Personality or policy?

Al the Oily Fish claims he is more popular than the Tefal-headed idiot currently pretending to run the country.

Oh come on. The guy who lives under a bridge who has socks melted to his feet, who smells like nine months of unrinsed knob cheese and who hasn’t had a change of clothes since 1976 is more popular than at least 90% of the current elected cretins.

More people delight in haemorroids than like being under the Cameroid. But then more people would rather spend the rest of their lives in a coma than live under the Ed Miller Bland and most people would prefer to have the planet sucked into a black hole than live under Clagnuts.

That only leaves UKIP as a serious option. If you think the Greens are any kind of serious option then you are too insane for Broadmoor and must move to Saudi at once, where they appreciate your version oif sanity.

UKIP are untested. We can have no idea what they are like. Can they be better or worse? At the moment, Pol Pot could not be worse. Better? Depends on who really runs the country. It’s not the government, hasn’t been since Attlee, it’s the Wastemonster grey suits or the EU. I don’t think UKIP can change it now. It’ll take lamp posts and piano wire and wakened drones…The last part is the hardest.

For this next election there will be no promises. No need, the plan is set anyway. All we can expect is personality promotion even  though none of them have one. ‘Our party is less bad than their party’ and too many idiots will vote on that basis.

Soon there will be utter chaos but then there is one good thing about chaos.

It’s fair. Current ‘democracy’ isn’t.


14 thoughts on “Personality or policy?

  1. Pick the best of the present lot? Just not possible. Mind you the worst – Murphy, thon Green Party leader, various UKIP candidates, are worth a laugh or several. Pity they think they are on message.

    Best to vote for the party that will cause the most mess, car crash, plummet etc. painful? Well yes, but the upside after getting rid of the pols and their establishment leaders is we might, just might get shot of nannyism, the EU, the UN, add as you see fit.


  2. Chaos means ‘gaping void’, from PIE root *gheu- “to gape, yawn”

    If the general election is to be fought on personality promotion, it’ll could be … hang on …

    …apols, a cunning plan to send the electorate to sleep 😉

    Of course, ‘gaping void’ could also describe the goodwill I have toward any politician displaying Righteous tendencies.


  3. Why vote at all? All they do is talk utter shite and take our money, not to mention having wars with non-belligerent countries on flimsy excuses, covering up underage sexual crimes, and interfering in ordinary people’s business. I’m my own chief, I don’t need one who has been elected by people too stupid to recognize psychopathy. And whose fault is it that such knobs have power? Not mine because I don’t vote, nor do I believe- know – that they have anything to warrant their authority except the threat of violence.
    Demos =mob, and mob rule is just giving us feudalism via bribery/theft.
    These politician bastards aren’t normal. They take my money because they can but they won’t take my time or self-respect.


  4. Soapy really is delusional isn’t he? Can’t face his big historic indy ref result, he now declares he wants back into the palace of varieties on the Thames. I hope the good folk of Gordon give him a good kick in the ballots.

    Sturgeon makes me feel sick everytime her helmet heid appears on the news and that cadavarous prick Murphy looks like a perpetually rictus grinning zombie from Dawn of the Dead. Mind you zombies don’t do much productive work for society as a whole , much like him who hasn’t had a real job in his fucking life apparently.

    Milliband – well just look at the cunt, Labour are fucked.

    Cameron – Tefal heided posh wanker, who probably has his wife tie his shoelaces before he trips over them going to the PR podium in the back garden at 10 D St.

    Lib Dems – Clegg? “Wer’e Sorry”, will you fucking will be come May, they will be annihilated.

    Just my take on the current state of politics like.

    How many days now? 100? 99? 98?, oh fuck it and fuck them all.

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