One lucky bastard

It’s more incredibly literally true than you’ll ever know.  But that is not tonight’s point. My reality is of no interest to anyone.

A few years ago, I thought I’d  had a hard life. Grew up on a tough Welsh estate, spent a while homeless… but I now know my life was a fucking breeze. All the way through. I have had it easy. I had no idea just how damn lucky I was.

Remember when I said Stimpy had to take time off to go and deal with a court case? He wasn’t the accused, he was a witness.

It was a child abuse case. He was… well, you can guess.

A few years back, when the Savilator came to prominence, I said I knew nobody who was abused as a child. It was true then.

Since then, once Pandora’s box opened and all those who thought they were alone spoke up, I now have personal friends (real life and virtual, as if there is any actual difference) in double figures who went through a Hell I cannot even imagine.

So many.

So. Fucking. Many.

Christ, this old evil bastard has wet cheeks now.

Shit, the stuff I’ve heard lately would make Satan cry.

I’m the lucky one. Hell passed me by.

I just wish it had passed all the others too.



10 thoughts on “One lucky bastard

  1. I agree with you, I too thought my life was a struggle, growing up I never knew anyone who was abused, I mean I probably did but no one talked about it, so hell passed me by too. But my partner, now that is a different story, from the age of 4 till 12 when he finally lost his temper and nearly killed one of them, he was molested by 2 members of his family together.
    It did irreparable damage to his mental health, he never told anyone till long after both the abusers were dead, and even then no one believed him. One of them was his Grandfather you see. When the abuse is within your own family and it is perpetrated by the people who are supposed to love and protect you from such things I can’t imagine how you would even begin to deal with that.
    My partner still has night terrors where he is fighting for “His life” he is now 52 and it breaks my heart to hear him screaming like a 4 year old child in his sleep, he really does sound 4 it’s dreadful (cynical hardened old bat also crying). If I could take that away for him I would in a heartbeat but I can’t. He will die living with the fall out of his abusers actions and they died unpunished. It just seems all wrong to me.


  2. Like you, I grew up in Wales and I never knew of anyone either within my family or outside, who was at all molestery. From as early as I could walk I was out of the house with the other kids till it got dark, and nobody ever considered it likely that we would be sexually assaulted, and we never were. Like yourself, my idyllic childhood led to a period of homelessness in London, during which time I squatted for a while with some junkies. That was when I learned the truth about care homes, and psychopath parents and youth prisons and all the other parts of society we don’t want to talk about. That’s where the real sickos work and that’s where most of the deeply damaged people are produced.


    • Likewise.

      We were out all day, every (non-school) day with no way for our parents to contact us. Nothing ever happened. And we walked to school.

      However… we knew who to stay away from. They were there, back then, too.


  3. I know that I mention him a lot on here, and I know that a lot of people – even readers here – think he’s a bit of a crackpot, but David Icke has been saying this about the major powers-that-be (and their hangers-on in showbiz and the media and business etc) for decades, now. And not a single one has ever taken him to court for it. Not a solitary one – even amongst the senior Yanks (whom he also accuses in his books) in the highly-litigious US of A. Now, I wonder why that is?

    I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again – when I first read some of Icke’s books, fascinating though they were, I did think that a lot of it was over-exaggerated mud-slinging against powerful people who he simply despised because they were power-crazed, greedy, plain horrible people (a view with which I concur). I certainly never thought that much of what he was saying was happening then (senor paedophile rings etc) would turn out to be quite so true (although having a few nasty weirdos in political circles was eminently believable), or the things that he predicted would happen (escalation of the West’s involvement in wars in the Middle East, constant surveillance by “the authorities,” implanted micro-chips, breakdown of stable and established communities, 1984-style snitching on one’s neighbours, elevation of children above their parents, etc etc) would ever happen. But they have. Now, when I think back to some of the other things which he said were happening/would happen (which I also disbelieved at the time), but which haven’t happened yet, I start to wonder which of his scary predictions will be next to manifest itself in reality.

    Probably about time to re-read some of his books again, so that I know what’s around the corner …


  4. Really ? As bad as that ? Have you been aware of the term ‘recovered memory’ ? There are and always will be evil people that are parents and teachers, people in power with power over others. But God, is it that bad ?


    • If you had asked me a year or so back I’d have said ‘Pfft – can’t be that widespread’.

      Now? Seems I was indeed one lucky bastard. More are coming forward every day.


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