Free Speech eats itself

Today, about a thousand angry Muslim men and women (compartmentalised) protested in London.

At least 1,000 Muslim protesters gathered outside the gates of Downing Street to protest against the depictions of the Prophet Mohammed in Charlie Hebdo, the French satirical magazine.


Downing Street is not a publisher, London is not French and Charlie Hebdo wasn’t even on sale in the UK until you silly buggers started shooting people over a drawing.That first line should read ‘Bunch of geographically challenged idiots protest about something that happened in the past in entirely the wrong place’.

These protestors used the right to free assembly and the right to protest to demand an end to those rights. And you just know the oafs and morons of Political Correctness will support them all the way. Oh, and it’ll have nothing to do with Islam, either.

The protest was organised by the Muslim Action Forum, which said that the Charlie Hebdo cartoons had helped “sow the seeds of hatred” and had damaged community relations.

Really? A few drawings in a French comic are sowing the seeds of hatred? Meanwhile, putting someone in a cage and burning them alive, throwing people off buildings for being gay, hanging people with cranes, burying women up to their necks and throwing stones at them until they die because they committed the crime of being raped, killing your own daughters because they want to marry someone you disapprove of, sentencing someone to 1000 lashes for writing something that hurt your delicate little feelings… none of that makes people wary of you, if not outright hate you?

No, it’s the cartoons – but hey, you killed the cartoonists so what are you moaning about now? Didn’t get to burn them? Shooting’s over so very quickly, isn’t it? You don’t get to see them suffer, you don’t get the prolonged screaming that is such sweet music to the one you worship.

“In an already fragile world we need to move from actions of incitement, hatred and provocation to civility, consideration and respect.”

Can you not understand, Muslim Action Forum, just how hollow those words ring now? Your followers tried to behead a soldier in the street. In the UK. An unarmed soldier. Not in a war, not in a fair fight. A straightforward murder. In the name of Allah. Recently, more of you threatened to behead a couple of young girls because they were Army cadets. Not because they had done anything to offend you, just because they were cadets.

In France, your followers have driven vehicles into crowds of random strangers to kill someone – anyone – in the name of your god.

Civility, consideration and respect? You have lost all respect and continue to plumb new depths of contempt. And you cannot and will not see it, will you? Your arrogance is boundless. You worship something I don’t believe exists at all and yet, while I will not deny your right to believe, your followers will kill me to deny my right to not believe. If that is what you think civility, consideration and respect mean then your dictionary is broken.

In an apparent reference to the attacks on Charlie Hebdo magazine the leaflet added that “regrettably some Muslims” had “taken the un-Islamic path of human destruction”.

Open your eyes. It’s a lot more than ‘some’ now, isn’t it? It’s every day. And don’t try to couch it in terms like ‘human destruction’ when what you mean to say is ‘brutal murder’.

It added: “The vast majority of Muslims worldwide shall not denigrate their historical and current values by reciprocating hatred.

Oh? There are a thousand of you outside the Prime Monster’s house demanding that we all conform to your sensibilities while you make absolutely no concession to conform to ours. As for your historical and current values, sorry guys, those are quite clear to us all now. And let me tell you, we don’t like them. Not one bit.

I have always believed that most Muslims just want to get on with their lives and want nothing to do with the frankly psychotic ravings of some of the Imams and their deranged followers.

Every day, it gets harder to maintain that belief. I don’t think you guys want me on your side, do you?


30 thoughts on “Free Speech eats itself

  1. One day, the dam is going to break. And then it’s going to be nasty.

    “It may be we shall rise the last as Frenchmen rose the first,
    Our wrath come after Russia’s wrath and our wrath be the worst.”

