Inverting reality

Twitter now has the hashtag #RespectforMuslims. Oh, I nearly re-cracked my ribs laughing. There are so many people out there now, not just these Muslims, who think they just have to demand respect and it’s theirs. Those are the ones we all laugh hardest at and they will never understand why.

Demanding to be respected when three of your number ‘bravely’ stormed the offices of a newspaper and ‘defied overwhelming odds’ while gunning down unarmed people is, frankly, risible. That sort of thing does not get anyone respect. It earns only derision and hate. You sound like the Jamaican ‘brothas’ in this old song. Respect is never gained through threats or violence. Only idiots and thugs believe it can be. Do not ask for respect and do not demand it. Do something to earn it. Demanding respect at this time can only inflame the situation.

Which is exactly what is happening. Now. Look, Muslims, you know you have a problem with maniacs. It’s your problem. You sort it out. Don’t ask for respect until you have done that. When you have done that (if you can be arsed) then the rest of us will respect you immensely for it. If you don’t bother then you are going to be lumped in with your loonies, like it or not, and the absolute last thing you will ever get is respect. Your choice.


In another reality inversion reported often on Twitter today, the Righteous pretend that Electrofag is more dangerous than going around with burning leaves in your mouth. They pretend that nicotine is super-addictive and brain-destroying and this will help reinforce the terror of niacin that I’ve already started. So thanks, imbeciles, for helping me achieve my goal to revive pellagra among the stupid.

It is all utter bollocks of course. It will, as is intended, force people onto tobacco rather than Electrofag. The Righteous have declared that Electrofag is a gateway to smoking, which is nonsense. You can go from harsh smoke that you have to get used to, to mild steam inhalation. That’s easy, and I speak as one who likes both. I know the difference. It’s a big difference.

Nobody who starts on Electrofag will be able to handle real smoke. It is hotter and harsher and it would be like going from an asthma inhaler to bonfire smoke. It will not happen but they have already claimed it will.

So now they have to make it happen and they are trying to make it happen by telling current vapers that real tobacco is safer. It will only take one idiot to believe them and report moving from Electrofag to cigarettes and they will scream ‘See! We told you!”

They are trying to make their ridiculous prediction come true. In doing so, they are spouting lies that you can see through in the dark, blindfolded, and yet the drones will believe it.

Formaldehyde. For Alan Akbar’s sake. It’s everywhere. It’s a simple organic molecule. It comes out in human and animal breath. Are you going to die if a kitten breathes on you? Someone is going to believe it. I’ll find them and convince them.

And what if you know someone who has kittens? Second hand kitten breath is ten times deadlier than actively inhaling kittens. Even if they aren’t burning but are only heated up a bit. In fact, ElectroKittenBreath is more dangerous than KittenBreath. If your kitten breathes onto a lightbulb, you will be dead in under a week and you will die lumpier than school-dinner custard.

Sounds ridiculous? It is exactly what the Righteous are saying now and any drone who believes the Righteous is going to have nightmares when they meet me.

I don’t believe tobacco is anywhere near as harmful as is claimed. Neither is booze. I will soon be 55 years old and have had a total of two overnight stays in hospital. That’s it. Neither was smoking related. The last one, but not the first, was admittedly drink related. I was plastered when I fell against the new and unfamiliar sharp edges in the kitchen, cracked two ribs and bust a kidney. It’s all grown back now. Smokers heal fast and we can regenerate into new smokers if you kill us. We are SmokeLords from the planet Galliashtray. Didn’t you know?

The NHS put me on all the machines. I had another go on the X-rays and a ride on the CT scanner. What the hell, with all the NI I’ve paid in, I want a go on at least some of the rides. They found… nothing. There is nothing at all wrong with me. And yet according to their lifestyle-based lifespan predictor, I’ve been dead since 1986. I don’t even take aspirin.

I wish they’d tell that to the taxman. He still wants money, long after my official demise.

It is good not to be part of UK science any more. The biological disciplines especially. If you don’t believe that smoking causes everything and drinking causes everything and not having a body that looks like a skin-covered skeleton causes everything, then you are a Heretic and will be destroyed. Yes, they still use BMI even though it has been shown to be no more reliable than the average political manifesto for a long time now.

I do not hate all Muslims. That sort of indiscriminate hate leads to what Lord Skip describes. I do not hate ‘groups’ although I intensely hate certain individuals. Maybe all Muslims hate me. I don’t care. The thoughts of those who hate me are of no relevance to me at all. I don’t care what (or even whether) the antismokers think and they are a much more immediate threat to my way of life.

I have no hate for vapers. Why would I? They have chosen to live their lives in a different way to mine but that does not affect me at all. Just as the way I live my life has no effect on vapers, so if the pompous among them would just shut the fuck up it would be appreciated. I do nothing to damage vaping or vapers even though the Righteous freely hand out the weaponry to do it. All I ask is the same in return. Is it really asking too much?

It probably is, isn’t it?

Any form of antimokers, look at what Islam just did and look in a mirror and tell yourselves you’d never do that to smokers. In the name of being a bit miffed that other people don’t live as you instruct.

Islam takes it to the extreme but really, it’s the logical conclusion for every hate group, isn’t it?


