A world at war

World War 3 has been underway for some time. The enemies switch around now and then (we are at war with Eastasia. We have always been at war with Eastasia) and alliances change but the killing never stops.

Currently most of the West is fighting Russia over Ukraine. Greece is defying the EU and that’s just going to get nastier. Israel and Palestine, well, that one is set to run and run. As for the Middle East…

ISIS claim they are setting up an Islamic State. They don’t have a state yet, but they are already at war with almost every other country on the planet. Now they have brought Japan into their suicidal quest to force the USA to turn most of Iraq and Syria into radioactive glass. Japan, of course, has no nuclear weapons. They’re the only country to have experienced them – and they don’t want any.

So far, ISIS have been hammered by Kurdish women (oh, what a blow to the machismo there!) and pounded by a coalition of Western militaries. So, do the other Islamic countries want this Islamic State?

The Iraqi army has just signed up hundreds of new recruits after an anti-ISIS rallying call from a cleric. So no, they don’t want it. Syria… well who knows what the hell is happening in there any more? Is Basher still running it, has he been deposed or killed, what? There are Syrian government troops, ISIS, and other rebel groups fighting both sides. And probably some Western fighters in there too. It looks like there might not be much left of Syria by the time this is done.

As for the Saudis, well they have recently sentenced a blogger to prison and 1000 lashes for saying something they didn’t like. They behead people all the time and they do like a good stoning. Not too far removed from ISIS, you might think. The Saudis are building a dirty great wall along their border to keep the mad buggers out.

Considering the very strict implementation of Islam and Sharia in Saudi Arabia, how extreme do you have to be to be considered extreme by that country’s controllers? Blimey.

ISIS’s time is nearly up. They are being pushed back into smaller and smaller areas and will be crushed – mostly by ground troops from Muslim countries. They will join Al Qaeda as fugitive terrorists, still thinking they can win and never quite grasping the notion that nobody likes them. Even though, currently, everyone is shooting at them.

There will be a replacement. Another batch of crazed idiots who think they can take over the world. No doubt there will again be whining apologists in the West who will say ‘It’s all the West’s fault, we created these psychos’. No we didn’t. They were there all along. It might be true that the West’s actions gave them an excuse to indulge in their peculiarly barbaric tastes but really, that’s neither here nor there now. The immediate problem is getting rid of them.

It’s a big problem. You cannot negotiate with those who demand unconditional surrender. ISIS will find this out now that they have taken on Japan. The Japanese have a history of fierce fighting and they don’t mess around with discussion. Unlike the British government, who have responded to the worldwide crisis of death and destruction by urgently discussing what colour cigarette packets should be. There will be no talk of packaging in the Japanese parliament at the moment.

It’s a problem made worse by the West’s current leaders insisting that it isn’t a problem. ‘Nothing to do with Islam’ goes the mantra when the murderers themselves declare it has everything to do with Islam. We can take some comfort in the fact that most of those currently fighting against ISIS are also Muslim so it’s not all of Islam. Just the crazy end part of it.

The equivalent – and the dates match pretty well – of Christianity’s dalliance with the extreme Puritanism that led to the Spanish Inquisition. Christianity started calming down a bit after that and they rarely burn heretics these days. The radical end of Islam still gives people 1000 lashes for saying the wrong words. It’s time to grow out of that phase, folks.

Oh, Christianity still has its Westboro Baptist Church and other assorted loons but nobody takes much notice of them any more. They believe they are doing God’s work and are really quite earnest about it all, but everyone else regards them as a comedy sideshow. The Westboros and their ilk are the only ones who can’t see that.

Will Al Qaeda, ISIS, Bonkers Haram and all the rest get to that stage? Not for quite some time yet, if ever. The politically correct apologists will keep encouraging them to higher and higher atrocity levels until even Barry O’Blimey and the Cameroid have to sit up and take notice.

The Muslim world, it seems, is realising that it has had quite enough of silly little gangs taking control of large parts of their countries and killing their own people. I suspect the Islamic Reformation might have started – although it could still be a very long time before it’s finished.

The EU can’t do much about it because it’s currently at war with itself. Greece has said ‘get stuffed’ to EU-imposed austerity measures and the EU’s demands to repay all the money it borrowed. The EU cannot give in to Greece because if they do then Spain, Portugal, Ireland…

Greece cannot and will not repay the loan. Stalemate. Unless Greece leaves the Euro and if they do that then Spain, Portugal, Ireland…

If Greece leaves the EU altogether, the EU will have no option but to impose sanctions. It will have to punish Greece hard. Otherwise – Spain… well, you get the picture.

