn’t a problem with racism in that city. It is the *perception* that matters, not the facts. The Controllers can change the perception any time they choose and have been doing for decades.

    We’re used to that with Tobacco Control, of course.

    In response to “Roy’s” comment in the Spectator,

    No matter how many posts condemn the actions of these Muslim terrorists, it will not make any iota of a difference to them flooding into this country.

    I replied,

    “And that is totally due to our treasonous government(s) using Islam in their divide and conquer campaign, yet the masses continue to vote in Labour and Tory governments. The *only* people who can be blamed for immigrants “flooding” into this country are the politicians (and their social engineering masters) and the people who vote for them – and the traitors who signed us up to the ECHR in the 1950s.”

    I think the people will always blame the wrong suspects. That’s the beauty of divide and conquer propaganda: simple, but effective.

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    • The burqua ban wasnj’t a burqua ban. It was a ban on face coverings. So the cameras can see everyone.

      As for Alex Jones, there are conspiracy theories about him as much as by him. Fortean Times ran it this last issue and I’ll cover it at some point.


  3. XX “And that is totally due to our treasonous government(s) using Islam in their divide and conquer campaign, yet the masses XX

    I think the moslems are doing the divide bit quite successufuly themselves. Or are you saying those in Paris, in London, and New york were really CIA/MI5/DGS?

    If you are, you are a fucking nutter.

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      • Stewart, I think the point here is that whatever the Ethnic White GramscoFabiaNazi politicalEnemyClasses are doing to the various countries’ citizens who they despise and insult on purpose, nobody is actually forcing Moslems to go out with AK47s and massacre the staffs of magazines, a modern adaptation of what their book says.

        Nor is anyone, except what their book says, to deliberately (that is to say: on purpose) sexually abuse 1,400++ young White girls in Rotherham, for years and years. (Other cities to follow: I bet you 5p per city.)

        Nor is anyone forcing other groups of Moslems to chop off the heads of thousands of people in the Muddle East, for believing “the wrong thing at the wrong time”. Also I am now reminded of the fate, still unknown, of about 300 Nigerian schoolgirls, still in the balance because they are (a) female, (b) young, and (c) not Moslems.

        Strangely, I don’t see any of the most despised species of all – American White Bible-Belt-Christians – going about in their pickups, shouting YEEEE-HAAAAW!!! … while shooting up Moslems and other “threatened and vulnerable minorities”.


        • Edgar – you are a stalker, You denigrate whatever I say. I wrote so much there that there is loads to debate, but nobody bothered. Why didn’t you, if it bothers you so much? Because you can’t? You don’t have my level of knowledge? So you go for the cheap ad hominem route. Well, you lose. YOU are the one who chose not to engage in debate, just remember that.

          And stop stalking me with your cheap, unwelcomed and unnecessary jibes. It
          says more about you than it does about me.


  4. Oh, and bye the way it is MOSLEM, NOT Muslim;

    Is it Muslim or Moslem?
    When Baby Boomers were children it was Moslem. The American Heritage Dictionary (1992) noted,”Moslem is the form predominantly preferred in journalism and popular usage. Muslim is preferred by scholars and by English-speaking adherents of Islam.” No more. Now, almost everybody uses Muslim.
    According to the Center for Nonproliferation Studies,”Moslem and Muslim are basically two different spellings for the same word.” But the seemingly arbitrary choice of spellings is a sensitive subject for many followers of Islam. Whereas for most English speakers, the two words are synonymous in meaning, the Arabic roots of the two words are very different. A Muslim in Arabic means”one who gives himself to God,” and is by definition, someone who adheres to Islam. By contrast, a Moslem in Arabic means”one who is evil and unjust” when the word is pronounced, as it is in English, Mozlem with a z.
    For others, this spelling differentiation is merely a linguistic matter, with the two spellings a result of variation in transliteration methods. Both Moslem and Muslim are used as nouns. But some writers use Moslem when the word is employed as an adjective.
    Journalists switched to Muslim from Moslem in recent years under pressure from Islamic groups.

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  6. I would like to think you are correct but as said above there have been numerous outrages and still no backlash. I honestly think the west is unwilling to defend itself again fanatical Islam and is in the process of committing cultural suicide.

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    • I think that Western People would indeed defend themselves vigorously. However, their Western-PoliticalEnemyClasses have made it so hard, dangerous, costly and counterproductive (like ruining people’s lives that try to do it) that there’s no gain in it.

      And so, we are merely now hoping that the old enterprise will somehow last out our time.


    • I think, finally, the last straw might have landed on the camel’s back. It was a very strong back but it’s too much now.

      What it means is that any newspaper anywhere can get the same treatment as Charlie Hebdo – and that means the compliant dhimmi news is no longer guaranteed safety.

      It’ll take a while to sink in for the dimmer ones but when it does, the excuses for Islamists will no longer be pushed.

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      • The trouble is, we can protest and keep vigils all we like, 24/7. But we have no guns.

        Even if we did, we’d need thousands and thousands and thousands of the things. And built-in, knee-jerk folk-memory of how to use them. Like it used to be.

        It’s disingenuous to wonder why that yawning gap between the People’s current need and the actual reality exists, then.


        • And even if an unarmed “peaceful demonstration”, say of a million people, marched up The Mall, and turned right into Whitehall (assuming the coaches were not banned from entering London and were corralled into many isolated “enclosed” “parks” off the M25), what will happen when the Chief Of Police (or whatever she’ll be called then) orders the massed “officers” to open fire?

          Thousands will be killed. A tannoy announcement will be heard, ordering the survivors to “Go Home, Nothing To See Here!” They’ll slink home, cower in front of their flatscreens being told “everyone agrees that there must be respect for Muslims, who feel threatened”, and they’ll next day all pretend at work that they weren’t there, and moreover, they “never saw a thing”….


        • It all makes a twisted kind of sense. Disarm everyone, plant an enemy in their midst, give that groups special treatment, let them do as they please and when they kill, pretend it has nothing to do with them.

          The population gets enraged, riots, many die in the riots and the rest are shot.

          Quick population reduction. They could, as you say, kill thousands at a time.


  7. SHOCKING question just asked by Jon Snow of Lars Vilks – was he about offence (ie was he out to offend)? How dare Snow consider himself to be a serious journalist – he’s a disgrace to his profession.

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