When there is nowhere to hide…

The little story, ‘For Whom the Bells Jingle‘, is now available in Spanish, thanks to Heber Rizzo. Many thanks are due, since I don’t know enough of any other language to even attempt a full-story translation. If I tried with my painfully limited French it would turn into a story about a pipe-fitter caught behind the bike sheds with a barrel of herrings and a cheese grater… you know, I’m going to file that under ‘future utterly mad story ideas’.

I have been sent a new bank card. This one allows ‘contactless payment’ which I don’t want but there seems to be no ‘don’t want’ option. I only use the card to extract cash from the machines so I can buy stuff without being tracked. It’s best the Puritans have no record of just how much whisky I buy. They’d send the NHS Lifestyle Correction Team straight round to see me.

I also don’t want any kind of ID card, especially not one with a microchip in it. Once those are in place in Scotland (and they are on the way) then we will all have to show ID for every purchase of booze, baccy and food. Every purchase will be recorded. Every overpurchase of anything will be scrutinised.

It will work like this. Shops already ‘think 25’ which means that if you look under 25, they will ask for ID. Even though the legal age for booze and baccy is 18. If you can’t show ID then you get no booze or baccy. Plans are already afoot to apply the same restrictions to salty or sugary foods. Which is pretty much all of them, since the only food that contains no salt is sugar, and vice versa.

The Cheeldren get hold of booze and cigarettes anyway, and will continue to get hold of Coca-Cola when the legal fizz-drinking age is raised to 30. Therefore the occasional ID request is not working. Therefore, ID must be requested at every purchase, even if the customer is on a Zimmer frame and looks seriously in need of ironing.

It’s the fairest response, isn’t it? It’s no trouble after all – everyone will have an ID card and be legally required to carry it everywhere anyway. So who could object? You take your wallet out and hold it to the scanner and the scanner charges your contactless card while checking your contactless ID. You won’t even notice it happening. Who could refuse? It’s for the cheeeldren…

Everything you buy will be recorded and checked. My whisky purchases will flag me up within a week. They will come round to re-educate me, but I will show them my collection of whiskies, untouched, row upon row of bottles full of cold tea. No, they cannot taste it to check. They are an investment and must not be touched. Besides, I cannot encourage drinking! That would be illegal!

In the US, they already track every car’s movement with ANPR. It’s no consolation to know that the UK does this too. It’s not enough for them though. Sure, you know where the cars are going and who they belong to, but who else is in them? Is there a smoker in there, are there cheeldren getting slowly kippered? Pinpoint those and the police know exactly who to harass.

How will they know? Those chips will be scanned by RFID readers as you travel. They will have a database of people who buy tobacco and cross-reference it with car ownership anyway. The scanners will flag up a smoker travelling as a passenger in a car and alert the local patrol to pull them over and check.

Bought booze yesterday, driving today? Expect to get stopped and breathalysed. Even if the booze is at home, unopened.

Driving after buying salty food? You’ll get pulled over by the Health Squad who will check your blood pressure and determine whether you are fit to continue driving. If you’d already been pulled over by the Booze Patrol and the Smoke Screeners you’d probably fail that test.

They won’t actually ban tobacco, booze, sugar, salt, etc. They’ll just make your life impossible if you like those things. You won’t want to give them up but eventually you will have to, just to be able to live without constant harassment.

So the ID cards – with microchips – are coming to Scotland on the sly. The Spiteful Nannying Party are sneaking them through. Eventually they will be implanted and the drones will queue all night to be first to get one. The rest of us will be pressured into it because eventually you won’t be able to open your house or start your car or get a job without one.

The SNP/Labour fight is engineered. There is no real difference between them. It doesn’t matter which of those two you vote for, you will get ID cards and total social Puritan control in Scotland. Vote for anyone else.

I knew I was right to set Panoptica in Scotland. This is where it starts.

(On course for an edited first draft by May despite no days off work this year. I’ve been taking the tiny Acer with me on days I know won’t be busy).



48 thoughts on “When there is nowhere to hide…

  1. They already insist on everyone, no matter how old, showing I.D.’s for booze in most airports and major chains in Amerika. It just makes it easier for the imbecile clerks and easier for the owners of the companies. They don’t care about you and your business or your opinion, they just want to satisy the videotape and all the Puritans. I am thinking of inventing a time machine and traveling back to the 1930’s so I don’t have to put up with this nonsense any longer…


      • Ah yes, that was when flying was a pleasurable adventure rather than an endurance test. No stupid, pointless theatre of security checks at every step, room to stretch out in economy, limitless booze, smoking allowed in the rear section of the plane, edible food and good service. (Sigh…)

        Particularly poignant at the moment, because in a few hours I’ll be flying Bangkok to Doha, Doha to Athens then Athens to my island – a bit of a marathon with all the idiocy of security to go through at every stop and not even being able to spark up a fag on the flight. Back in the 60s it would have been a breeze – nice meals, plenty of wine and a pleasurable postprandial smoke, followed by a snooze or a good read (also accompanied by a couple of ciggies). Nowadays, it’s just a bloody pain to be endured.


          • I actually did see Pink Floyd in the 1960’s. I was fourteen and an older friend dragged me along to his college UCSD where we watched them on a lawn. Small crowd, all hippies, (I was too young) but it did leave an imprint. Watched Waters do “The Wall’ two years ago so I guess the circle is now complete…


  2. Keeping tags on us all the time. Last year I had to do jury service and it’s fair to say that 25% of the jurors weren’t entirely sure what was going on. Anyway, during the trial a lawyer produced mobile phone records which showed when calls had been made, for how long and from where they had been made/received. They were as useless as a very useless thing.

    Mind you I don’t think that GCHQ were involved but you never know.

