A political fantasy.

The news is full of the impending SNP takeover of Wastemonster as if it will actually make any difference at all. They’re just as deranged as the main three, just as nannying and just as wasteful.

Caviar Woman and Oily Al are crowing about how their Spiteful Nannying Party will prop up a Labour government and pull all the strings in the background. Yet most of the seats they are likely to win, they will take from Labour.

Far from being a Labour majority with SNP support, the best that they can expect is to replace a Labour set of MPs with a Labour + SNP set. The total number won’t actually change very much.

SNP supporters don’t want a coalition with Labour. This should be obvious even to a politician, since the SNP supporters plan to oust Labour and replace them with SNP. They don’t want to then end up with a Labour government! They might as well go back to voting Labour in the first place. When they realise this, they might just do that.

A Labour/SNP coagulation would be even more tense than the current Tory/Lib Dem one. The infighting would be worth buying ringside tickets to see. They will both want to waste money but they will want to waste it in different ways. It would be… interesting.

The next election is going to be interesting too. The SNP will split Labour and UKIP will split them all. Could be pretty much the end of the Lib Dems. The Greens seem to think they will have a sniff at power – but I doubt it. They are too crazy even for Labour to work with.

I can’t see any way to predict the next election. I suspect it’s going to be a hell of a mess with no party having a clear majority. Either a rerun or a coagulation to follow, most likely.

UKIP and Tories won’t join up. The Tories have already said so. SNP and Labour might try but that’s just going to fall apart within a year. The SNP’s base support won’t like it and neither will Labour’s. Anti-Scottish feeling will escalate – people in England are already pissed off about having so many Scottish MPs. Imagine their reaction if an actual Scottish political party was to take control. An SNP/Labour coagulation will not get a friendly reception in England. It could do a lot of damage to Labour. I hope so.

The SNP plans for a takeover are based on fantasy. They will not team up with a strong Labour government because it’s the SNP themselves who are set to weaken Labour in Scotland. So they plan to wipe out Scottish Labour and then team up with what’s left? Not a good basis for a relationship, I’d say.

The next government could well be a collection of little bits of parties. All wanting to waste money in different ways. That is going to crash and burn in spectacular style.

It won’t be pretty but it could be fun to watch.


8 thoughts on “A political fantasy.

  1. #IsmokeIvote that’s why UKIP will get my vote whether they win any seats or not. If all smokers did the same then then maybe “The Govt” of whichever party clings to power recognises that we are somebody too and we’ve had enough of being pissed off.

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  2. “Imagine their reaction if an actual Scottish political party was to take control.

    When I first heard this possibility mooted as an idea, after my initial feeling of utter horror, it did occur to me that this story – which, on further consideration, as you say, Leggy – is so unlikely as not to be truly worthy of serious consideration, might do more to damage the Labour vote than anything the Tories might do to piss people off. I can’t now remember where I first heard it, but I did wonder afterwards, if the media vehicle in question might actually have been touting it in order to push doubtful voters into the arms of either the Tories or UKIP. I’ve long ago determined to vote for UKIP if there’s a candidate standing in my area – they are, after all, the only party offering to address the two issues most dear to my own heart, the smoking ban and escaping Europe – but if I was in any way wavering, the prospect of the prodnosed Scots having even more of an unbalanced say in how England is run would definitely have been enough to put me off voting for Labour, simply to avoid even the remotest possibility of it happening.


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