The warrior or the sword?

I picked up a link on Twitter earlier (sorry, I’ve completely forgotten who posted it) to an article on ‘the war on free speech‘.

There is a war on speech. Conspiracy theory? Well, look at how many people now get arrested and dragged into the justice system over something they put on Twitter or Farcebok. I’m not talking about the halfwitted criminals who pose with pictures of the stuff they’ve stolen, nor about those who are inciting hatred or violence. I’m talking about those who post a jokey remark that some shrinking violet somewhere takes offence at. They get charged with a thought crime and sometimes they end up in prison for it.

There are so many words you can’t say now, and the lexicon changes all the time. Gypsies used to be called Gypsies, now they are travellers or Romany – no wait, that changed to Roma. Black people used to be called ‘black’, then they were called ‘coloured’ while anything else that was black couldn’t be called black in case it offended black people to be compared to, say, a black Porsche. I think they are now ‘black’ again. It’s easier being white. We’ve just been called ‘racist bastards’ all along. That one hasn’t changed.

Speak out against ISIS and you are ‘racist’ even though Islam is a religion, not a race. The ever-changing prohibition on the things we are allowed to say means that it becomes difficult to say anything at all. Which was the whole point. You can’t plot to overthrow oppressors if you dare not say anything at all.

However, Islam isn’t doing all this. Sure, Islam’s record on free speech is poor, if not dire. That Saudi blogger is still in jail waiting to be lashed again. An Islamist shot up a free speech convention in Copenhagen just yesterday and has now been shot. So much rage, so much death over cartoons they didn’t even need to look at.

Yet it is not Islam that is silencing free speech. Islam is just a weapon. It is not the warrior. The warrior uses the weapon to get what he wants and when those politicians say it is ‘nothing to do with Islam’ they are telling you the truth while letting you think it’s a lie.

Islamic jihad has proven even more useful than the IRA were in the seventies. It has allowed more and sterner controls on everything we say and do than the politicians ever managed with the Irish insurgents. That’s why they keep telling us it’s ‘nothing to do with Islam’ because that keeps our eyes on the weapon. Any swordsman will tell you – don’t watch the sword, watch the opponent. By the time you see where the sword is moving, it’s too late. Watch your opponent to see where the sword will move before it moves.

Now we are subject to humiliating body searches and scans if we want to travel anywhere. Intimidating armed police in flak jackets at travel hubs. All communication is monitored. Say one word out of place and it’s the kick on the door at dawn for you. Free country? Not any more and it’s getting worse.

Still I say it’s not Islam doing that. Our own politicians are doing it and using Islam as the weapon to beat us into submission. Islam could stop it at once by simply deciding that they aren’t going to be the West’s weapon of oppression any more – but they don’t know that they are. They genuinely think they will win, and the world will be entirely Muslim.

Sorry guys, that isn’t going to happen. That isn’t and never was the plan. Why do you think Western politicians are always appeasing you and trying to pretend the attacks aren’t about Islam at all? Because they fear you? Really? You do realise that the West could obliterate entire Muslim countries at the push of a button, don’t you? You really think they are afraid of you?

They are not afraid of you. They are using you. You are an effective weapon to introduce new and tougher laws to keep the rest of us oppressed. You, Islam, are not the warrior. You are just the weapon.

And when the war is over, what does the warrior do with his weaponry?


14 thoughts on “The warrior or the sword?

  1. I had to get half-way through your post before I got the point. Erm… What was it again?
    Erm…. Warrior/Sword?
    OK. “THEM” are using the Islamists to bugger things up to the financial advantage of “THEM”.
    If we accept that idea, then what is to be done?

    The important words are, “If we accept that idea”.


    • Don’t blame you. Some posts don’t have a point.
      Islam is being used but thinks it is fighting its own war. They will kill and rape with impunity and ‘THEM’ will pretend it’s not Islam until the job’s done.

      Then, as in Russia, Cambodia, and other past lunatic regimes, the ‘useful idiots’ will be disposed of.

      This will not be good for us because when the politicians admit that it is Islam after all and ‘something must be done’ then we have passed the point of total control. The ‘THEM’ have what they want and don’t need the weapon any more.


  2. XX Still I say it’s not Islam doing that. Our own politicians are doing it and using Islam as the weapon to beat us into submission. XX

    The theory only works if they were not EXACTLY like that in their rat infested, third world shit holes they call their homelands. And their desire to turn the West into a lego land example of what they were in such a hurry to leave.


    • Remember the IRA? Bader-Meinhoff Group? Meibion Glyndwr? All served their purpose but they were all concerned with their own, usually very local, issues.

      Islam (the extreme version) is different. It wants global domination. It can be brought into use anywhere and will get enraged over a drawing. Sure, ISIS are showing the world what their idea of an ‘Islamic caliphate’ would be and the MSM are encouraging us to believe all Muslims want that.

      Jordan and Egypt are blasting hell out of ISIS now. Saudi Arabia is building a wall to keep the crazies out. That kind of barbarity is not what they want. Not even the Saudis want it, and that’s saying something!

      You have to feel a bit sorry for Al Qaeda though. They must feel like the Betamax of terrorism now.


  3. I too find it worryingly convenient (for those of a controlling nature) that a discussion about freedom of speech was interrupted by such violence.

    The narrative has now been flipped away from protecting liberty back to protecting lives – with people being happy to have armed police blanketing the city.

    The weapon of choice indeed.


    • Once they get the armed police in place, you just try getting them back out. Airports here all have big blocks in front after the Glasgow incident so nobody can drive anything into them… but police with machine guns are still inside.


  4. KInd of linked to this, have you had the news about the carnaval being stopped in Braunschweig this weekend, due to some threat from the suidaephobes?

    Even Bummer fucking Harris did not manage THAT!


  5. Like all conspiracies, this one would only work if it was carried out with military-grade precision. I prefer the cock-up theory: western politicians really are as stupid as they appear. There is no hidden agenda, apart from immigrant vote-harvesting.

    Of course, that’s no consolation if you happen to be the innocent bystander who gets attacked in the street by proponents of a particular set of beliefs, but then random acts of violence have always been with us.


    • Western politicians demonstrate their stupidity daily. That’s why they are there. To stupidly do as they are told.

      The precision is pretty good, it’s been a slow grind, but it will fail. They forgot to account for the idiots they employed boasting about their excesses. There’s going to be enough shit to stop a really big fan before it’s over.

      Then it will start again.


  6. C4’s running a “contentious” (ie hatchet-job) drama in which UKIP wins the GE. It’s showing at 9pm tonight. Wonder who commissioned it? Did all three of them ‘chip in’?


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