All men are sexist

Apparently, just by being men. There is no escape from this one.

(spotted by @cheshiretoad on Twitter)

A ‘sexist’ used to be someone who sneered at and despised the opposite sex just because of their gender. It soon became only applicable to men. Women hating men was just fine and dandy – but men hating women was not.

Well… it’s still not. I don’t want an equality where we all hate each other. It’s not OK to hate women – and not OK for women to hate men. Not based on their biological construction alone. Sure, some people deserve to be despised and hated but because of what they do, not because of who they are. And that has a much wider application than gender.

So now it seems that there is a ‘benevolent sexism’ of which I am a prime example. I hold doors open for women. I have never, not in nearly 55 years, hit a woman and if I see any man try, I’ll get in the way if I can’t hit him first. I am not unusual. Most of those my age and younger would do the same. We had the sad, cowardly and useless arses who beat women back then but they were rightly despised. Now they seem to be let off with a stern warning from a judge and community service. Soon those of us with protective rather than destructive tendencies will go to jail.

In the old days, some of those men didn’t get as far as court. They went to hospital instead. We aren’t allowed to do that any more.

If two women fight I won’t get in the way because when the girls go at it, it’s full berserker mode. Pull them apart but don’t ever get in between! They will rip you to bits to get at each other, and you (well, those of my age at least) are not allowed to hit back.

So any male instinct to protect women is now a sign of evil sexism. What a load of utter bollocks. It’s pure biology. Women produce children. Men don’t. If there is a disaster resulting in a need to repopulate, you don’t need many males of any species. What you need is a lot of females. They produce the next generation. Thay’s why ‘women and children first’ was always the cry on any sinking ship. That’s why wars were fought by men. We are more expendable than women.

Stop drooling about the disaster leading to a sudden majority of women at the back there, guys. I am talking biology here, not your ‘planet of the sexually deprived nymphos’ fantasy. It is a good one though, isn’t it 😉

It’s also true that males tend to be physically stronger than females in most species. Including ours. I was once stalemated by a woman in arm-wrestling but she was exceptional. And never mine. (I know you’re still speculating out there).

In general, women do not develop the muscle mass of men. There will always be exceptions but speaking of the species as a whole, it’s true. It is now sexist to want to protect women from other males, including serial rapists and woman-beaters.It is not sexist. It is biology. It is normal.

Any woman in my company is automatically under my protection. No matter whether there’s any relationship of any kind happening. You try to hurt her and you face an uinderdog’s teeth. That, I do not accept, is sexism. I consider it mere gentlemanly behaviour.

Now, if you ladies want to call me sexist for not letting anyone else rape or kill you, you just go ahead and call me that. Don’t bother to consider why you are still alive to do it. Just call me names. I don’t care. Biologically and morally, I have done my job.

Soon my generation will die out and then you’ll have genderless males who will stand by and cry while you are assaulted and killed. If that’s the world you want, good luck to you.

I don’t want to be part of it. And you, equality idiots, don’t want those like me in it.

So we are even.


22 thoughts on “All men are sexist

  1. I think and act much the same as you (only two years older), and we are not untypical of our generation. Now I think I know why we are not immortal. Can you imagine having to live through this and coming insanities forever?


  2. Nice one, LI. I agree that sexism cuts both ways – and I am, as they say, a “lifelong feminist”. One thing that used to irritate the shit out of me from junior school onwards was the eyelash-fluttering ‘poor ickle me’ simpering that some girls did to get their own way. Add to that the general nagging and belittling of their men in public – and even today’s adverts which portray men as stupid at performing household tasks. (Mind you, Mr L has a long and troubled history with household gadgets – e.g. has managed to blow up an average of two blenders a year, some of them spectacularly – which is a story for another day.)
    I don’t know why people can’t accept that there’s a normal distribution curve of gender types – masculine women and feminine men, and it’s ok to fall anywhere on that line. And of course it’s ok for doors to be held open as a courtesy, and to feel safe and protected by a man – in fact, it’s a nice feeling.
    However (you knew there’d be a however didn’t you?) there is still huge social and economic discrimination against women – take the main religions, politics, employment or what have you – which I shan’t rabbit on about now. I’m more concerned in response to your article that a sufficiently large enough minority of men let your side down badly. I honestly don’t know a single woman who hasn’t been groped from quite a young age (shall we say 12?) by various male strangers, and it still amazes me just how many complete strangers will sidle up and hiss “Wanna fuck?” or “Nice tits, darling”. There are also the constant put downs: I still recall from my earlier professional years being asked by a male colleague in a meeting how my week had gone. I replied it had gone rather well, having secured a £quarter million contract. His response was “My, we have been a busy little girl, haven’t we?” I was 37 FFS.
    I think I’ve concluded that there are a number of men who don’t see women as quite normal. We’re almost like real people, but not quite. Even if the law in more enlightened countries no longer discriminates against us as women, social mores do. Women are a bit like smokers – smokers are also regarded as not quite fully human, so their actual feelings and wishes can be ignored and put down to being a smoker.
    And that demeans and impoverishes women, and smokers, and ultimately society itself.

