How Green was my loony…

I’m Welsh so that title is allowed. So there.

So the Green party want to make it legal to join Alky Ada and ISIS (soon to branch out into ISIUK?). I am torn.

I don’t think it should be illegal to join those things as long as you go to their country, join them in their country, and don’t come back. At the same time, it must be illegal to join them and stay in this country because of the Green’s own argument –

Green Party policy states ‘it should not be a crime simply to belong to an organisation or have sympathy with its aims, though it should be a crime to aid and abet criminal acts or deliberately fund such acts’.

In this case, where you join or support an organisation whose stated aim is to destroy and then take over pretty much every country on the planet, you have de facto agreed to their policy of violent jihad, beheadings, oppression of women, hanging of gays and much more. Therefore you are aiding and abetting, most likely helping to raise funds, and certainly guilty of conspiracy to commit a violent crime. Just by joining. Even just by supporting them.

If you are a member of ISIS in the UK or any other western country you are, in effect, an enemy combatant and the army is not only allowed, but obliged to shoot you. That’s what happens when you start a war. You don’t just get to shoot, you get shot at too.

These are the same mob who want a pogrom to wipe out all climate change deniers so they can usher in the Cult of the Green God and replace all religion with the Church of Climatology.

They think supporting Islamic terrorists will help them do that.

Vote Green and you are supporting ISIS. Think of that for a moment then re-read this post.



21 thoughts on “How Green was my loony…

  1. The Greens in Edinburgh are rampant and many. They have a new wheeze.

    They wanted the trams in Edinburgh because they were a greener option. Then they decided that cycling was a great thing to do so they bleated and whined until they got an agreement that a percentage of the transport budget eaves year would go towards giving cyclists a better way of cycling.

    Newest wheeze is that their bikes get their wheels stuck in the tram tracks and they fall off their bikes. I mean you can see the tramlines, they don’t move so there’s no surprises really. The greens are now suing the Council and trying to line the pockets of a few lawyers whilst the Council is “cutting back”.

    I mean come on…

    What next? Traffic lights are the wrong colours and they should be all be green? How about they reduce the carbon dioxide they omit? I believe that IS have a simialr policy to that.

    Any chance all these people could just go away and leave the rest of us to get on with our lives without nanny continuing bleating about all the small stuff?

    As we say in these parts – Man up ya big Jessie!

    Be responsible for your own actions.

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    • Traffic lights are for cissies. I was in Hanoi a couple of weeks ago, and I learned how busy intersections are REALLY supposed to work. This is a clip from Youtube, but I actually got some much better video footage of one of the main intersections while I was there. It is compelling viewing.

      Crossing the road is simply a matter of walking across in a slow and steady fashion, ignoring the traffic as it ebbs and flows around you. The drivers of Hanoi have an uncanny ability to avoid obstacles, moving or not. I’d love to see some of the Lycra Louts try to negotiate the traffic there. They just wouldn’t ‘get it’.

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      • Hey good video. It seems to work.
        I wonder why there are so few scooters in Edinburgh. In Paris the pavements are covered with them, in London they vie for road space with the cyclists and in Barcelona when the lights change to red it’s like the start of a moto gp.

        We have lots of cobbles. Greasy and dangerous. Skinny scooter tyres and cobbles don’t work well.


      • Beijing was the only place I saw a traffic-directing policeman just give up and walk off the road. Nobody was paying the slightest attention.

        They have a very simple ‘driver insurance’ in China. If you knock someone over, you are responsible for looking after them until they recover. If they are crippled for life, you just gained a permanent dependent. If you kill them, their family is your responsibility now.

        The roads look like chaos but you can bet those drivers are looking where they are going!


    • The Greens really have no idea what they are doing. They claim the windmills are ‘green’ but each one sits on hundreds of tons of concrete – and when the windmill is finished, the concrete stays there.

      As for the lakes of toxic waste from neodymium extraction for the magnets in those things… well, they’ll just deny those exist.


  2. I can understand that cyclists may be unfamiliar with tram tracks, after all its been half a century or more since they were in auld reekie, but surely one must ask if it is only utter cretins that cannot ride a bicycle without noticing them, and falling off and skinning thier knees, before being on speed dial to some ambulance chasing lawyers?


  3. “I’’m Welsh”
    …and you have all our sympathies. But for the grace of God and the female menstrual cycle , many of us may also have been thus cursed….far too many fertile,young people took a charabang to Bangor and got a little careless on the picnic wine.

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    • I’m a lucky one too. When my mother was pregnant, she had morning sickness (she said it was morning sickness but it sounds like a hangover to me). She was offered thalidomide.

      I’m lucky she refused it or I might now be typing with my nose.


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