Death comes in many forms

(it is now Day 46 since my last day off work so expect a bit of insanity and some short postings)

So, global warming isn’t going to heat us all to death after all. It’s going to disease us to death.

Utter crap, as you’d expect. Temperature is one factor in the growth of pathogens, sure, but one of the things we have that are blamed for the not-happeining global warming are fridges.Outside temperature only matters if you keep your food out there. If you do then you have no food and are surrounded by fat crows.

If the NHS cannot cope with this new imaginary epidemic then the NHS is useless. All those billions and all they do is tell us how we should live. Let the real doctors and nurses work in real hospitals and let the empty suits and whining nags die of the nothing they want to scare us with.

I say, get some real epidemics going. That might take their minds off the pretend ones. But it probably won’t.

Their money comes from the imagination of the drones. I suppose, in a sense, so does a little of mine…but I don’t want to control them, just scare them.

The medical nannies want both.


14 thoughts on “Death comes in many forms

  1. ‘But it turns out such jumps happen more quickly than anticipated. Even pathogens that are highly adapted to one host are able to shift to new ones under the right circumstances.’

    Like Action on Salt shifted to Action on Sugar because of the troughing scoffing availability? Or all the Qweepy Qwallies on the Quango Merry-Go-Round?

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  2. They will say and do anything that keep them in the luxury that they want. Nothing will get in their way, no amount of hounding will dislodge them and they will keep on going even when the game us up for them. They can ape the great hockey stickest who has found more ways to get away with things than a very, very, veryiest thing.

    The thing is they have cures that work but they deny them to those that need them most and pay the highest price of loosing their lives. Like malaria. DDT works well as long as the exposure is controlled. Simple. But it’s not allowed. Shocking.


  3. Dear Mr Leg-iron

    The whole thing is a scare du jour. The hot conditions already exist in the tropics. How quickly these diseases spread is well established, methods for dealing with them currently work and if outbreaks increase in frequency, better systems will be developed eventually, even if the public health bureaucrats seriously screw things up*.

    If hot conditions extend to currently cooler climes, I say bring it on. Give me global warming rather than global cooling, which would be a serious threat – shorter growing seasons and lower yields for one.

    What makes it most risable is their reliance on the CAGW** scam, and of course projections for the end of the century when few people around today will be left to call them to account***, assuming they are still alive.


    * But not before any crisis has been used to enact even more draconian laws.
    ** Computer aided global warming.
    *** Not that anyone does even when they are revealed to be frauds in the here and now.


  4. Cleanliness seems to me to be a major discriminant between hot, humid places where people are customarily dying in their droves, and hot, humid places where people have very good lifespan, low morbidity, and good quality of life. Flush toilets, proper sewers and land drains (seperate), clean drinking water, soap and water, disinfectant, freezers, fridges, and a reliably consistent mains electricity supply, food handling regulation, meat inspectors in the slaughterhouses, vaccination and health care. That’s what makes the big difference. A society that is fastidious, generates a framework in which dead bodies, starvation, human turds, open sores, must be guarranteed to be swiftly dealt with. Not just hidden, fixed. Remedied. Systematically.
    North Queensland, San Antonio Texas, very hot. Often dangerously hot, with dangerous predators also. But no people dying in their own dirt on the street. No open sewers, no starving orphans.
    Mortality and morbidity, are governed by the characteristics of a population, much more than their climate.


    • Clean water supply and efficient sewage disposal are the real essentials. When the major cities had sewage in the streets, cholera and other diseases were frequent. Build the sewers, keep them separate from the water supply and the diseases find it much harder to spread.

      Of course, this isn’t so easy in countries where the leaders keep all the money…


  5. “I say, get some real epidemics going.”

    Something a bit like Spanish flu (1914-ish? I think), maybe? That was the one which was notable for leaving unaffected those whose lungs were protected by congestion (whether through an allergic response like asthma, brochitis or through smoking tobacco or any other substance) which proved too great a barrier for the virus to battle through, but chose instead to target all those clean-living, healthy types whose lungs – unprotected and accessible as their uncongested lung tissues were – were an easy target for the flu virus to get a hold on. Now that would really put the cat among the pigeons …


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