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    • It’s that ‘distribution curve’ that the control freaks can’t accept. To them, equality means that everyone must be exactly the same. In every way.

      Except single white men. They don’t like those.

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    • I’m not discounting what you say … but

      I won’t address your “there is still huge social and economic discrimination against women” point since it’s already been repeatedly disproved for over a decade (and in fact that the truth is actually entirely the opposite, care to state a single job where women ‘doing the exact same job’ (same hours and without a few years off on maternity leave) are paid differently? To check where the vast majority of the Welfare state spends ‘its’ money? How men are treated by the justice, health, education systems? How many women only political short-lists, etc.) but your “I honestly don’t know a single woman who hasn’t been groped “ point raised an ‘issue’ for me.

      I’ve worked in a female dominated profession (nursing) for some years and I have yet to have a single day in which I have not been pawed, patted, had suggestive, lewd, crude or patronising remarks made or, as you say, been groped (and all, for the record, extremely unwanted). The fact is, if I on a single occasion did to my colleagues, occupational superiors or (god forbid) patients a single act even resembling what I daily experience from (female) members of each, I would face summary dismissal, if not arrest. But … I don’t go running to HR, the police, politicians or the press claiming I was abused or treated in a demeaning manner and ‘that’ is the difference between men and women.

      Women see/treat such boorish behaviour as ‘criminal’, men see it as just a part of life to be dealt with (and lets just ignore the well known, and repeatedly proven, fact that ‘80% of women date only 20% of men’, the fact that women ‘choose’ to associate with the very type of man who treats them in just such a manner rather than the majority who don’t, or the fact that women seem to view any man who doesn’t want to be pawed by an overweight elderly ‘lady’ whenever the fancy takes her as ‘not a real man’, or even the ‘inconsistencies’ of the female psyche illustrated by ‘if Mr. Grey had been an unemployed guy living in a bedsit then Fifty Shades would have been an episode of Criminal Minds instead of a best-seller’ shall we?).

      I suspect that if men reacted the same way as women that the polls would probably show (as the domestic violence figures now do – 51% of actual violence is initiated by women, and an even greater amount when the actions are ‘verbal’ or ‘behavioural’ abuse) that such behaviour is more commonly performed by women ‘against’ men rather than what is claimed by the feminist establishment.


  3. If there’s one thing that really sets my teeth on edge it’s things like this

    “Men who hold doors open and smile may actually be sexist, study claims”

    I hold the door open for other people and smile, analyse that.

    I do not expect anyone to let the door shut in my face, but after this piece of unhelpful stupidity for the next few months I’ll have to as men who have read the story try to prove they are not sexist.

    It happened last time this nonsense started.

    Let me state this clearly, it is rude to let the door slam on other people and during this minor piece of social interaction a smile costs nothing.

    You try to protect me and I’ll try to protect you, Leggy.
    It’s just the way I was made.

    I was not brought up to believe that women are in any way less capable or less responsible or less brave but still sometimes have to hand an openable jam jar to someone with stronger wrists, it’s only commonsense and I don’t feel a lesser person for it.

    I probably feel so strongly because once my son came out of primary school crying his eyes out because he was a boy and therefore would be responsible for all the evils of the world.
    It took me all evening to counter his despair and persuade him that whoever had told the class that was entirely mistaken.

    How I loathe these people. they don’t ever stop to think about the damage they cause.

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    • Or the future damage they could cause. Convince all small boys that they will be responsible for the evils of the world, and a few will see that as a challenge. They will become evil, not because they started that way but because school taught them to be!


  4. You forgot to mention that all males are now paedophiles by default. And being white means that I’m “Institutionally Racist” as well….


  5. Clearly I am a “sexist pig”, as these were the very words once used by a charmless harridan for whom I had held a door open in a public space in London.

    Does anyone know of a satisfying response to this insult?


        • Still, she responded to your courteous behaviour by walking through the door first – thus demonstrating that she was a hypocritical sow.

          Anyway, one rule of thumb for men is ‘damned if they do and damned if they don’t’.


