…honours the one he believes was the target…

labourThe mysterious ‘other victims’ are entirely irrelevant to the Labour party and yet the drones still vote for them.

Keep voting yourselves into extinction, Labour supporters. They will come for you first, you know.



13 thoughts on “Moribund…

  1. Labour voters are known for:
    * hating the wealthy
    * having poorly-paid jobs
    * smoking
    * drinking
    * a limited housing budget
    Their party, therefore:
    * handsomely rewards its nomenklatura
    * floods the unskilled labour market with immigrants
    * makes smoking a rich man’s pleasure and an outdoor sport
    * closely followed by booze next time they have power
    * floods the housing market etc etc

    It reminds me of the joke about the hunter who goes into the wood and each time he does, a big brown bear grabs him and sodomises him. After about the third time, the bear says “You’re not reaslly here for the hunting, are you?”

    The only reason Miliband’s making such a fuss about this one is that it’s a very Labour name.


    • Traditional Labour voters are increasingly voting for ‘anyone else’.

      The new policies appeal to only one set of Labour voters and there aren’t as many of them as Labour imagine.

      They think all Muslims will vote for them. Many Muslims in the UK run small businesses and a lot of them make much of their profit from selling fags and booze.

      And there are Muslims who smoke and who like a tipple. Yes, there are. I’ve never met one who eats bacon but the Islamic ruling on drink, read literally, only applies to wine. Not beer or spirits. And like the Bible, there is no mention of smoking in the Quran. The pork thing is a strict one but the other two are wide open to interpretation.

      Labour has misfired badly on this one. I hope their support base follows the current Scottish model (but doesn’t veer into the lunacy of the SNP!).


  2. I also spotted a tweet from Nanny Burnham MP saying that Labour will crack down on cigs, booze and fatty foods if Labour get in. These fucking idiots really don’t have a clue do they? Vote Labour get even more Nanny State.


  3. Looking at the video footage: Ahmed Merabet wasn’t killed by the ‘bullet to the head’ shot – it missed. It really is terrifying to think that Millipede will, most likely, head up a coalition gummint, post May 2015.


    • The Moribund Government…

      Well that’s a good heading for a chapter in a history book.

      I don’t know – Salmond thinks he will be in coalition with Labour but SNP members won’t stand for it and the English will go ballistic.

      A hung parliament? Well, it’s a nice image.


  4. Last week Charlie Hebdo magazine was a bunch of unfunny racist troublemakers who deliberately set out to provoke a section of society known for violently overreacting to such provocations. As a direct and highly predictable result of Hebdo’s actions 17 people now lie dead and many more wounded. This week Charlie Hebdo are global ambassadors of free speech martyrdom who’s work sits at the apex of intelligent satire and social commentary.

    It reminds me of the conversion of Princess Diana from a promiscuous national embarrassment and major security risk to somewhere north of sainthood simply by virtue of not wearing a seat belt in a car being driven at dangerous speeds by a drunk.

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  5. The Moribund trumpeted that he’d finance an expanded NHS by funds from Big Tobacco – until one of his people pointed out that implementation of Bully Burnham’s plans which are stated Labour policy would result in lower returns from Big T………Can Moribund tie his shoe laces, yet?

    Meanwhile today the military are now flooding the streets of Paris for an indefinite(?) period. Didn’t you write something about this, Leggy? :/


    • Has he failed to notice that those he intends to steal money from have already been expelled from the country by his (and the others) party policies?

      You can’t tax exiles.


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