My father only hit me and my brother once. It was a big one. We were both bleeding as a reult of the fracas that resulted in a smack and if I’m honest, I was bleeding more than my younger brother. I still have the axe and I think he still has the mace we played with that day. He was pretty fast with it.

Our father worked the coal face at the mines. He never needed to hit us apart from that time.. He just had to look as though he might and we’d cave in at once. He’s still alive, smaller than either of us now but still deserving of our respect.

Mother hit us all the time but as she was (and still is) a small woman it never really hurt. We both grew up intact and one of us became a respectable member of society. I’m sure my brother is happy with that. Me? No chance. Ever.

Childhood whacks made no difference to either of our life choices. We deserved each and every one and got away with so much more than we were ever caught doing. Like most kids, we won overall.

Now it is so illegal to discipline your child that the State will steal them if you try. Your children are not yours now. Let them grow up feral or the State will do it for you.

Interesting that it’s Rotherham, isn’t it? The place that let Pakistani Muslims rape so many children without challenge now picks on someone trying to instil discipline in their children. Could it be that disciplined children might not be such easy prey?

Children push boundaries. Aways have and always will. That is a good thing but there have to be boundaries. There have to be walls they cannot move. Any movement and they push harder. Give them no limit and they will take no limit. There has to be a point where parents say ‘This far and no further’. Yes, the parents. It is the job of the parents, not the State, to bring up children.

If it takes a whack to establish those boundaries, then so be it. Like touching the pretty fire, they will learn not to do it again. The pain is transient but the memory is permanent.

So whack the little buggers, but only when they deserve it. You’e training them for real life.



As for me, there has been speculation that I might have become involved with a woman. I have. A very special woman. She will not make me soft, she is as mad as me. If anything, it’s going to get madder around here. She already broke into my Twitter account and probably will again in the future. That kind of thing, when she does it, just makes me smile.

So let’s have no more ‘she will make him gentle and kind and not so enraged’ stuff. She does, but only in private. And if you want to see rage, try separating us or hurting her. I’ll tear this planet into pieces that would embarrass a dust cloud. The rage is still here. Tempered perhaps, less self-directed and more focused than before but it’s best not to wake it now.

Yes there is less whisky these days. Yes there might be reduced smoking due to time constraints, especially when travelling. The crazy stories will continue as will the idiotic schemes. It’s just that now there’ll be someone to point and laugh and take photos and maybe pick me up afterwards. Maybe even apply an appropriate bandage, plaster or tourniquet or hold my hand when I get things stiched back together.

Perhaps even someone who’ll say ‘Don’t do that, you fucking idiot’ before it happens. Although I don’t think she will. I think she’ll just get a camera ready. She wasn’t there this week when I decided it might be a good idea to take a walk from the hotel to the airport. Three miles along a busy dual carriageway with no pavement. There was an easier way but hey, the easy way is never fun. I didn’t get killed (almost, here and there) but I think she’d have stopped me doing that. Or at least taken photos.

The underdog is leashed now, but tamed? Oh that will take a long time if it can even be done.

So who is it who leashed the underdog? She’ll tell you πŸ˜‰

Probably when you first see the comment that starts ‘You will not believe what he’s done now…’


53 thoughts on “Wallop

  1. Well done, LI. The very best to both of you. I have a sneaking suspicion I know who the brave soul who has taken you on is, albeit only by username. Does this mean that Boris will have to find new accommodation?

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  2. What great news Leggy. I hope you both enjoy each other for a very long time to come. The bonus is that you may reduce the number of incidents you may have or at least they might be less painful etc.


  3. That’s one brave lady! You gain a captive* audience for all your gruesome dystopian ideas; she gets second-hand nightmares.

    *Not literally – at least I hope not!

    As for the smacking issue, the desire to outlaw physical chastisement in any form is another example of the refusal to believe that we are all, under the surface, still animals.


  4. Oh wonderful, Leggy! I am so glad that you have found a partner in crime.
    Like a best mate, but with added benefits.

    I can recommend it. : )


  5. ‘She will not make me soft’ … LOL … You cannot help yourself, can you?

