Don’t go in there!

Ah, the shout at every horror film ever made. One by one they enter the death house and one by one they don’t come back out again.

You know, if I watched a lot of people go into a place and none of them came back out. I wouldn’t go in. I’d stay outside. Smoking.

The radio at work has been bleating about ‘the days of smoking outside NHS hospitals coming to an end’ as if it was some kind of privilege, not a bloody punishment! We’ll have to go right out of the grounds, away from the diesel engines and diseases that infest those places. Well, sounds okay to me.

The NHS has just announced its kill score for HIV and hepatitis – which the unknowing horror-film actors didn’t have when they went in. If they don’t kill you in hospital, they give you something to kill you later.

7500 people were given these diseases on the NHS. Communicable diseases. Which they didn’t know they had, so have since spread. That’s the ones they have confirmed. There could be another 27000 infected people out there, who don’t know about it. Spreading these diseases.

I’m really glad I’ve never needed a blood transfusion.

This is the same NHS who are so concerned about people smoking outdoors that they insist we leave the grounds completely? I’d have to be in unrelenting agony before you’d get me on the premises in the first place and I’ll be leaving the first chance I get. Which was what happened last time. I’ll stick with the smoking, thanks. It’s much safer than the NHS.

We keep hearing about how much ‘smoking costs the NHS’ but nobody seems to mention that most of the ‘cost of smoking’ results from the endless propaganda, fake science and outright lies the NHS and its associated parasites pump out every day. Your tax money is not being used to treat smokers. It’s being used to bully and harass them.

It’s also being used to spread actual deadly diseases to the general population. Then more of it was spent ciovering this up. Then even more spent uncovering it again. Now they’ll spend more testing everyone who ever had a blood transfusion for the nasty little pets they might have gained along with that blood.

The NHS costs the NHS much more than smoking ever could. It’s much more dangerous too.

If we turned every NHS hospital into a cigarette factory, overall this country would be a much healthier place.

Stick that in your pipe and smoke it, antismokers.



16 thoughts on “Don’t go in there!

  1. Much trumpeted on the MSM up here was NHS Scotchland declaring all premises to be “smoke-free” soon. Even the inevitable pile of glossy leaflets excreted onto any horizontal surface in any health related Gov facility.

    I know – I picked one up off the top of a huge pile on a table at the dentist.

    Trouble is, errr, they haven’t thought it through very well have they, it’s just their proclamation of their fondly held wishes.

    It has been confirmed that there are no legal sanctions (even under oor draconian 2006 “Health” Act) to prevent smokers sparking up outdoors at any NHS facility.

    So, the lesson here is – they have no power to enforce this (at the present moment, wait for the Tartan taliban to catch up), and if asked to do so, ignore them or tell them to go forth and multiply.


    • As Any copper, or security guard will tell you, there is the “ways and means act.”

      They WILL find a way, and a means, to throw you out. They may not say it is because you were smoking, but the end result is the same.

      “Setting a fire on NHS property,” or something.


    • I was once challenged for smoking outside a hospital, not near the entrance. I simply informed them they had no legal authority to do this and continued smoking my cigarette. The nurse who was sent out by some busybody apologised and said if anyone asks I told you, I said fine and that was that. What I have noticed in my recent visits is that there are far more people smoking outside than I have ever seen since they put the signs up. Maybe people have just had enough and there are too many to challenge.


  2. Hello Leggy,

    Hope you’ve been well. Barring the masses deserting the Lib/Lab/Con/SNP and voting in people and parties that understand the human condition, have compassion, believe in fairness and meritocracy rather than equality and targets and don’t fall for every lie that emanates from the EU and UN in their global mission to control every aspect of our lives, it looks like we’ll never get off the slippery slope until we crash to the bottom.

    I was in hospital for a month recently – the bizarre circumstances about which I hope to write.

    The food was great, believe it or not, but apart from that, most of the staff couldn’t really give a monkey’s by the looks of it.

    There was one occasion where a woman had come in with severe anxiety and she had been promised medication before going to bed and been getting it up until now. The nursing staff changed all the time: different shifts and sharing nurses with different wards. Anyway, one night, she was told by a new “nurse” that she wasn’t getting her pill that night.

    There were a few of us left with her in the communal TV area and any fool could have seen the state of anxiety and distress she was in. She told us that she was going to her room to kill herself.

    The rest of us there were furious – the patients looked after each other better than the nursing staff – so we called for the nurse to come round to talk to us and all she said was (you have probably guessed): she cannot discuss individual cases.

    So, I got pen and paper and we all drafted a letter (which was photographed on a mobile phone) and handed in. The “nurse” reappeared and assured us that the patient was all right. We found out in the morning that our intervention had enabled her to get her pill.

    I began the letter with something like, “We, the fellow patients,….”

    Anyway, onto the main point I wanted to make! I see two ways out of this obsessive control freakery imposed on us.

    One is civil disobedience by ‘we the people’ sweeping across the globe like a Mexican tsunami. Might that work?

