Model building time

Another day off today. That’s two this year and in consecutive weeks! I’ll soon be expecting one every week.

So I went in search of something suitably Easterish to corrupt. Found nothing at all. Not a single damn thing. Okay then, I need a project to help Lesia and it might not be Easter themed but has to be done before Easter.

You will not believe what I found in the model shop. I had to look three times. Someone made a plastic model kit of that? Why? Why would any model shop stock this thing? Anyway, it was dusty and cheap and wonderfully funny so I bought it.

I’m not going to say what it is. I’ll post progress pics and see who can guess. It will, of course, be a smoky model.

Then there are the little chairs for the Thai knitted rats. I had started to prepare the wood in the garage the last time Spring started up but then Winter brushed Spring aside and had another go. A really really cold go this time. It’s warmed up again now but I am taking no chances. All model building is now indoors until the Oak King finally shuts the Holly King down. And that doesn’t happen until the equinox.

It took a while but I was pleased to have managed to clear model space in my little office. The worktop in here is ‘kitchen surplus’ and already old, and I have new kitchen surplus in the garage. Actually, I need more space for the tools than the models but even so, for the little things I’m making now, a small space is enough. Here is a carefully trimmed pic of the tidy bit in my office. One day it will all be tidy, but it is not this day.

minishopDamn, I should have straightened that picture before taking this. It’s straight now. Ish.

All I have to do is swivel my chair around between computer and model construction area (yes, the office is tiny) and there need be no interruptions between blog, Twitter, Panoptica and models. Perfect.

All I need do now is persuade Boss to let New Guy take some of my long shifts, and it will all become easy.


14 thoughts on “Model building time

  1. A man cave is pretty essential really. I’m a very tidy person normally but my man cave never is. Way too much detritus of stuff that I hold on to but Mrs TT has other views. She is a chucker which makes for interesting times.

    The Harley is heading for a service on Monday. I put a trickle charger on it and it’s worked well. It’s been pretty cold so a good clean has been postponed until a reasonable bit of warmth is available, that’s for the Harley rather than me obviously. Only one repair required. The flush fit petrol tank cap is sitting a bit proud but main man mechanic is replacing it at the service.

    The cold has also got in the way of repairing the back fence. Much reinforcing of the posts with strategically placed concrete should do it. The fence is hit by the wind which comes from a westerly direction. If I had the technology i’d make it work like a Venetian blind automatically adjusting the slats horizontally when the wind pressure reached a certain point. I’ve been to Venice a couple of times and haven’t noticed any blinds as such.

    It will be scorching tomorrow as winter ends. Judith Ralston said so, well those words were not spoken but I can hope. Roll on warm days. Warm days that are great for taking the Harley out for a spin. Did I mention that it cooks one of my legs when it warm weather? The things a man has to endure to make it through the days. Oh well… It could be worse, I could be pedalling instead.

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    • I’ve never had a ‘big’ bike like a Harley. In my pimply youth back in the 60s, I had an Ariel KH 500 twin, and then a Norton Dominator 88 (also 500 twin), which I amazingly didn’t manage to kill myself on, despite repeated attempts. But then the siren call of the heated car cabin drew me away from my suicidal tendencies on two wheels. It was the UK, after all, and I hate the cold.

      These days, now I’m in warmer climes, I have a little Piaggio 50cc two-stroke scooter which I use in the summer, and it buzzes around like an angry wasp. It is surprisingly nippy, and ideal for short trips. I’m thinking of getting it bored out to 80cc for a little extra pizazz. The warranty finished a couple of years ago, so I’ve no reason not to.


      • I’ve always wanted a Harley and I’m on my second. I had a softail Slim for a year them I moved to a Fat Boy like the Terminator bike used in the film. It’s been customised and its a great bike.

        I have a Honda PCX 125 which I use to get up to the railway station at Waverley. Very cheap to run, a bit too light for the cobbles etc. saves me taxi costs. I’ve had a few bikes over the years and one or two falling offs.


          • Speaking of the devil White Bike week in Daytona started today Im sure…………..

            Yep that’s what happened, we now have black bike week in Daytona 2 weeks after white bike week. I have no idea how that ever happened they just started showing up about 20 years ago and its been that way since.


  2. Is it a model tank? My son bought me a metal construction kit for a Sherman tank for my birthday. I would have preferred a T34 or a Tiger tank. But apparently they had sold out.


  3. I have collected various plastic aircraft kits over the years, all stored ready for retirement. That has now happened so, come our winter down under, will start to construct and introduce my Grandson to the fine art of building an Airfix Spitfire, as did I all those years ago.


  4. How long – does the panel think, before HM Gov bans smoking on one’s own motorcycle and having an ashtray attached for such use?


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