Thursday night babble.

Another early start tomorrow. Boss will be training the new mop-monkey in the evening again. Evenings are where there is most work to do – the morning shift is, frankly, very dull. It’s also ‘in the morning’ which is, in itself, a bad thing. It means no whisky the night before. Tonight I have an Italian soft drink called Inycon (Pinot Grigio) but tomorrow there will be whisky. I finish at 4 pm tomorrow and start at 4pm Saturday. Much more civilised.

I’ll be away from Local Shop for 24 hours. That’s the longest I’ve been away from there since New Year’s Day! Still, once the new mop-monkey (I haven’t met him yet, no hurry since he’s clearly not the dolly-bird I was hoping for, so haven’t given him a proper name) has learned the job, I can reduce hours and take days off. Once Boss has finished training him, I can train him how to do things my way. Take him from ‘shop’ standard to ‘category 3 pathogen lab’ standard.

I had planned to write this evening but my mind is baffled by my being awake so early. Twitter procrastinated the evening away. There’s also the consideration that if I get started I might not stop for hours and tomorrow is another early one. Tomorrow night though, that is a different matter. I get home early and don’t have to wake until after noon. Should be productive.

Boss did phone tonight to tell me how he did and she’s happy with his work so that’s a good start. She had questions on other work matters which, okay, I have the experience to answer but I’m just a minion. Really, Area Manager should be the one to answer but getting a straight answer out of her is like finding a straight pubic hair. Unusual and slightly worrying.

Anyway, it’s been an evening of random thought and no real progress.

I have a sample pack of vac-packed baccy from a reputable supplier (who I owe a thank-you email to as soon as this work madness ends) but I’m not going to open it yet. It’s just been vac-packed and I want to watch it at room temperature to see how it does. It is pliable and looks perfect at the moment. I’m going to look at it again over the weeks to come and watch its progress. If we can buy it vac-packed and it keeps, we’re sorted. No need for a run on home vac-machines. Just stock up.

My own experiments are due their first month’s test soon. The frozen vac-packs feel like they’ll snap but the room temp ones are still okay. I think my cardboard-box leaves might be overdrying due to Scotland’s neccessity of having the heating on most of the time. They can be rehydrated but they won’t age when dry. Anyway, we’ll know soon.

It’s time to let my brain turn off. Tonight will be easier than last night since it’s been running all day and is now screaming ‘Shut up!’ at me.

I really hope the new mop-monkey turns out to be a good one. I can’t leave this job unless I know Boss will be okay with the new staff. What can I say? I owe a debt, I have to be sure it’s repaid.



14 thoughts on “Thursday night babble.

  1. ” I’m going to look at it again over the weeks to come and watch its progress. If we can buy it vac-packed and it keeps, we’re sorted. No need for a run on home vac-machines. Just stock up”

    Back in 2008 before President Obama wasn’t taxing any PEOPLE (See Phil Button’s blog at ), I stocked up before his 2,000% tax increase hit. I think I bought 30 pounds of cigarette-cut tobacco in one pound bags at about $8/pound and it lasted me just fine over the course of three years or so. I ran across one of those packages a couple of months ago when I was doing my afternoon of once-in-a-decade cleaning (whether the place needs it or not!) and opened it up. The tobacco seemed just fine!

    ::sigh:: One thing I sorely miss is the V-Master roller. Google:

    “v-Master” cigarette

    and you’ll see them. It allowed you to roll a 15″ long smoke, drop it in a slot, push a lever, and pop out 5 regulars or 4 kings with absolutely perfect packing and cut in under 2 minutes! Unfortunately, while you can still scrounge a few of the old machines (the really old ones… the newer 1980s-type plastic models have largely broken by now: they had a weak point that eventually tended to give way under stress) the company has gone out of existence and no one manufactures the papers any more. Sad… it was VERY efficient!

    I remember telling my doc I had cut down to just three or four cigarettes a day and then pulling one of hte 15″ers out of my backpack. LOL! Great doc… I’m still seeing him and he insists on getting autographed copies of my books!

    – MJM


    • I don’t keep my home as almost-sterile as the shop. I don’t sell food so don’t risk getting sued. Besides, the immune system needs to take pot-shots at something now and then or it gets bored.


  2. “Standards”???

    What are those then?

    I still have reminders litering the place going back to 2005. No wonder I can never find my post it notes regarding apointments yesterday, or even lat year, which I forgot all about.


  3. Just bought some NZ pig’s pud. I’m hoping it will be a happy compliment to my Sunday brekky of bacon, eggs, sausage and fried bread. My experience of NZ equivalents to UK products has generally been disappointing. As I’ve been here 15 years it makes me a really sad, whinging Pomm.


    • I am trying to resist Twitter and get some writing done. Don’t know how long I’ll last tonight, I was up unreasonably early this morning, but I can catch up on sleep tomorrow morning.


  4. Have a little commercial experience in vacuum packing of produce (not tobacco). It generally works well but in some cases (no idea about tobacco) the product doesn’t stay fresh for very long after the vacuum is broken. Seems that something occurs chemically with some materials, while within the vacuum, which facilitates faster oxidation once it is exposed to air again. If this does apply to tobacco, then smaller vacuum pack sizes might be the way


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