Silent Wednesday

No sensible post tonight (I like to pretend that sometimes there actually is one) because I am engaged in clearing space for a mini-workshop indoors. I’m not going to ruin any worksurfaces or my dining room table but my garage is far too cold even for me.

I like the cold. I’ll keep longer. Yet now that the windchill seeps into the barely insulated garage, I can’t stay in there for long. And I have two projects to finish before April. Plus all those other things that were shelved way back when Work went mad. They aren’t forgotten.

One concerns the little chairs for the Thai knitted rats. Before promising to do them I had already begun to store the thicker trimmings from the garden and now have well seasoned plum wood, which I have now begun to shave into planks. That was during Spring’s first attempt at arriving, which evidently failed because it’s thoroughly back to Winter now.

This is small work and involves the close proximity of fingers and very sharp things – and my track record of accidental damage will not be improved by brain freeze, nor by a spontaneous fit of shaking. So it has to come into the house.

I’ve done it before, naturally, since we have winter every year here. Most plastic work is already indoors anyway – but wood and metal are different. Wood splinters and metal shavings have nowhere to hide on the concrete floor of the garage. The workshop has its own vacuum cleaner too, so the house one need never risk contamination with sharp stuff.

In the house, it’s different. There are carpets and fabrics and nooks and crannies where splinters and swarf can hide for months, just waiting for unwary fingers… or other parts.

It’s a risk, but it’s also a deadline. Also, if it’s close to the computer, I can work on Panoptica while joints are setting. I’ll take great care not to get the whisky confused with the woodstain.

The other is a sudden project. A long-time Internet friend who I have never met in person and aren’t really ever likely to, is in legal difficulties. A neighbour dispute led to her being arrested over her own fence and she needs to pay for a surveyor (to prove it’s her fence) and a lawyer. You can read her side of it here.

I can’t help directly but I can do what I did once before, when Amusing Bunni needed help. I’ll make something and sell it. The money goes directly to Lesia, not through me, because PayPal will take a cut of each transaction.

I have until the end of March to come up with something, make it and sell it. It will be Easter themed and probably smoky-drinky too. Part of my day off Friday will be spent prowling the local silly-stuff shops for a suitable seasonal thing to, er, ‘adjust’ into something amusingly corrupt. There’s no time to start from scratch.

It’s not likely to be good enough to raise everything she needs in one go, but it could raise enough to be of some help.

What would be really useful now would be for Boss to put the new guy on some of my long shifts and I’ll do some of his short ones. She gets back from holiday next week, I’ll see if I can persuade her then.

Although she’s likely to want me on the long shifts until after the auditors have been through. Which, every day, I hope is the next day! New guy has a long bus ride to work, it would help her keep him on the staff if it was more worth his while to pay that fare! So I’m going to win the argument, it’s just a question of when.

In the meantime, I have to get this mini-workshop set up. It won’t stop the blog. I have an espresso machine and some serious coffee.

This month – warp speed.


7 thoughts on “Silent Wednesday

  1. XX I’ll take great care not to get the whisky confused with the woodstain.XX

    Change to brandy, and the mistake will never be noticed.


    • Oh, but you can choose your colour so you won’t notice the difference. For dark rum (my preferred spirit) I’d suggest perhaps a Walnut stain. Whisky is tricky because there are many obvious shades, but as a mean, I’d suggest something like oregon. Fairly pale, with a hint of red. Bit like a Bowmore’s. If you’re a vodka man, then forget the stains and stick to White Spirit. Yum!

      And actually, FT, although I’m a rum sort of person (Heh!), I think brandy is one of the more acceptable spirits. Shame about the head the next day, but it really goes down a treat on the night. I like Italian Stock 84 and Metaxa 7*, and some of the armagnacs are superb. I’ve had a couple of good Spanish brandies, too, but I can’t remember their names, which is an indication of how much I enjoyed them.


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