    • Exactly the same happened to me. Being a bit on the quick witted side I said that “I’m sorry, I normally open the door for ladies, but on this occasion I’ve had an identity problem”

      The scowl was well worth it 🙂


    • Roderick

      Sorry for the delay … life keeps getting in the way of … my life.

      I witnessed, some years ago, a similar event at Simpsons of Piccadilly. An elderly gent opened, and held, a door for a young Mizz who then rounded on him in the way we now have all experienced. His response?

      “I did not open the door for you because you are a lady, since you’ve just amply demonstrated that you are not, but because ‘I’ am a gentleman”


  6. To all women – I deeply apologize for possessing tadger and goolies, still in workable order. Makes me misogynist, I know.


    • I guess ‘all women’ will apologize to you, too, James. For laughing at your ‘tadger’ and ‘goolies’. I mean, of course, your use of puerile euphemism, not your knackers, as such.


  7. I’m not one for causing trouble, but I did read somewhere that men open doors for women because the technology is beyond them . . . . HarHar.


  8. Have you seen the next generation of cattle the system have bred? Bearded lady men with skinny jeans who run from smoke and have never experienced a germ throughout their childhood. It reassures me to know that when the dark times come, these are the people who I will be competing for food with.

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  9. I seem to remember that, back in the days when “feminism” was still called “Women’s Lib” they wheeled out this old line about holding open doors and offering one’s seat on the bus being “insulting” and “patronising.” And it was roundly rejected as foolish back then by all and sundry, even many women who were otherwise supportive of the Women’s Lib movement. It was rightly seen then, as it is now, as hair-splitting for the sake of making a point – a bit like, some decades ago, some of the more politically-correct London Boroughs stopped their staff asking for their coffee “black” or “white” because it was deemed “racist.” I thought all that sort of right-on thinking in such petty areas had largely died a death, but it seems not. After all in both areas – sexism and racism – there are still much, much more important unfairnesses going on which these self-important would-be activists could and should apply their protests towards. But they’re much more difficult and complicated, aren’t they?

    Holding open doors boils down to good manners, plain and simple. If I’m going through a door and there’s a bloke behind me pushing a pushchair and carrying three bags of shopping I’ll hold the door for him – is that sexist? If there’s an elderly person on a crowded train and I’ve got a seat and they haven’t, I’ll offer it to them. Is that patronising? And if I’m out with any of my friends and someone sets about them, verbally or physically, then they’ve got more of a fight on their hands than they anticipated, regardless of the sex, race, size or age either of my friends or the attackers. That’s what this stupid “research” actually aims to attack – the inclination of the vast majority of people to look after each other, make life pleasant for everyone in a generally understated way, and just rub along perfectly well with each other. That’s why studies like these should be roundly and regularly ignored. Sadly, rags like the Daily Wail are always only too willing to give these idiots the “oxygen of publicity.” Shame on them.


  10. Did you see the sample size for this ‘benevolent sexism’ study: 27 male + 27 female American college students. That’s not a sample; it’s a joke! And the conclusions are simply hate speech masquerading as academics:

    “Trust not the male: though his words be fair, his heart is filled with the indelible sinfulness of masculinity.”

    I’m of a younger generation than our esteemed host and a few of our interlocutors, and I have to say that this sort of structured misandry, as well as the slatterny arrogance of a substantial proportion of contemporary women, has started to turn me against the idea of ‘the fairer sex’. I look around right now, and I see very little fairness.

    Every time I hear about some grabby bitch snatching at an ex-husband’s assets, I feel a little less passionate about pay disparity/under-representation/the glass ceiling/whatever.
    Each time I hear a bunch of sows dissing or mocking an absent men (a co-worker, their boyfriend/husband, a random stranger, whoever) that little drip of poison inclines me to be less chivalrous next time.
    Every time some purple-haired no-mark starts whinging about ‘micro-aggressions’, or positive sexism’, or cites absurd cloudcuckoolander figures for rates of domestic violence or sexual assault against women, that little drip of poisonous lies makes me less inclined to listen to claims about actual aggression, sexism, or crimes.

    Hold a door for you? Oh no, that’s sexist, remember?
    Help you lift/carry/reach something? What, aren’t you a Strong, Independent Woman(tm)?
    Stand up for you honour socially? I’ve seen no evidence that you have any.
    Pay for your meal/drinks? It’s 2015 and you have a job; pay your own way.
    Protect you from an aggressor? Stand up for yourself. Equality, remember?

    And the terrible thing is, I’m beginning to suspect that this outcome was what the people pushing these idiotic ideas hoped for. These vile people want us to hate each other! Academic feminism in its’ populist “You go girl!” form has done a lot of damage to society. We’ll be reaping this whirlwind for decades to come.


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