35 thoughts on “Inverting reality

  1. There is nothing that the “antis” won’t do to ensure they win. No matter the topic they spout their, usually, twisted version of the facts and ignore the actual facts which have been highlighted and which debunk their lies.

    The level of corruption and collusion which this entails is unbelievable and lays bare the ends to which the establishment will go to achieve their aims. Professionalism, authority and plain commonsense go out of the window and propaganda rules.

    Where is truth? There is none?

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  2. XX Second hand kitten breath is ten times deadlier than actively inhaling kittens. Even if they arenโ€™t burning but are only heated up a bit.XX

    SHIT! What about all those people on Hot DOGS!?

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      • My dog Poppy licks my face awake each morning. She is punctual, persistent and thorough … she is a dachshund ๐Ÿ˜‰ … the best waker-upper and getter-out-of-bed evah!


          • We had one that had agrophobia. (HEY, you all know me, NOTHING can be “normal”.) all you had to do was TOUCH the lead and she would go wild, and bite your ankles. I mean to the extent various members the family, who we had…. “forgotten” to tell actualy neede stiches on a few occassions. The doctor had ready supplys of tetenus vacine, just for us! And Brushes! Pick up a floor brush, and it was world war three with a four legged sausage! Point a gun at her and that was it! You were lucky to get out alive. THAT worked even if, like you do as wee bastards, make a “gun” with your fingers.

            We got her as an 8 week old puppy, and she was never misstreated, so I have NO idea why she was like that.

            One of those T.V “Dof psychologist twats would have a field day, if he survived.


  3. The terrorists were identified by their ID left in their car, lucky that trained well-prepared killers would make sucn a mistake. There could be a reason why the third suspect was identified as such despite being in college at the time of the attack. The guy on the roof in the video looks to have been wearing a flak jacket; a body warmer. The same footage seem to show men with numbers on their back in a stranngely deserted street; photoshop.The policeman who was shot through the head with an assault rifle was struck in such a way that his head didn’t shatter, and it’s lucky that the murder was filmed. AK47s usually recoil and often exhibit a muzzle flash, but the angle and lighting made it look like a blank was fired to miss. There was no blood, although the Sky reporter later said, in a slip of the tongue, that blood had been “put there” The getaway was unhurried, so they must have been sadistic to remain calm after a mass murder. They were identified as the same men when they stole a car the next day despite being masked; unlike the Lee Rigby killers they seemed keen to preserve their anonymity despite their aim to die as martyrs, so it’s lucky that they were caught so quickly.
    Now they’re dead. A magazine’s staff are certainly dead, and people are calling for strong government clampdowns on this that and the other.
    I don’t believe in conspiracy theories, but these events might make some people suspicious if they lose sight of the essentially benign nature of our elected representatives. There is a lot of bullshit on the internet. My sympathy is with the families of all those who were murdered.


    • It might all be a setup. The point is that the end result will be the same no matter who did it. Mob-rage does not listen to reason.

      The only way now ifs for Islam to expel its terrorists – then they can say it definitely isn’t one of theirs. Trouble is, they don’t have a structure like Christianity so there is nobody who can order their excommunication (or equivalent).

      I don’t think there is any way for Islam to boot out undesirables. They don’t seem to have a mechanism for that at all.

      Well, aside from killing them, that is, but they mostly do that to those who try to leave…


      • Last time they did that, we got Pokal harum (shite music as well as being terroists), and ISIS, so let them keep them. They at least appear to have a modicum of control then.


    • Sigh. I have been smoking for well over three decades and I have Reactolite lenses because I have excellent night vision – at the expense of bright-light vision.

      So if I didn’t smoke, I could find a black cat in a closed coal cellar?

      Even the astronomers are pushing the bullshit now. Every bugger wants a go.


      • XX Even the astronomers are pushing the bullshit now. Every bugger wants a go.XX

        Just reading a detective Novel about the Police in Berlin, and how they overcame the problems, or tried to, in the first years of the rise of the Nazi party.

        VERY well researched, and is more a history book hidden in a novel, than it is a pure novel.

        One thing talked about is the way EVERYTHING, to get a Government grant, or approval, hat to have some aspect that proved Jews were either at fault, or some way implicit. From history tutors, through biology, to literature, and all in-between, including Police investigations into the simplest “un-natural” death.

        He never mentions astronomy, yet, but I can see it coming.

        Now, lets think about parallels……


          • No. It is a series of books by a relatively new author; Volker Kutscher. We are at number 5 now. About a detective Kommisar (inspector) in Berlin. It starts around 1925, and goes through how the police have to deal with all the changes going on at the time in Germany, Berlin in-particular. The latest is 1933 and the trouble with the SA Hilfspolizei, and bosses who have been replaced by “loyal party members.” He has planned 12 novels, so it could be he goes right through to after the war…..? Hopefully.


  4. Whenever you encounter the word “respect”, try replacing it with “fear”.
    (And vice versa)

    The sentence often then makes more sense.

    I’ve been doing this for years. It’s surprisingly effective.
    Perhaps the two words are actually synonymous?


    • I don’t think they’re synonymous. I’d never respect anyone who wanted to rule others through fear.

      You’re right though – when someone demands respect, they are really asking for fear.


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