The spin can make you dizzy…

Amjad Bashir, a UKIP MEP, was suspended from the party on allegations of several naughty things.

Then, mere hours later, he announced that he had quit UKIP and joined the Conservatives.

That is the order of events but you wouldn’t think it from the Mail’s coverage. In their minds, ‘Farage was rocked by the defection’ and the allegations are ‘revenge for his defection’.

The Cameroid is delighted to get one back from UKIP. Meanwhile UKIP are sending the evidence they say they have to the police. It might amount to nothing, or it might give Cameroid a serious headache in the run-up to the election.

Still, the Cameroid is currently delighted to get a defector from UKIP. It takes the score from 2-nil to 2-1. Can Cameroid get the equaliser before May?

Or is this going to be the most spectacular own goal in political history?

Time will tell.

Meanwhile, in the socialist utopia of Wales (hey don’t blame me, Wales, you voted for them), taxpayer’s money is available to the right sort of private business. The sort hardly anyone actually agrees with. The Mail, this time, does not cry ‘racism’ at the objectors. Instead it is outraged. Those Muslims must not be allowed to kill animals without stunning them first. Hey, Daily Mail – Kosher slaughter is like that too. I dare you…

If there’s one thing the Daily Mail hates more than foreigners, it’s UKIP.

I don’t think I could ever drink enough to make sense of that.


Earlyish night tonight. A 1 pm start tomorrow so I have to be awake before noon. That’s the good part about this little job – the hours are very civilised.

They would be ideal hours for a night-writer…if only there weren’t so many of them.


19 thoughts on “The spin can make you dizzy…

  1. I did a little ball park calculation of how much each MEP costs us European taxpayers … it came to about £400,000 each, with the salary, pension, expenses etc, and there are 700 odd of the troughing fuckers! And they are only a fig leaf for the illusion of Democracy, when the power lies elsewhere. This one just wants to keep scarfing it up, doesn’t he?

    Defected to the Conservatives??? Cripes oh lor! Wise move or witless?


  2. RAB To those costs you have to add a share of the running costs of the EU parliament – interpreters etc – and the cost more than doubles, I believe.

    UKIP lost a remarkably high proportion of its MEPs to defections in the last parliament and a number of observers have been speculating that the same will happen again. This is the first one down. I am afraid it mostly arises from the way the party is run. In the last two parliaments, a number of UKIP MEPs were investigated for financial irregularities. Two went to jail. Others had to repay misapplied funds. So the problem appears to be in selection of candidates, as well as failure to develop any credible exit policy in the fifteen years in which the party has had access to the ample facilities and funds of the EU parliament to do so. Everybody knows that ” Nigel doesn’t do detail” which is fair enough – he has considerable other talents. But he has resolutely stopped and ruthlessly ejected anybody who tried to fill the void. A great pity and a missed opportunity.


  3. Slightly O/T but, just as you’ve written, Leggy, those pesky unintended consequences are at it again: report on the news this morning that the search engine porn filters are also filtering out ‘good’ sites including those of charities and those including the town ‘Essex’…….


  4. Leggy old son, the issue with halal isn’t ritually slaughtered meat per se’, it’s that the “halal” tag is a fucking racket, as much as if the mafia were to insist that councils buy all their produce from Luigis, or else.

    It isn’t just food you know, you and I set up a factory making “Widgets”, if we wish to export them to muslim countries, they would have to be halal certified/compliant. What this entails is, some beardy fucker and his mate comes round, plucks a figure out his arse, and demands that you pay him, and every other year after. (Google “Halal scam”)

    The thing with Kosher is that if young Solly and Miriam go to the local school, the Jewish community aren’t out there demanding the school dinners be Kosher compliant or else we’ll riot or send in the Judean popular front suicide squad.

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  5. Dear Mr Leg-iron

    “Still, the Cameroid is currently delighted to get a defector from UKIP. It takes the score from 2-nil to 2-1. Can Cameroid get the equaliser before May?”

    UKIP’s two MPs resigned their seats as Conservatives, stood for re-election as UKIP candidates and won. That nice Mr Bashir occupies a UKIP seat, since he was on a party list and voters could only vote for the party, not for the person, so properly the seat belongs to UKIP, not that nice Mr Bashir. The right*, proper** and moral*** thing for him to do is to resign so that his seat can revert to UKIP.

    Party lists are a great way for other parties to run spoilers – insert a placeman who gets himself up high on the party list, then defects afterwards, stealing the seat from the target party.

    Could work.

    Perhaps not in this case, since he seems to have been a naughty boy. Doubtless all shall be revealed – or not – in due course.

    * ** *** silly me, he’s a politician.

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  6. It isn’t just the DM who wanted to give the impression that events were the other way around – on BBC’s Breakfast prog, the defection was announced with great glee and gloating, to eventually have the investigations mentioned much, much later. Though the fact was given; “A few hours before this, UKIP had announced…” (or some such words), the implication was that the investigations had been launched in retaliation at his defection. No doubt the sheeple swallowed such an idea without a thought about temporal reality.


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