The mystery model’s Frankenstinian origin and also chairs

I made this a long time ago –

Actros1It’s a Mercedes Actros in 1/24 scale. It came out okay but I was never really happy with it. Too ‘red’, maybe. Anyway, I have decided to scrap it for the new mystery model for Lesia. It will save a lot of time if I use the chassis from this one as a basis. What goes on that chassis… ohohoho.

When I moved it off the shelf I discovered that during its time there, one front wheel has disengaged. The steering parts have also disengaged. Anyway, after removing what I won’t need it looks like this –

ActroschassisFixing the wheel will be easy enough and I’ll replace the flimsy plastic steering parts with brass. However, I will have to shorten the chassis a lot so I’ll need a smaller fuel tank (no problem), lose the tool box and spare wheel and might have to replace the Mercedes exhaust muffler with something smaller too. If I can keep that, I will, because having a Mecedes badge under what I plan to put on top will be so horrifying that Mercedes will probably put a contract out on me.

The cab unit won’t go to waste. I have friends who are seriously into modifying these model trucks and they can make good use of any spares.

The back wheel arches and fifth wheel will go into my own spares box. As will cut-out chassis sections. I can use those to lengthen a chassis another day.

The chairs are also making progress. If I had listened to my one remaining sensible brain cell, I’d just have bought stripwood but instead I have been saying bad words and damaging my limited supply of fingers while shaving down plumsticks. So many side shoots… I think it will be worth it though. If I cut them just right I’ll have naturally-angled chair backs instead of straight chairs. The gold-plated pins I have will make them feel almost worth something.

The bigger branches… I’m hoping I can do the chairs in time to make a table, a pack of cards and an ashtray. Pack of cards.. colour printer, thin paper and a paper-guillotine. Ashtray will have to be hand-carved because I don’t have a lathe, but I only have to make one.

I do have an empty Isle of Jura miniature here somewhere, just to complete the decadent rat scene…


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