    Isn’t it possible to block out RFID or mobile phone stuff by wrapping the device/card etc in tin foil? The older the phone the easier it is to swap out SIM cards. Not that I have or do since my life is pretty dull and I rarely do any comms apart from with my grown up children and my wife. Some work stuff but that’s it.

    Well there is blogging I suppose.

    Where is the tinfoil kept in mansion TT? It doesn’t even come out for Xmas…


    • There were once phones that could take two SIM cards at once and you could switch between them.

      Likewise though, I barely use my phone and have been often berated by Boss for not answering it. It takes a while for the ringtone to register as being mine.


      • There still are, LI. My current smartphone is a dual SIM. The problem is that most phones in UK are bought at well below cost as part of a contract, and are ‘locked’ into that network. So they won’t sell you a dual SIM phone.

        I bought mine at full price, ‘unlocked’ from a dealer in (I think) Slovakia on the internet, so I can use it with any network(s) I like.


        • My phone is PAYG, because I don’t use it enough to justify even the cheapest contract. Bought using someone else’s Tesco storecard because then they get the points and Tesco accept that as ID 😉


  3. “They will come round to re-educate me, but I will show them my collection of whiskies, untouched, row upon row of bottles full of cold tea. No, they cannot taste it to check. They are an investment and must not be touched. Besides, I cannot encourage drinking! That would be illegal!”

    You’re a certifiable genius. I laughed my arse off. How do you re-seal the bottles with the cap that splits off from a ring around the neck…that’s the key.


  4. Another thing, who are you on twitter? I’ve looked a couple of times on this blog and not found that information. Now my sobriety might have been compromised, I’ll admit that, but that information should be in your ‘about’ and ‘contact’ sections, I think…


  5. Metal tobacco tins are ideal for storing wallets full of cards, so remote readers cannot detect them.
    I’m designing an air-actuated flap for my car, so when you’re moving at >20mph it covers something up, but retracts/disappears when you slow down.


  6. XX It’s best the Puritans have no record of just how much whisky I buy. They’d send the NHS Lifestyle Correction Team straight round to see me. XX

    Sweden is WAY ahead of you on that. They have been doing that since the 50s or 60s.

    Every time you buy, what is only 30° spirit ANYWAY, your card gets marked. Too many in a month, or even over a year, and the social/health services are set on you.

    The first move is to take any lingering bastards you may have into care.


      • The ferrys between Sweden and Denmark, and Sweden and Germany/Latvia, Lituania, etc are notorious for being full of pissed Swedes, who buy a ticket so they can stay aboard the whole weekend.


        • My Danish friends from Copenhagen tell me that the weekend ferry from Sweden is chock full of Swedish pissheads coming over for a skinful.


          • Aye, the Denmark ferry they tend to get off. But the other ships are duty free, so they stay on. They tend not to use the Finland ferry, because that is full of pissed Fins going to Sweden. Now they can cross the border into Russia, there is not so many of them any more any way.


  7. Got my contactless card from Santander a few weeks ago but didn’t want it so I went in to the local office and asked for an ordinary one. They didn’ t know what ‘RFID’ meant at first and, when I started explaining the pitfalls to the three girls behind the counter, they went all blank eyed. I gave up when they started exchanging glances. (I expect you know that one well Leggy.) Anyway, got the ordinary card through the post a couple of days ago so you don’t have to accept the RFID. (Shame its got the wrong account number on it though – Now I have to go back and see the lovely ladies again. I’ll try and brighten up their day.)


    • Thanks for the useful info – I’m going to try returning mine too.

      The problem is that, after my last visit to ‘The Bank That Likes To Say ‘F*** Off!” I left in a tooth-grinding rage and swore never to darken their door again. Still, given that their head honcho is apparently in line for a multi-million pound bonus, I feel I ought to give them the chance to spend a few pence making and sending me a new card.


      • First off… No you don’t have to accept these contactless cards. My wife and I were sent one each from our respective banks and we sent them right back, and they were replaced with pin number types.

        But the rise of using plastic, clever plastic at that, is that yes… we are being tracked and monitored. And soon the computer, when you stop into your local store for your whisky or fags or burgers or anything deemed by the bansturbators to be bad, will say NO! You have reached our back of an envelope limit for whatever it might be, and you will have to wait till next month for any more.

        There is no money any more you know folks… it is all illusion and faith, and once we realise that, all hell is going to break loose.


  8. The SNP/Labour fight is engineered. There is no real difference between them. It doesn’t matter which of those two you vote for, you will get ID cards and total social Puritan control in Scotland.

    But there’s no way to get this through to the general populace.


      • They are also the type of people, when it DOES happen, as you predict, they turn around with “See!! we TOLD you so! YOU said exactly the opposite!”

        I have a cure for their ilk, a .357 Magnum, but I just keep repeating;

        The shit bag is not worth the jail time!
        The shit bag is not worth the jail time!
        The shit bag is not worth the jail time!
        The shit bag is not worth the jail time!


  9. Apparently the Scottish Nannying Party want parents fined for letting nippers have a sip of wine at a picnic in public.

    This is real problem, I can say I have been shocked at going to the local park on a balmy summer day and seeing parents force-feeding Buckfast or Tennents Super lager down the wee pure angels necks.

    It’s a fucking disgrace innit?

    “The Scottish Government is proposing a blanket ban making it illegal to supply alcohol to anyone under the age of 18 in a public place.”



    • The SNP can fuck right off as far as I am concerned. Yet the hard-drinking, smoking Scots will vote for them because they are too damn pissed to see what they are really voting for. Not independence at all. They are voting for their own oppression.

      Independence is irrelevant as long as the EU exists. Every other SNP policy is nannying dictatorship.


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