Experiment update

No, I haven’t started testing yet. That’s three more weeks away.

Giolla sent me a sample of his vacuum-packed baccy with whisky. It does smell of whisky but it doesn’t get you drunk. Probably best not smoke it at work though.

The leaves looked perfect. No trace of mould at all. Hydration was ideal for shredding – long strands that fell from the rollers, no gunge on the rollers and no ‘bunching up’ underneath.

It smokes just fine too. I don’t know how long they’ve been in there and didn’t try this particular leaf before it was packed so can’t comment on any changes. That’ll have to wait until my own tests are due. That’s when I’ll find out whether the tobacco continues to age in the vacuum. If the reactions involve require oxygen then it won’t. The ones in the cardboard box (Rose’s suggestion) are likely to age although I doubt I’d notice much after the first month. Maybe at six months.

It does look promising though. Whisky flavoured baccy…next time I’ll have to try using different whiskies. An Ardbeg or Bruaichladdich, with their heavy peat-smoke smell, could produce tobacco that smells of smoke without even lighting it!

That would be funny.

‘I smell smoke!’

‘Calm down; I haven’t even lit it yet.’

Maybe it would convince the drones that the smell is all in their minds.


33 thoughts on “Experiment update

  1. Totally off topic but do you have any suggestions about how to treat excess mucus? I have a constant cough in my throat and clear phlegm, nothing seems to work but given your expertise in these areas may be you have some answers out of the box! Thanks, any into is welcome.


    • Get your sinuses checked. Cough medicine does not work if you really need a decongestant.

      I have sinus problems when it gets cold. Runs down the back and tickles your throat. You cough in a way that makes antismokers nod with smug smiles – bu it’s not the smoking.


      • Thanks it really annoys me that everyone thinks it is smoking when I know the cough is in my throat. I will ask the Dr. When I see her in two weeks, any suggestions for an over the counter decongestant?


        • I haven’t found a good over the counter one yet, but any sweets with menthol in them seem to help. The one thing that really stops the tickle is… smoking.

          Your doctor will not approve. He’s not allowed to.


          • I could probably write a book about sinus issues. Family trait plus being hit in the face with an 8 iron by my best friend for starters. Bodged sinus op when a kid also helped enormously which means I can only breath out of one nostril at a time and sometimes it’s the left one ans sometimes it’s the right. Weird.

            Jakemans sweets are useful and they are a nice bunch of people also in Boston Lincs. Beconase seems to be where it’s at. Not cheap but it does seem to work. Relief and such like.


    • Try Guaifenesin, generic, no-name brand, 400 mg, at the Dollar Store is 15 for $1, very cheap and works great and relieving all kinds of congestion in throat, chest, lungs, all of it. Works fast too. Originally was discovered as a tree bark in its natural form and used for millenia by natives living in rain forests. Now it is the same thing, artificially produced for mass product, same underlying chemical though and very cheap if you stay generic no-name. Works wonders for me.


        • @ Cherie

          Tomorrow please try to get to a quality herbalist or such. Even Holland & Barrett may have it.

          Get Sea Buckthorn. It comes in two types, a dry capsule or or an oil capsule. Try to get the oil capsules because they work very quickly.

          I’ve got “Omega 7” that’s actually made in Finland and sold through specialists by Pharma Nord (UK).

          It says on the box “…..which maintains normal structure and function of the skin and mucous membranes, such as eyes, nose, mouth….”

          (No-one claims this officially. Unofficially it’s known to help restore whatever lung function you still have left. That’s why I started).

          Stacks more on this on the web, but a quickie is here:


          When you start, you may have a reaction that’s similar to myself; you’ll think your coming down with the cold. It’ll pass once you discharge all the crud in your system (about 24 – 36 hours).

          They are expensive and they are very powerful, however after the first two weeks (they say 4 per day, but I found 2 to do the trick), you’ll only need one a day.

          You can also buy the tiny little berries at health food shops. Tart beggars with one seed. Add them to my morning cereal sparingly.