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  2. I know what you mean, I have never cared about anyone’s religion, race or sexual orientation. Indeed my sons best friend all though school was a Muslim boy but that was before all this when they lived locally, didn’t wear burkas or demand special treatment. Now, I couldn’t care less what happens to any of them, like some gays no matter what they get it is never enough. Not content with acceptance they demand approval if not superiority. In my old age I am turning into a racist homophobe! and I feel it has been forced on me. I have a gay step grandson who despises the activists just as much.

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    • The activists are never good for those they claim to represent. If anyone in the group tries to speak out about that, they are shouted down and/or threatened.

      Until it passes a tipping point, and I don’t see one coming up just yet for any of those groups.


  3. I’m sure the protesting Muslims don’t understand the irony. They protest in a free society and demand restrictions in freedom. Let me be frank: Islam is a barbaric religion. Conceived in barbaric times it demands respect in a world that has moved on. Unfortunately they are mired in the ‘dark ages’ and expect to be understood by Europeans who have gone through the ‘enlightenment’ and scientific age. Pandering to these folk is demeaning and intellectually barren. The liberal left are complicit in this madness and should be ashamed of themselves. They are a disgrace and practise inconsistent doctrine. If any Westerner expressed similar sentiments they would be subject to snivelling derision, and rightly so, Should the Muslims be deemed a special case? Should they be exempt from everything we value in our society? I think not. If Muslims are unhappy about Western civilisation and Western values then they should fuck off to their country of origin. There, no doubt, they can protest all they want until they transgress some arbitrary and religious driven rule and consequently judged under Sharia law.

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  4. Leggy: You say that most muslims want to get on with their lives. I think they want to get on with their lives while others work, fight and kill to advance mohammedanism, and the ‘moderate’ muslims would be happy to live under mohammedanism.
    There are some similarities with voters and party members. There are plenty of Labour voters who want a Labour government, but are not party members. (The same is true, of course, for Conservative voters.)

    If the ideas of Islam were put forward by middle-aged white men then the organisation would be banned. The totalitarian ideas of Islam are tolerated because most of its adherents have brown skins. This is just racism.

    Islam is oppressive, totalitarian and violent, and I think there will have to be serious violence imposed on it. It’s going to get bloody in Europe.

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  5. Commenter in The Telegraph with my kind of sense of humour:

    “What do you think of the idea of substituting the world Mohammed with an emoticon every time you use it, and inspiring a Fatwah against emoticons?”
    11 •Share ›

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  6. Yep, even moderate people like me who have always been understanding and respected the views of others, are getting fed up with this. Some of their brethren are carrying out wholesale and barbaric slaughter. Have they no idea of how insulting and inflammatory it is to march on Downing Street in an attempt to deprive me of the rights that they have a right to march for? A right that Muslim countries deny them.
    No wonder people are getting inflamed. I am feeling a bit enflamed myself at the moment.

    I bought a copy of “The” Charlie Hebdo Paper, and then forgot to pick it up from the shop counter, and couldn’t be bothered to go back for it. But then it was the 3 Euros I paid for it that mattered.


    • How could any group think it a good idea to whine about cartoons while other members of the group are cutting off heads and raping schoolgirls? The reality-disconnect there is amazing.


  7. These idiots just don’t seem to realise how despised they’re making themselves. And as for the placards: ‘Charlie and the Abuse Factory’. Who’s this Charlie then? An eleven-year-old girl from Rotherham?

    In the immortal words of Patrice O’Neal: “The Great Shut Up! is coming.”


  8. Anybody demanding special rights for their religion, gender or orientation has a sub human compromised mind, made by a controlling deceiver. They don’t know being sub human is the cause of our violent mad world. How then could they know that there are no conditional rights for being less than human, only unconditional full human rights for all regardless of race or creed?


    • As long as they all believe that they will go to some sort of Jihadi Heaven while taking some of us with them then I can’t see an answer.
      I don’t mind if they believe in this. Just leave me out of it. But then I am part of their crazy belief. They have to try to take me with them or it doesn’t work. So we will have to kill them all in the end. Although I doubt they will see the irony of that.


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