    Congratulations on finding someone you’re prepared to let hold your camera. And to your Good Lady – Thank you!


  6. Cong-rat-chair-lations… I hope you’ll be happy and fulfilled.


    Interesting that it’s Rotherham, isn’t it? The place that let Pakistani Muslims rape so many children without challenge now picks on someone trying to instil discipline in their children. Could it be that disciplined children might not be such easy prey?

    Very astute of you, Leggy.


  7. First, congrats on the lady. A good one makes life so much richer.

    Dead wrong on the smacking. I don’t hit the old lady in Tesco on customer services if I disagree with her. My son means rather more to me than her, so never, never will I hit him and neither will anyone else. All it teaches ’em is that if you are big and strong you have authority. To hell with rational explanations, logic, morality, secular ethics etc just hit ’em and shave points off their IQ.

    You can explain behaviour and you need to do it from a young age. Better than hitting.


    • Adults should have learned how to behave, so don’t need smacking in supermarkets or anywhere else. If they haven’t learned how to behave then they should have learned how to communicate rationally and with empathy to avoid fisticuffs/pulling hair/handbag duels, etc.

      If they cannot be placated, they were probably never smacked as children and always got their own way. I got two wallopings as a child. I well remember one and it was probably deserved and might have nipped the extreme rudeness I was guilty of in the bud.

      “Secular ethics” = Big Government telling you how they want you to raise your children to be good little proles. If you don’t smack them, they’ll be spoiled and more malleable, like Leggy says about Rotherham.

      In our day, a few lashes of the belt were often the end of the matter. At school, it was a whack and “Don’t do that again,” or, “Now, shake hands,” and that was often the end of it, but now Big Government wants the head teacher involved in minor issues and the police are brought in and social services and it’s all part of the State becoming surrogate parent to us all, as in any Marxist-Leninist-styled society.

      Better that you don’t have to smack, but who wants a totally compliant child or one put at risk when a smack across the legs could deter dangerous behaviour?

      It’s the Government (open and secret) who don’t want the parents to have the right to discipline their children appropriately so they will have to do it at one time or another. Look at how the prison population keeps growing. There are many reasons for that, no doubt.


      • I don’t hit him because I want to teach him how to think not cower.

        Your reply is somewhat non-sequitur because paragraph by paragraph:

        1. Adults should have learned to behave, many haven’t, I don’t hit them either except in a last resort extreme of self defence
        2. Assertion without evidence
        3. Secular ethics doesn’t mean big government, it means ethics in the absence of religion. This is just wrong on fact. Also you assert if you use violence on them it will somehow make ’em more resistant to violence? Surely the reverse is true. Don’t get them used to violence and then they won’t tolerate it.
        4. I’ve never met a totally compliant child, but you can surely keep them safe from risk without hitting?
        5. I don’t know or care what the government want (being a libertarian), but I do know many criminals are abused as kids both physically and sexually. Adding more violence to the mix isn’t going to help.

        Indeed on the last point, it is absent fathers who are the number 1 cause of criminal outcomes on male children in particular. Mothers hit ’em up until about 12 or 13 when the children become too big for a woman to dominate. They have learned violence makes you the winner. You know what comes next.


  8. Are you going to stay put or move? A good marriage or relationship is priceless, when I first met my husband we seemed quite different but we started talking and never stopped until he died 8 years ago. Would have been 42 years in June and was a second marriage for us both, guess we had learned the hard way first time round, fortunately while we were still young. You two sound like a match made in heaven too, we knew the first time we met it was right.


    • I’ll tell you the waitress incident πŸ˜‰
      The first night we had dinner we were shaking with nerves. I’m not sure how we made it though dinner and dessert. The next night we had dinner the waitress assumed that we were a married couple.


      • That sounds very promising, we just fitted together and it sure sounds like you two are the same. Best of luck for the future. She was one very perceptive waitress, you must have looked very comfortable together.


  9. I knew it πŸ™‚ and please note I never said she would make you a simpering weakling, because it occurred to me any woman you were involved with would be as mad and entertaining as you are LI.
    Congratulations I look forward to seeing where the future takes you both. πŸ˜€


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