This will ally Greece with Russia who are also being sanctioned by the EU, that will mean Russian bases in Greece and then things can start getting very ugly indeed.

The politicians who did this are currently deciding on the colour of cigarette packets and how they can force us all to eat less salt. So we are, pretty much, screwed.

“What’s that you say? War? Economic collapse? Rioting in the streets? Genocide? Sure, we’ll get to that. First we have much more important matters to discuss. Now, the snot green or the diarrhoea brown? How big should the fake picture be?”

Can it be fixed? Is anyone even trying? Is it all deliberate? I can see how you’d sell the idea to British politicians. Keep the people scared and distracted and they won’t notice you’ve enslaved them until it’s too late. It’ll work all over Europe and in the USA too.

Instead of worrying about little boxes, an honest politician (ha!) would be saying “We’re going down. Smoke ’em if you got ’em!”

This round of civilisation is pretty much done. I wonder what the next one will look like?



15 thoughts on “A world at war

  1. This round of civilisation is pretty much done. I wonder what the next one will look like?

    Better if humans aren’t involved, I suspect.

    How one’s views change over time. I can remember, as a child and a young teenager, hearing scare stories (yes, they were around then, but not quite so many of them) about the forthcoming New Ice Age, and annihilation from nuclear weapons, and about all sorts of scary diseases creeping in from Johnny-foreigner-land and thinking how terrible it would be for humanity to destroy itself, or be destroyed by outside forces.

    These days, whenever I hear about that bubbling caldera under Yellowstone Park, or about some new ultra-resistant bacteria or virus sweeping across the world, or about how climate change is likely to kill off 90% of the population by next week, there’s a little bit of me which thinks that, yes, maybe it’s about time now. We’ve come as far as we’re going to come, done more damage than can be undone all the time we’re around, and there are now so many of us everywhere that, like rats in an over-crowded cage, we’re turning in on ourselves and destroying ourselves from the inside outwards. Even non-loony people who just poddle on by aren’t really doing much actual good, are they? Most have become inward-looking, self-centred, small-minded little people whose only concern is themselves – their unimportant little jobs, their unimportant little bank accounts, their unimportant little houses and their unimportant little families. What do they actually contribute to society as a whole that doesn’t ultimately benefit them? Not very much, to be honest. So what’s the point of their existing at all, if it’s just self-interest that keeps them functioning? And all the while they’re doing sod-all, the nasty ones with a screw loose are running riot and dominating everything – and I’m not just talking about the likes of ISIS or Boko Haram here, I’m talking also about corrupt, dishonest politicians, self-interested uncaring “professionals,” hate-filled pressure groups masquerading as “helpers,” and criminals for whom “honour amongst thieves” is an unknown concept – are helping to speed the end-game along. The negative things we humans can do are now outweighing the positive ones. If there’s a God (or Allah, or Jehovah, or whoever) up there, He must be shaking His head in stunned disbelief, wondering where on earth it all went so wrong, after it was all going so well for a few short centuries …

    So maybe, like with the rats in the cage, it’s time for a bit of a drastic cull. And maybe, if we don’t achieve it ourselves, Nature will step in and do it for us.

    As I say, how time changes one’s viewpoint!


  2. Actually, I’ve been wondering about Japan. Has everybody forgotten how they came down through Malaya on bicycles, thousands of them?
    Yes, I know they lost The War in the end, but they put up a pretty good show for quite some time. And they have the same attitude to death and glory as this current bunch of crazies. Or at least they did have once upon a time.
    And I seem to remember that they also had a penchant for decapitating anyone who offended them.
    Somedebody might just have made a very serious mistake.


  3. I don’t much give a damn about nutters. They’re everywhere and have been since we were going through that phase from ape to now.

    Vikings (I think) coined the phrase “berserkers” – and they used them very effectively as front line troops.

    But back in their villages they made darned sure they didn’t have access to any offensive weapon.

    Our problem is through various means we get money, arms and munitions to them – and the internet means it’s now possible to seduce the next generation of nutters to join.

    Real wars are hellish expensive and without air support the nutters are at a massive disadvantage, but they’ll re-group and start some place else. Yemen’s really quite welcoming toward them and claim the Charlie slaughter.

    And the money does somehow seem to just keep on piling in.

    Having seen how it’s done with religious fanatics, I see a very distinct similarity with our anti-smoking fanatics. Singularly they’re just another pain in the backside, but pool them, then finance them, then take away the right of others to respond and you’ve got what we see now. A hugely unpopular group that’s highly destructive.

    And the money just keeps on pouring in.


    • I see the parallels with the antismokers too – also the Church of Climatology and other Puritan groups. They must share crazy supporters or there wouldn’t be enough to go round.


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