The Ed Miller Band – Imploding

Nope, it’s not a song. Might prove to be Labour’s swan song though.

Jack Straw is embarrassed to have been caught selling his political influence to companies. Only the ‘being caught’ part troubles him. The corruption doesn’t bother him at all.

Vote Labour. Vote for Corruption.

The Ed Miller Band will not be sacking Diane Abbott for her racist anti-white tweets. They support her right to hate people based on the colour of their skin.

Vote Labour. Vote for Racism.

Austin Mitchell MP says that his Grimsby constituency is safe for Labour, even if the candidate was ‘a raving alcoholic sex paedophile‘. Impying – no, clearly stating – that the electorate are too stupid to consider voting for someone else.

Vote Labour, get a Raving Alcoholic Sex Paedophile MP.

Yet many people willl still vote Labour, so maybe old Austin has a point. They really will vote for people who hate them and despise them. Just because it’s Labour.

It used to be that many people voted Labour because they didn’t want the Tories to win. For a long time, those seemed the only alternatives. Which one do you like least? Vote for the other one.

Seems to me that Labour really don’t want to win the next election. Not really surprising – they have nothing to offer, no solution to anything and their party is in dire need of a damn good purging. Ed Moribund is not the man to do it – the band needs a new lead singer. But who? Ed Balls? Prezza? Do they actually have anyone who can sort that mess out and present the electorate with something they want to vote for?

At the moment, no. Moribund Senior left to join Thunderbirds and there isn’t anyone else the public would trust now.

It’s different now. UKIP are taking votes from all parties except the SNP, and another term of Caviar Woman and her Spiteful Nannying Party will likely finish the SNP off for good. Even the Scots can only take so much.

So, another Daily Mail hatchet job appears. In which they deride UKIP’s requirement for visiting foreigners to arrive with health insurance (as we are expected to do by other countries) by pointing out that Mr. Farage smokes and drinks. They do not mention that he, like myself and many others, have been paying ionto the NHS for years through tax – and I have spent a total of two nights in hospital, 28 years apart. If I need expensive treatment in the future, I have already paid for it.

Many of the commenters have spotted this oversight. I suspect UKIP might do better than the current polls suggest since the other parties and the newspapers are resorting to ever-thinner smears.

Interesting times…


19 thoughts on “The Ed Miller Band – Imploding

      • ‘Tis strange how Nutella has been in the news lately. First Michele Ferrero dies (89 – good innings) on Valentines Day:

        Then ISIS, apparently, are using Nutella, kittens and emojis to lure western women into its fold:

        Now Nutella will burn your house down if you’re not careful.

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        • XX The huge blaze, which destroyed the roof and severely damaged the first floor, is thought to have started when low winter sunlight shone through the chocolate spread container on a window sill, reports The Mirror. XX

          Oh aye. Is this during or after the snow, storms and nothing but grey skys until May the imbicilic mother fucking spazzy twats at the Express were promising? (And KEEP promising, DAILY!)

          Any way, if any one has ever tried to use a REAL magnifying glass to set fire to Granny and things in weak winter sun light will tell you, NO FUCKING CHANCE!

          Yet we are supossed to believe this fire was started by the sun shining through a, probably, winter grimed window, then through a chocolate smeared jar of dubious optical qualitys, with enough energy to ignite the weetabix half way accross the kitchen, and then burn the house down?? Fuck RIGHT off!

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          • Well, FT, the ISIS Nutella/Kitten lure sounds like unrealistic, made up bollocks too.

            Maybe, maybe ‘Nutella’ is a codeword … what for, I don’t know – nu tella, new (story)teller, new teller (new banking system) … maybe the financial house of cards is about to burn down … 😉

            Take last year’s Superb Owl half time show, for instance, it featured Bruno Mars drumming on Burn-a-Debt:

            Of course the main message coming out of that particular performance, came at the start from the undead children … ‘PREPARE’:

            Media are playing silly buggers … we can all do that 😉


  1. That article on Nigel Farage and Health Insurance was a massive own goal which anyone with half a brain spotted. I would probably vote for him, if I had a vote, just to stop the others getting in. Although I wonder if there are enough people like me to make a difference. But let’s face it, UKIP can’t possibly do any worse.


