I hear a lot of arguments against voting for UKIP.

‘Oh but they are a fringe party’.

They now have two MPs and far more support than the Lib Dems. They are the number three in the rankings. A fringe party is the Greens, the Church of the Militant Elvis or the Lib Dems.

‘They have loonies in their ranks’.

Right. Which party doesn’t? The main three parties in power are run by the Gob, the Bland and the Ugly and are packed full of oafs and cretins. We even have a Tory Speaker who is almost Marxist in his approach to the job. The Greens are entirely composed of those too loony to be allowed into the Monster Raving Loony party which is the one party to have no obvious loonies on public display at all. The SNP becomes loonier as each day passes. I fully expect Caviar Nicola to give a speech that starts ‘Wibbly brown flopdoodle’ any day now. Every group of people has loonies in it. If you can’t identify the loony in your group, it’s you. Why would anyone expect one particular party to be loony-free?

‘They have no experience of government’.

The other three do and just look what they have done with it. It used to be (wrongly) said that goldfish have a seven-second memory. If only our current politicians could retain an iota of information for even a seventh of that time! The ones in power now are totally inept and interested only in advancing their own agendas and to hell with those who voted them in. Would a new party do better? Ask yourself – could they possibly do worse?

‘They will take us out of the EU!’

Good. That is most people’s only reason for voting for them and that is good enough. None of the other parties will do any more than bend over for another EU lubeless ramjob and enjoy it. If UKIP take us out of the EU then they will have to run the country themselves. So they have no experience of running the country themselves? Be honest here, do you think anyone has that experience in the UK now? Nobody has run this country from within for decades. It’s way past time for someone to try.

‘Farage appeals to popular imagery and has no real substance!’

Nige drinks pints and smokes. I like to do that too. I like it even more if it’s whisky and smokes (at my age, pints mean getting up in the night). That appeals to me. The sight of the Gob, the Bland and the Ugly going on a (faked) march to support free speech and then announcing measures to curtail free speech does not appeal to me in the slightest. Nige might well have a face that in most pubs would get him hit a lot but compared to the others, he’d be hit a lot less.

Do the other party leaders not take advantage of photo-ops? Really? Do any of them dare be photographed doing what ordinary people do, such as drinking a beer? Moribund once tried to eat a bacon sandwich and failed. How in Hell do you fail when eating a bacon sandwich? And yet his drones will vote for him, even the anti-bacon ones.

‘They will repeal the smoking ban!’

They had better, or Farage will feel a steel leg rammed up until it tickles his tonsils. That is the only promise I really care about, you know.

That’s why I’m voiting UKIP. Fail me and feel the toe of my leg snapping your sinuses, Nige.

No pressure.

24 thoughts on “UKIP

  1. ‘They will repeal the smoking ban!’ They had better, or Farage will feel a steel leg rammed up until it tickles his tonsils. That is the only promise I really care about, you know.

    Niger is at a critical moment in that if he reneges in any way, great swathes of people will desert UKIP. If he sticks to his guns, great swathes will vote for UKIP.


  2. I voted UKIP in the EU elections and will vote for them in the General Election.
    For me, by far the most important matter is getting out of the EU. Everything else is much less important. Once we are out of the EU we can run our own country and eal with our own problems. One if these is, of course, Islam in the UK.

    I resent being called a Eurosceptic, the EU is not the same as Europe and I am pro-European culture and peoples.
    I am however an EUphobe, ( it’s a type of word that has entered the language, even if some don’t l.ike it).

    I think UKIP is making a mistake focusing too much on immigration. I am in favour of immigration as long as it is controlled in the UK’s interests. The danger is uncontrolled immigration. They should emphasise the controlled/uncontrolled distinction.


  3. Whatever it taks we need to be out of the EU. We can still trade with Europe whilst getting back the powers to do our own thing. Yes immigration needs to be controlled and Australia could provide the model for that.

    Ditto Scottish Independence. Same argument, same topics, same wants. The SNP are only there for that purpose and once achieved they would all but disappear.

    There’s a growing revolt on the PC crap at long last. Many other things need to change. Wee Andy bought a huge snow lodge and Nice but Dim got a present from his mummy of a helicopter, what’s unusual about that? Austerity? Food banks? Let them eat chocolate!!!!!


  4. UKIP is arguing for controlled immigration, much the same as in Australia. This allows people into the country that the country needs on a points system. It doesn’t allow in spongers; retired friends of mine who wanted to join their children in Australia had to demonstrate that they had a pension which would support them, adequate funds to buy or rent a home and put up a bond of around £100,000 for the two of them to cover their potential medical costs. They can also be thrown out if the commit a crime of any kind during their first seven years in the country.
    Seems a good scheme to me!


    • Got to be careful on the points system as well.

      An ex girlfriend of mine from Oz is back there now working in a dental hospital.

      They had some afghani, who back home was supossed to be a top notch dentist, and even lectured at the uni on the subject. Speaks excellent English (Which, there, COULD be a problem, I will admit.)

      In Oz he has tried three times, and failed each, to pass the dental NURSE qualification exams!

      BUT(!) He “has the points.”


  5. In addition to exiting the EU and controling immigration, UKIP has the only half sensible energy policy on offer. So Nigel reneging on the promise to repeal the utterly stupid Climate Change Act is the betrayal that will get him my boot up his arse.


  6. I say with pride that I voted against joining the Brussels bunfight club and, having since been screwed by every flavour of red and blue political scum, I will vote UKIP whenever possible.


  7. It’s a tricky one. Are we voting for parties or people?

    My MP is Sarah Wollaston. I’ve met her at local events a few times & quite like her. She’s intelligent, happy to share her own views and opinions (she has some) and is quite personable. She does not have the usual background I’m so sick of seeing in the career windbags. But I can’t stand her party (blue rosette), its collection of senior windbags or what passes for its policies.

    UKIP ticks a lot of my boxes, but their local candidate doesn’t appeal at all. He probably gets on well with Neil Hamilton, but that’s about all I can say for him.

    So . . . do I vote for a party or an MP?

    Or maybe not bother – it doesn’t really seem to make any difference in the end.


  8. I’m voting for Nigel, despite the fact that my local candidate has no experience in the political arena, not even as a councillor or an MSP, which worries me a bit. But I content myself with the thought that the likelihood of him or UKIP getting in is quite small, because the mainstream parties have the electorate well and truly trained and fettered (think Pavlov’s dogs). We’re too far gone down the EUSSR route for change now. Immigration has helped in their game plan of changing the face of Britain – they’ve even got the immigrants voting for them.

    But I’m still going to vote UKIP…quite simply, to give the main stream parties a kick up the backside. It’s what they deserve. Afterall, they’ve done everything to destroy our nation and they don’t listen to us. Nigel is the only one who does that.


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