Get your boobs out of the Sun

I stayed offline for a few hours to get some writing done. I’ll have to do that every night – the temptation to procrastinate is too huge!

So I took a quick look at Twitter after writing time. The big news is that the Sun newspaper has caved in to the feminists and stopped printing pictures of topless women on page 3.

I’d never have known that if not for Twitter because I have never bought the Sun and never intend to. So I have missed my chance to be offended.

On Twitter:-

Old Holborn stated that the feminists would not stop with page 3, and…

Laurie Penny has declared that now that page 3 is gone, they have to ban pages 1-39 too. Yes, that’s what she said. As someone else (edit- I remember now, it was Mr. Eugenides) tweeted, she thinks newspapers can have an odd number of pages. Not in this dimension, Laurie, maybe in yours.

Why ban the rest of the newspaper? I don’t like it so I don’t buy it. It’s hardly rocket science. Besides, the rest of it is probably like all the other tabloids. Full of images of sneering benefit-fed harpies who do more to suppress the male sexual urge than a grand piano dropped from three stories up onto a point directly between splayed legs. Surely even the bad Penny would approve?

These feminists are all part of the Righteous and they never stop. Like the antismokers and antidrinkers and poverty campaigners and all the rest they never, ever stop. There is no end point to their plan. Give in to them on one point and they just move on to the next. There’s only one answer.

Don’t give in. On any point. Ever.

Look at Action on Salt and Health. They were getting nowhere with their little crusade so what did they do? Eventually they gave up and became Action on Sugar and Health. They picked a different target to hate.

These are people who want control. Not any specific control, just control for the sake of it. They don’t really want any of the things they say they want. What they want – all they want – is to watch people doing what they tell them to do.

So when people do what they are told, the immediate reaction from the Righteous is to tell them to do something else. If they do that, they get new orders. There is no end to it. There was never intended to be any end to it. These people do not care about the ‘issues’ they ramble on about. All they care about is controlling other people.

If you cannot be controlled they move on. If you accept their first controls, there will be more. And more, and more and more.

You have one life. Do you really want to live it according to some control freak’s instructions? Learn one word and learn to say it loud.


Of course, the problem is that the most malleable and gullible idiots have found their way into Parliament and they are happy to let someone else tell them what to do. So the nonsense becomes law. It’s a control freak’s dream.

Everyone else’s nightmare.


Anyway, I’ll have another quick look at Twitter and then back to writing. I can get a couple more hours in tonight.


32 thoughts on “Get your boobs out of the Sun

  1. Get Panoptica written. I’m gagging for it!!

    Stuff page 3 – its time went with the dodos. In fact, stuff a couple of dodos with Sun page 3s and you’ll probably win this year’s Turner Prize. Go on: you know you’ll win, or at least gain notoriety. Same thing in this world nowadays. It would get you a judge’s spot on X-Factor…

    “Who’s he?”

    “That bloke what stuffed the dodos with page 3s.”

    “Why’s he wearing that metal hat?”

    Forget Panoptica – go to Mauritius; there’s bound to be a few dodos still bouncing around. No; wait. They’ll be worth more alive. This idea gets better and better. Put them in a cage lined with page 3s. Turner Prize and zoo exhibit of the century rolled into one. £50 a head to see them. Lovely jubbely – and your last chance to see page 3 girls, even if they are covered in guano.

    Sorry, I drifted off there. It’s actually the only thing I agree with the Feministas on. Just a pity that Laurie Penny is involved. I went a few rounds with her in left-wing blogxing rings a few years ago. She could beat a man into submission through boredom, clichés and illogical feminist claptrap – allegedly.

    The trouble is that they won’t know when to stop now. Burkas will be too revealing. Burkas with shades – and blinkers and a noseband like racehorses. With six inch long eyelash extensions and a wig with a fringe down to the mouth. Then they’ll get serious with it.


    • If you stuff a dodo with page 3s, it will have an easily understood meaning and therefore won’t win a Turner prize 😉

      I agree that Page 3 is, and always has been pointless, but the Sun should have just ditched it themselves. The Daily Mirror did, years ago, but then they only did it so they could moralise at the Sun.

      As it is, the Sun have given the boiler-suited ban-it bints a victory. They won’t stop now.


  2. The big news is that the Sun newspaper has caved in to the feminists and stopped printing pictures of topless women on page 3

    Try as I may, I really can’t get myself to care one way or another and never could.
    Then again, I did attend life class at art college.


  3. They’ve not actually confirmed the end of Page 3.

    If I were the Sun I would suspend Page 3 for a while and release a few cryptic remarks about it disappearing forever, wait a couple of weeks until #NoMorePage3 has declared victory and moved on to the next target, then I would bring back Page 3.

    And I would do that as many times as it was still funny.


  4. It would be interesting to work out the psychology of the Righteous mind. I would start by suggesting that they start with an emotion of disgust at whatever behaviour they dislike, such as men looking at a picture of nude boobs. The emotion of disgust grows and grows until it becomes over-powering, and it is at that point that it becomes ’empowering’. Thereafter, whatever lies and underhand methods may be required to to stop the disgusting behaviour are justified. Also at that point, the person is mentally ill because, even if he gets the behaviour stopped, the feeling of disgust will not have gone away. He must find something else to be disgusted about. And so it goes on. Over-powering, empowering, POWER!


