The boot stamps down.

Nothing2Declare have important news. The taxman is planning to ensure that the big tobacco companies have a monopoly on tobacco. We won’t be allowed to buy small amounts of leaf for our own use any more.

There is a ‘public consultation’ that has been as widely advertised as all the other things nobody’s ever heard of. As usual.

So far there is no mention of banning home grown tobacco but that is definitely the ‘next logical step’. I am expanding my gardening activities this year and attempting to accelerate my wild-plant experiment. That experiment will continue if there is a ban. It will only require a couple of plants a year and they can be planted in a non-noticeable corner.

The tobacco companies think we will support them if we are forced to. Screw that. I have nothing against the tobacco companies but I am not paying all that tax to fund antismoking’s campaign of hate. If necessary I will have to begin taking the occasional weekend abroad. Price differentials mean those weekends are effectively free (and as my weekends are Thursday and Friday, travel will be a bit cheaper than Saturday and Sunday).

It was bound to happen. The proposals don’t ‘ban’ tobacco leaf – they can’t, or the big companies couldn’t buy it either. They have taken the same approach as the big booksellers did to stamp out little competitors. Massive regulation and impossible-for-individuals-to-achieve targets. The big companies already have these systems in place but if you have to go through all that regulation to buy even 500g of leaf, nobody can do it.

The wild-growing plant is, I think, the way to go. This year I’ll drop some seeds in the flower beds around the council offices. Maybe in the grounds of the hospital too. See if they notice.

There is much more out there to rant about this evening, but I have to sleep early. It’s Big Shift tomorrow and Sunday, then back to little shifts next week.

To end on what might or might not be seen as a lighter note, in Poundland today I bought something because I was surprised to see it so soon. It’s a tiny table lamp, eight inches high with an LED inside and… a little solar panel on the top. If anyone ever wants to turn that ‘For Whom the Bells Jingle’ story into a short film, you can get the LEDlights in Poundland. They are already reality.

I have one. It is clearly for indoor use only. Maybe I should get some more, just to be on the safe side. Don’t want to end up on the naughty list!


6 thoughts on “The boot stamps down.

    • Whisky is never off topic nere šŸ˜‰

      Can’t have a lot tonight because of work tomorrow, but I feel obliged to drink a small non-donation to CRUK anyway.

      It’s what Dylan Thomas would have wanted.


  1. Leg, what are your thoughts (as someone what knows about bacteria an’ stuff) about the long term storage of whole leaf in vacuum packs? I’m just pondering whether or not it might be worth filling the Cupboard Of Doom (everyone has one, it’s a law I think) with kilos of vacuum packed leaves now before the 7 thin bitter vegan cows arise and devour the 7 fat ones.

    Would vacuum packing leaves induce an anaerobic fermentation and would that be a bad thing? Would one need to clean and sterilize the leaves before hand maybe?


  2. LI. If you read the document about leaf, you will see this:

    Question 1: Does the proposed definition encompass all forms of raw tobacco which could be used to manufacture tobacco products?
    Question 2: Should plants which have not been harvested but are still growing in containers such as pots or bags also be included to prevent an alternative route to evade duty?

    I bought some ornamental ‘nicotiana’ plants from the garden centre last spring. They were dwarf plants and looked nice in my house-front pots, along with the pansies etc.


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