  2. I was talking about the coming GE with a mate of mine. She surprised me by saying she was going to vote Labour, as they were the only party who seemed to have a plan to save the NHS. She then went on to say that she didn’t like Ed Moribund, but it was the only thing she didn’t like about the party. I was promptly treated to a blow-by-blow account as to why Labour were the only party to vote for. Blimey, she was really indoctrinated! I could tell, as I used to go out with a loony leftie and know all the phrases they use. In fact, I was shocked that they haven’t changed their tactics one little a bit. They really are living in the past! She even slagged off Thatcher and said the mess the country is in, is all down to her!! My God, it’s like a disease. All you need to do, you know, is read one of their fliers and wham, that’s it. You’ve caught the bug.

    She even waxed lyrical about how lovely Tony Blair was and how he is still her favourite politician. She knew, she said, what sort of man he was, when he visited the troops in Iraq. He showed such compassion!

    Arghhh….I almost vomited on the spot.


  3. If smoking and drinking are seen as costs to the NHS, what about the various sports; Rugby players seem to incur quite a few injuries. Then there’s mountaineers, skiers, and the like who have falls, which often involve the use of a rescue helicopter. In proportion to the number of participants, I suspect these cost the NHS more than the smokers and drinkers.


  4. Further to English Pensioner’s offering, have you been to A&E on a Sunday morning? Apart from the pissheads left from Saturday night you can’t move for amateur footballers. I always said sport is harmful.


    • Yes, but football injuries are ok, because they are HEALTHY injuries. So we’re all happy to pay for them, even though they are avoidable risk-taking costs to the NHS.

      But smoking and drinking are UNHEALTHY. So we don’t want to pay for treating any possible health issues resulting from those. Football is PC (sort of, as long as you’re not a hooligan). Smoking and drinking are emphatically not PC.

      So as a smoker and/or drinker, you are draining the NHS of essential funds that could be used to treat rugby players with broken noses, or mountaineers with broken legs who have just been helicoptered down from somewhere mid-mountain with the assistance of a specialist mountain rescue team at a cost of I-don’t-know-what.

      But they were HEALTHY pursuits, so that’s ok. We don’t mind paying for that.

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  5. “UKIP are taking votes from all parties except the SNP”.

    You’ve said it like it is Legs. The issue here is this is the General Election and it’s first past the post and except for a few hotspots, mainly along the borders, UKIP isn’t terribly well organised.

    Also the departure of Salmond has helped SNP enormously. Good enough at politics, the guy came across as a used car salesman.

    I’d also point out that Miliband hacked off an awful lot of Labour voters when he came out strongly against devolution. And let’s not forget the debates when Mr. Darling (Labour) wiped the floor with Salmond at the first one.

    Miliband was always and always will be the Union’s man. But flogging a guy with a speach impediment, very little knowledge of the practical world and a Jew to boot sort of stretches things an awful lot.

    However things are likely to be very different in 2016 with the parliamentary elections. UKIP scored rather well at the EU elections and now has a Scottish MEP in Brussels, something that’s somewhat slightly irritating for the SNP.

    And let’s not forget the rather cumbersome system they use for Scottish parliamentary elections.
    It’s why we had the Scottish Socialists for a while as well as a reasonable representation of the Tory and Green party’s.

    Support for UKIP is across the board at about 10 to 12% in Scotland. That’s not very good under FPP, so some people will go for the least repugnant alternative.

    But all bets are off in 2016 and I shan’t be in the least phased if we see a fair number of UKIP MSPs in Holyrood in May of that year, though much will depend on how they make out down south this year, and how they conduct themselves.


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