    • These are, as you might expect, the same ones who demand that we all accept women whipping their udders out in public to feed baby. It doesn’t bother me but it bothers others. We have to allow the real thing to be in our faces (taking a moment to savour the thought here). Yet pictures of those same body parts are verboten?

      Next they will demand that cow-bras are issued to all farms.


  5. The reason for this latest outburst by the feminazis is twofold; 1 Men like looking at boobs because it’s part of their raison d’etre and the feminazis don’t want men having a raison d’etre 2 So many feminazis are bowwows without any.


    • I saw Harriet Harmon argue with Germaine Greer on some news channel earlier. Was funny as hell watching a woman as ugly and sexless as Harmon sermonizing about society being conditioned to find pretty, topless women in their undies sexually appealing. I think sexual inferiority is the core driver of a lot of righteous thinking.


      • Leylanii was one of the most popular page 3 girls and she had tiny boobs. Keira Knightly has no boobs and is desired by many. Truth is if you are fun and have some level of attractiveness men will like you, but no-one wants to sleep with a hatchet faced puritan regardless of how big her boobs are.


  6. 1. The Sun is now number two seller in the UK behind the Mail.
    2. I hardly think that this is a cave in to feminists at all. Page 3 was well past it’s sell by date. It came from an era where there were titilatory mags like Tit-Bits to jolly up a trip to the barbers (the only place I ever used to see copies) It is just plain silly and boring in these days of internet pron.
    3. I will raise my hat to the journalists though, who were (I don’t know if they still are) the highest paid in Fleet Street. They got the big bucks for the ability to precis down a story into two or three paragraphs so that anyone could understand it, unlike the Broadsheets who would take half a page for the same story and you were still none the wiser about what they were banging on about.


    • I think the most shocking thing in that comment is that the Mail is the number one seller. People actually buy it? I only read it online.

      Summarising for the masses is something I’ve done too. I once (well, twice) wrote articles for the farming section of the Press and Journal. Another scientist said the articles were ‘a bit simplistic’.

      I said they were written for farmers and if I filled them with scientific jargon then nobody would read to the end.

      So I can see where the tabloid writers are coming from, even if I think the made-up bits are infuriating.


  7. “They got the big bucks for the ability to precis down a story into two or three paragraphs” While inventing any “facts” they didn’t have!


  8. It’s probably true that the ‘do as I say’ mindset is born from a sense of social and / or sexual inadequacy. They have a sense that they can’t control their own feelings about themselves, therefore they try to control others. It’s all rooted in a deep insecurity, an expression of their own inferiority complexes.

    And they’re absolutely right. They are inferior.


  9. You all misunderstand the real agenda behind the Sun newspaper controversial page 3 bare breast tat.

    The Universal Masters that control the owners and managers of the Sun newspaper know all about your and their ‘control freakery’ chaos masquerading as the ‘wimmin offended’ movement.

    It used to be degenerate to the moral sensitivities of the drone libtards. But today page 3 boobs no longer cause any real psychopathic narcissism reaction from the libtards. The controlling Masters have now deemed page 3 wimmins tits ineffective’. There is no violent reaction to it any more.

    In the interim scantily-clan wimmin will still appear on page 3 until something more morally degenerate is thought up to take it’s place.

    I expect daily page 3 images of naked hunks and chicks will soon appear to cause the sought after continuing controversy. More and better page 3 reaction psycho behaviour from the offended libtards must happen to please the Universal Masters.


    • I have wondered if the whole thing wasn’t just engineered to get exactly the reaction it did get. To distract us all from something big in the background, such as the silencing of the Chilcot report perhaps?


  10. I thought that Page Three was the only reason that anyone bought The Sun? Although I have to say that much as I like looking at half-naked nubile young women, I’ve never actually bought a tabloid. Except, of course, the ‘Sunday Sport’ in its heyday (“Adolph Hitler was a woman!”, “Statue of Elvis found on Mars”, “WW2 bomber found on the moon”), which was an absolute must-read over the Sunday morning coffee before one started on the doorstep wad of the Sunday Times.

    I think it’s a great shame it has been decided to do away with the boobs, even though I never actually bought the rag myself. Where would Samantha Fox be now if not for Page Three? (Gawd, she must be about 50 now!) I doubt she would back the feminazis victory.

    Some of the lads who worked for me back in the 80s were regular readers, and would regularly hold up Page Three for my delectation, and I have to say that for the most part the photos seemed quite tastefully done – not at all prurient.


  11. I have to confess that I bought the first edition of Playgirl on a matter of principle and took it into work. It was passed around several offices.

    When the ladies replaced the naked women calendar in the warehouse with that month’s centrefold it caused an absolute riot, the men simply couldn’t see that the naked women might be rather annoying to the ladies who worked there, but they were gratifyingly outraged by the male centrefold.

    Needless to say, I heard about this later having nothing to do with the incident.


  12. Apparently it’s all went tit-ups for the misandrists, its was just a PR stunt for Murdoch’s rag!

    Read all the self-congratulatory tweets and comments from Harperson et-al in retropect!


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