Little chairs – part 2

A bit late home from work tonight. Called in Tesco to see if they had any kosher bacon. They didn’t know, so I said I’d risk it and bought some anyway. That’s for breakfast tomorrow – I have to sit on a train for absolutely ages, and I’m not eating the crap they sell in the buffet.

I have no idea how much internet access I’ll get while away, but I will have the little Acer just in case, and maybe a backup toy machine too. Might not get much time to post here, I’ll have to wait and see.

Anyway,  an uncharacteristically early night beckons so just time for some more of the chair photos. No time to process them all tonight. I’ll finish the chair story when I get back.

Here is the start of assembly. Took time, I had to leave them alone for the glue to set. Patience… I’ve heard of it but…

7_chairsAnyway, after a few goes, I managed to leave them alone long enough to set and finally got to this stage… 9_chairsThat’s a sneak peek of the upholstery. You didn’t think I’d leave those little rats to sit on a hole, did you? I’m not making a commode! Although… no, too late to change it now.

Some of the corners look rough. I have a Thing to round them off.

10_chairsYes, it’s a tiny circular saw blade attached to a motorised shaft. Very fast and very sharp. Now I know what you’re thinking – ‘Who the hell thought it a good idea to let him have one of those?’ Nobody here to stop me though, so full power and away we go…

11_chairsCorners rounded and all fingers still in place and working! Not one drop of blood shed! I am smug now. Possibly getting a little overconfident though…

Next was the 0.5 mm drill and the gold-plated pins. The glued joints are pretty strong but I’m reinforcing them anyway. Don’t want them falling apart after the upholstery is on. The drill is to make the pilot holes for the pins – if I just bang them in the wood might split.

They are gold-plated pins only because I happened to have a bag of them handy. They are ideal for making tiny contacts for little trains.

That’s the manual drill. It takes time. I’ll wedge the bit into the end of the Dremel and use it that way to finish the pinning.

More upon my return. Turns out I have until the 31st to finish these so no need to panic-rush tonight. Once the frames are secure I’ll have to decide between rosewood or mahogany for the visible wood Since the upholstery is brown, I think a dark mahogany is probably best.

Okay. There might or might not be any activity here for the next few days. I have no idea because as usual, I have absolutely no plan beyond getting there. I have tonight looked at the matter of getting back and realise I risk being stuck on Edinburgh Waverley station for five hours in the middle of the night. Well it wouldn’t be the first time. It’s not as bad as Preston, it gets seriously cold on that one. Being forewarned, I should be able to avoid that problem.

I might or might not tell you where I’ve been when I get back. Depends how devilish I’m feeling.

But then, it’s possible you might already know by then…





21 thoughts on “Little chairs – part 2

  1. You’re off to the STV or BBC Scotland studios to talk about bans and politics (or microbiology). Either that or there will be a direct link to the Blue Peter studio – that’s why you cut an overabundance of wood from your trees.


  2. Kosher bacon. Hmmmm… I meant to mention something I noted when I was in London a couple of weeks ago. We went and had a full fry up at a the Albion Cafe. It’s just behind the Tate Modern which is getting a pretty impressive looking extension lumped onto it.

    The cafe was the ground floor of a block of flats and there were another two blocks as well. They were a number of let/bought properties. Nothing out of the ordinary you’d think? How about the prices? Starting at £4.5 million each. For a flat, a space for a car and a manned concierge. And people were buying them. starting at £4.5 mill!!!!


  3. Kosher bacon eh?

    Back around 20 years ago a Al Hal (?) meat market opened up a block or so away from me. I thought it would be neighborly to stop in and meet them and buy something although I expected that I’d find much better prices and acceptable quality at the supermarket a block further on.

    Sooooo… I walk in and was amazed at all the interesting and slightly foreign looking food they had in their counter display freezers. I bought something fairly innocent, some ground beef or somesuch and while I was getting it rung up I was looking at the little naked headless carcasses in the freezer/cooler on display just to one side. I couldn’t figure out what they were. They looked like plucked frozen chickens, but they had four legs.

    Now remember: we’re talking early 1990s here: not a whole lot of awareness of muslim culture etc or just how this Hal Al meat shop entered into the whole picture.

    So I ask the two guys at the register, “Are these baby pigs?”

    Needless to say, the reaction I got was a bit…. odd.

    – MJM


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