Glen Marnoch – the Islay version.

Aldi’s Glen Marnoch is a bit of an odd one. The standard bottle is quite good but not they have three ‘limited release’ Glen Marnochs too. An Islay, a Highland and a Speyside.

That’s not how whisky works. The name derives from where it is made and you don’t see one brand claiming all three sources. Well, not until now.

I suspect they are doing what the supermarket own-brands do. Buying malt whiskies that are not quite up to the distiller’s high standards and putting them in their own bottles. Anyway, it’s only a couple of quid extra to try these limited editions. I bought the Islay.

It does indeed have the peatiness but not too strong. I’d say it resembles Ledaig but the taste is somehow a bit thin. Still perfectly palatable but not as full-bodied as a true single malt should be.

It’s 40% alcohol so it’s not simply a diluted whisky. It’s most likely from rejected barrels that didn’t develop the full flavour of the original and were sold off to the discount whisky market.

For the price though (£18) it’s an Islay single malt for sure, very pleasant indeed. Not up to the standard of a true branded malt but a long way off the price of one. I’d buy it again.

It’s good to have a single malt available under £20 these days. I’ll have to try the others.


13 thoughts on “Glen Marnoch – the Islay version.

  1. Bought a bottle of Glen Marnoch Islay single malt and a bottle of Asda Extra Special Islay last week. I like both, just can’t tell them apart except the Asda one is £4 more expensive.


  2. Tried all 3, the Islay, the Highland and the Speyside. At £17.99 at is there to moan about ? OK, not as nice as the 15yo Glenfiddich Solera my mate brought round last week but still phenomenal for the price.


  3. I’m on my fourth bottle of the islay edition as I’m an Islay whisky fan and for the price this is amazing. I’ve just bought a Highland one but still haven’t tried it yet but hopefully looking forward to it.


  4. Ive had four bottles of the Islam edition and it’s consistently delicious. Just bought a Highland one but not tried it yet but looking forward to it if it’s the same high standard


  5. It is very plain and I actually think it would taste bad without the caramel added! That said it has the basic characteristics of an islay with none of the fine touches. Nose: smoke, ash. Palate: peat smoke, salt, medicinal. Finish: suprisingly long and not unpleasant. I would hazard at reject Laphroiag?


  6. The Glen Marnoch Islay is fast becoming my whisky of choice. its not upto the standard of a Laphroaig or Bowmore but at almost half the price its a no-brainer.


  7. I’m drinking it right now – it is really nice, hits all the Islay notes, and an absolute bargain. No, I have nothing to do with Aldi! 🙂 P.S. Can’t wait to try the Islam Malt!


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