          • Thanks, I will see if Holland & Barrett have it on Monday, right now I have come down with the worst cold I have had in years. Don’t know where I got it, came out of nowhere.


            • @ Cherie

              Dose up on effervescent Vitamin C. Comes in tubes of 20. Three every day for 3 days, then 1 a day until it’s buggered off. Only drawback is you might get the squits on day 3. 200cc glass of water, one tablet.

              The fluid helps counteract the stuff you’re losing via snot.

              Forget all the theory. If your wee is dead yellow and stinks, you’re seriously dehydrated. If it’s clear to light yellow you’re not, so drink lots and avoid too much caffeine.

              Don’t buy the cheapo vitamin C from Poundland or Waitrose; all pharmacies have them. Lidl have them as well and they’re pretty good.

              And don’t you sit around keeping quiet. Get the sproggs in on the act, get a neighbour to do the legwork. And feed a cold (starve a fever). If you’re really low, try Complan with a couple of desert spoons of condensed milk. 300 calories – magical stuff that has that all elusive vitamin K.

              @ Legs.

              The first big pharma silencing act, when they managed to get legislators to ban any claims on any remedy that could not be scientifically proven.

              Killed the small herbalists overnight.

              Fortunately along came Google and a few inquiring minds.

              The biggest con they have are those multivitamins for the over 50’s. Too much, too strong. Spirulina is fantastic – dried algae (stuff the Inca’s used). And this high blood pressure rubbish. Hawthorn, same stuff we’ve known about for yonks.

              But the Sea Buckthorn, well who the heck brought it back to Europe? Alexander the Great! Why? Because it jolly well works! (go Google the connection).


  2. Glad to hear it smokes well, it’s not that old as it was just harvested last year.
    Sadly can’t shed any light on how it changed the flavour as I don’t actually smoke so depend on other people for feed back on my baccy experiments.


  3. I’ve been having a think. Given that I have x number of leaves which have just come out of my curing box and are dry but very brittle. As I usually do, I would put them on the car bonnet to absorb some moisture from the air. Here is the interesting thing. Suppose that I then use a paint brush to thinly paint the leaves with whiskey, would that whiskey act as a preservative?.


    • I’d like to know this too and any other details as to anonymong’s process. What would happen if one soaked, briefly, bone dry leaves in alcohol…?


    • It’s worth a try. I have leaves I stored a few years ago in jam-jars with a little whisky or brandy, shaken to spread it over the leaves. I can’t guarantee the leaves are fully coated – a small paintbrush would do a better job.

      It would have to be a clean, new brush because you just know I’d suck off the excess afterwards!


      • I can’t remember whether it was a video or merely a statement, but it seems that tobacco companies dip leaves into a vat of molasses, or whatever, and then pass them through some sort of roller device which squeezes out surplus molasses juice, which then runs back into the vat.
        There is also another point. Will brushing the leaves with, say, whiskey (or rum) counter the tendency for fresh-cured leaves to be rather ‘intense’ in taste? I have seen vague statements on the net about preparations using honey being used for that purpose.
        I haven’t really tried any sort of flavouring yet, other than orange peel (more as a moisturiser though). My intention has been to see how the cured stiff tastes with no enhancements, and to improve my curing methods.That has been my first concern.
        Only when I have the 2015 harvest shall I have something to work on. Using rum might be interesting.
        But there are practical difficulties. I can only imagine using a tray to paint each leaf in turn and then putting the leaves on one side to absorb the rum and then dry naturally. That should be quick, if the leaves are dry but not brittle.
        The big problem is getting the taste to be palatable.


  4. Hi Leggy, have been sent some samples of leaf from big company in EU. I was talking to them about the storing of leaf and they recommend vac pack. The leaf was vac packed over a year ago (they keep a stock like this to show customers). Of course leaf supplied by them is freshly vac packed and NOT a year old. I’ll send a sample over to you.
    Looks like it’s the way to go for everyone to receive their leaf this way in the future.


    • Sounds great. Rolling and pipe baccy are usually compressed and vacuum packed so it should work for leaves too. Might make them easier to store and to send in the post if they’re in flatpacks too.


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