You know that feeiling  when real life smacks you in the gob and says ‘Sober up and pay attention, you horrible little goblin. Something important just happened’.

Something  important happened,

I won’t tell for a long time yet but that Cheshire Cat smile is just a practice run.

I am a very happy underdog today,

So I am not biting anyone… today.

Tomorrow is another day  😉 Don’t get  complacent

Old dogs, new tricks


21 thoughts on “Ch-ch-changes

  1. “Something important just happened.”

    Okay so it came as a very pleasant surprise.

    It’s not something prosaic like a car. Nor a tiddly little increase in the hourly. And he’s nowhere near as callous as to take public pleasure on account the nasty neighbour had something bad happen to him.

    What’s important are the novels and the lab stuff – and having more time to be creative.

    (Maybe even enough time to take the Bunni Auction thing off his header – it’s becoming vaguely ghoulish – hint… hint.)

    Oh and doing a Jeremy Clarkson with the time round the track in a reasonably priced car thing!

    AN.. TIC.. I.. PATION


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