    The other, I wrote about in my blog post, i.e. using the law against the oppressors. I don’t agree with these human rights laws the way they are written and due to the fact that some of our fundamental laws are made in other countries, as I explain, but human rights laws (the UN’s too), while ultimately having been devised to stamp on us (I believe, as ‘human rights’ is a fraud: to crush dissent) but there have been court cases won going through this route.

    People – even smokers and those who are overweight – are entitled to the supposed protections contained in human rights legislation.

    I have a feeling that some people get more pleasure complaining about things and tutting to themselves and feeling hard done by than doing something about it.

    Like in the hospital, we have to look after each other, because we know that the State doesn’t care. We have to love our neighbours as ourselves or we’re finished: there will be no freedom at all. That’s why their divide and conquer is so important and closing pubs and dumbing us down and infantlilising us and trying to demoralise and dehumanise us to make us despise and distrust our neighbours, have fewer opportunities to meet and not have the ability or strength of numbers to counter the attacks against us.

    They aren’t suddenly going to cease oppressing us. It will get worse until they are stopped.

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    • XX They aren’t suddenly going to cease oppressing us. It will get worse until they are stopped.XX

      And voting will not stop them. Any party with a cats chance in Hel of getting any where NEAR “Government” is singing from the same song sheet as all the others.

      “You can have any colours so long as it is black.” polotics.


      • Not only are you right, Furor, but the masses are still voting for their oppressors anyway. It looks like neck and neck between the “Conservatives” and “Labour” and the winner will create another ‘coagulation’ with some of the other oppressors.

        The only party likely to be on our side is UKIP, who are forecast to get no more than six seats, although they’re very possibly in the same mould as the others, but they seem like the best option for fairness and freedom. The masses have been programmed to vote Lab/Con; “left”/”right” and hardly give it a second thought or if they do give it a second thought, it’s within the context of which of the two main parties is best because a vote for the others is (usually) known as a “wasted” vote.

        How can we hope for civil disobedience under the circumstances?


    • People are helping each other is small ways, as in the way you describe. The oppression will break when enough people decide to break it – it will not, as you say, break from the top down. Only from the bottom up.


      • The hospital was almost a case of patients vs staff. It was like a mini country where the ruling minority dictated even more draconian rules than out in the community. (Maybe normal infirmaries have more dedicated staff.)

        Anyway, if that camaraderie between strangers thrown together and without a grudge against anyone else could be replicated throughout the land, we would win. In hospital, we came together a few times to challenge “authority”. On one particular occasion I just refused to do something. Petty rules were broken. In some ways it is more free in there because it is easier to break the rules and take it up with the “rulers”.

        I’ve said for a long time now that the masses will do nothing until the food runs out or is unaffordable. Will people help each other or eat each other?


    • Ah, yes. “Human rights”; or perhaps it should be “Human rites”. Are you aware that a European court has ordered France to pay damages to Somali pirates arrested after an attack on a cruiseship in 2008?

      “The European Court of Human Rights ruled that France should pay between €5,000 and €2,000 to each pirate for ‘moral damages’, plus amounts varying from €3,000 to €9,000 to cover legal costs, on the grounds that their human rights were disregarded when they were arrested… […] …Chirag Barhi, MPHRP [Maritime Piracy Humanitarian Response Programme] South Asia regional director — who survived eight months at the hands of pirates in 2010 — added: ‘The seafarers held by pirates such as the ones caught by France have been held for up to four years and no court has ever awarded them anything for their “moral damages”’.”

      The world is going stark, staring mad as we blithely hand over the controls to the lunatics.


  3. Whilst there is some good work in the NHS there is other stuff that might be described as being less them optimal. My Dad smoked all his life. He was a brickie as were his workmates and they. Just have smoked 60 a day easily. Anyway, my Dad ended up in hospital to get a bit of his lung removed. It seemed to go okay. Then his voice started to go.

    My Mother and I asked to speak to the consultant who told us is was nothing to do with the Cancer previously. He was right too up to the moment he was wrong and the Cancer was definitely Cancer.

    My Dad smoked because he liked it in the same way he liked his dram. Ha worked in building sites with diesel concrete mixers closely, dump trucks whizzing everywhere and huge trucks dropping if bricks etc. All diesel.

    I have a relative who had the lung thing too. Recently he found a lump in his side. No prob, get an x-Ray. He did. Five months later a Doc told him they had spotted a small lump in his side when he had the lung sorted. Since then he’d been scanned yearly over 5 years. My relative is awaiting the explanation as to why they hadn’t scanned the lump when they knew about it and were xraying anyway.

    Best steer clear of quacks.


  4. “If we turned every NHS hospital into a cigarette factory, overall this country would be a much healthier place.”

    LOL! Well said Leggy!

    That thing about the “rules without enforcement” is quite true too, and a trick the Antis have been using for a while. When they can’t actually get a law passed, they get permission to stick up signs. The signs largely work because most people don’t realize they’re not being enforced. Then two years down the road the Antis can say, “See! The ban works except for a few people who are defying it! Since we’ve all already agreed it’s been a great thing for the last two years and 95% are cooperating, we just need a few small fines to make it universal!”

    And, of course, those small fines escalate into bigger fines which escalate into jail time if you don’t pay them which escalates into execution by police shootings if you resist being carted off to jail strongly enough.

    – MJM


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