Some people get up earlier than this every day. It’s a horrible way to live. Only a few more and I can get back to civilised times.

I had a text from my mother concerning my impending birthday. ‘Open your card carefully, there’s a surprise inside’. Anyone else might be looking forward to it but in my family, a surprise could mean a custard pie on a spring.

Last split shift today. One shift tomorrow – in the morning. Then things can get back to near-normal around here.

It’s a fine and sunny morning here. But why does it have to happen so early?


21 thoughts on “Mornings

    • I have a bit of a problem insofar as I am both a night owl and a lark. So I rarely get to bed before 1.30 am, but I like to be up by about 6.30 am. And I don’t suffer from insomnia, either.


      • I don’t have a sleep pattern. My whole life long, the house was “open.” Meaning at 3 in the morning someone would be cooking their midday meal, or evening meal. Or be cooking breakfast at 20:00 hrs.

        It always depended when the ships came in. My Grandfather had one and my Uncle another. BOTH lived at my Grannys place, which, being pretty large, could also take a lot of the crew, who were mostly cousins, uncles, etc.

        My Grandmother bread Reindeer, so she could be out all night (Hence the men HAD to know how to cook.)

        Then at sea myself, where a 72 hour shift was not abnormal, followed by an hours sleep, the came “FIIISSSHHHH!” and every one was up and at work again until the nets were empty. After that Police, naturally shift work, Army…. well you can imagine how that was.

        Now…. Sleep pattern? Whats THAT then?????


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