Intelligent people?

You are expected to trust your health, the entire complex metabolism of your body, to people who cannot tell smoke from steam. (h/t @Mardconsult on Twitter)

NHS boards will be required to ensure that their grounds are smoke-free by April.

It’s not… oh, what’s the point? These ‘health experts’ already believe that someone smoking in the open air (next to the body-part incinerator while all sorts of motor vehicles pass by) is the most dangerous thing on the planet. If they can’t grasp the absurdity of that position they can never grasp the difference between smoke and steam. Really, the medical profession needs to set some standards here. How about refusing to employ administrators with an ambient IQ?

The medics wondered why it took me three days to call in with two cracked ribs, an inability to change from standing to sitting and frank haematuria. It’s because they are a  propaganda organisation now and I only gave in because it was taking longer than usual to heal. I thought it might be a bit more serious than my usual damage.

Health is the lowest priority for the health profession. Ridiculous and petty control tops the agenda. Do you really want your health in the hands of someone who thinks steam and smoke are the same thing? Someone who thinks that smoke – and especially steam – are deadly in tiny amounts outdoors?

I wouldn’t let them clean my windows, never mind fix my body. They didn’t in the end. It grew back all by itself. There really was no point going – turns out morphine has no effect on me and I had ineffective Ibuprofen at home anyway. Well, at least I had a go on some of the rides while I was there. I’d been paying in long enough.

Thgen we have Climatology. Still banging on and on about climate change that isn’t currently happening even though humans are supposed to be making it worse. Now they have a new blame game. It’s the Russians! (h/t @RooBeeDoo1 on Twitter).

So all those Ecodim bulbs and horrible LED lights and shivering instead of turning on the heating due to green taxes and government doing the hippie hippie hate… that was all a waste of time? The Russians are making it rain and snow and that causes droughts… hey, don’t expect sense. None of it ever made any, except in the mind of those who don’t really have one.

Work has been outfitted entirely with LED lighting. It’s awful. Unlike filament or fluorescent or even halogen, the light from LEDs is directional, not diffuse. Put paperwork on a shelf in the shade and I can’t see it properly. There’s way too much contrast between the lit and unlit areas. It’s made sure I’ll never even consider getting LED lights for home use.

Every tinfoil-hatter knows that HAARP control the weather and they are just blaming the Russians to start a war. The UK is either a testing ground or totally immune. Our weather has been completely random for centuries.You could put four seasons into a day here and nobody would even notice – we’d just moan about it and get on with things.

No matter the crisis now, whether it’s the perennially-imminent destruction of the wheat or chocolate crops (no more chocolate biscuits? England would explode!) or earthquakes or typhoons or the world getting one degree warmer or cooler or some country actually inventing an Orgone accumulator and making it rain… the prognosis is always a world war.

I think they are looking for an excuse to start a world war, you know. Using the most ridiculous arguments their semi-wits can come up with because they tried all the potentially real ones and nobody believed it.

We are not being treated by intelligent people and we are not being ruled by intelligent people. Both are now the preserve of the gibbering control freak and the cackling warmonger.

Sometimes I just want to sit back, light a smoke, pour a whisky and watch it all happen. That would be an entertaining show.

Trouble is, it’s happening to you and me too. Like it or not, we’re in the show.


20 thoughts on “Intelligent people?

  1. they can never grasp the difference between smoke and steam

    There is no difference visually and appearances are what it’s all about now.
    The flirtation with scientific sounding justifications is over.

    If no one ever sees anyone raising their hand to their mouth and then exhaling, then they can’t either copy it or think such a behaviour is normal.

    Then at last, the dull and conformist people will take centre stage and all those, fun, gregarious and inventive smokers they had to compete with won’t even be a memory.
    They must be punished and punished and punished until there are none of them left.


  2. Given the institutional persecution of staff who are brave enough to point out their shortcomings, they can certainly see the difference between the need to provide decent health care/respect for elderly patients and the need to protect self interest.


  3. Being able to tell the difference between smoke and steam is a useful trick…as I said to Little Sister who phoned me, Brer Big Brother, from her cellphone whilst standing next to a car emitting “clouds of dense white smoke”[sic]

    She couldn’t understand why her Big Brother shouted “RUN!!! FUCKING RUN N O W YOU DOZZY MOO!” down the phone….

    She meant, of course, ‘dense white STEAM’. (for the none mechanics, white steam just means your engine is boiling. White SMOKE means you and your car are about to suffer a fiery immolation).


    • True in every profession now. If police have targets then they rely on continued crime in order to meet those targets. Instead of prevention, they have to allow the crime to happen and then make an arrest. Social services have to arrange a set number of adoptions, whether needed or not. And so on.

      The real people just don’t matter at all to the clipboard brigade.


  4. Actual LEDs are not inherently directional at all. It’s just the piss-poor design of the current range of LED ‘light bulb’ replacements which is at fault. It would not be rocket science to make one which lit up a whole room with nice diffuse light. And LEDs come on immediately, at full power. And we actually have LEDs which produce a (relatively) pleasing light spectrum, unlike the older twisted fluorescent eco bulbs which are, in every measurable way, shit.

    I actually look forward to decent LED home lighting, it is much more efficient than tungsten so much so that it’s possible to make an LED bulb now that puts out the equivalent of a 100W tungsten bulb, but you’d still be able to touch it after it had been on for an hour without burning your hand off. However I expect it will be a year or three before decent LED home lighting is sensibly priced.


    • So it’s the lens-shaped package that makes it directional? I see.
      The striplights at work have been replaced with long rows of what look like standard LED packages. That would explain why they hurt my eyes.


  5. Agree with the below-the-line comments about LED bulbs, I’ve just installed LED downlights after a house extension. With running costs around 10% of an incandescent filament bulb for the same luminosity, the payback time is pretty quick, and will get quicker still as LED prices continue to fall. And despite negative press, the light output is excellent, much warmer and more comfortable than the dreaded EU-mandated low-energy fluorescent lamps that bathed everything in a dim, vomit-green hue and contained mercury to make disposal difficult and dangerous.


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