Little chairs – part 3

A short one. I have been on split shifts and poor sleep this week. My brain is not accustomed to having to get up early so refuses to shut down early. I’m too tired to do much and don’t want to risk breaking the chairs and starting over.

Anyway, I decided I needed to strengthen the joins between the pieces and the best way seemed to be to use pins. If I just bash them in, the little bits of wood will split. So I decided to drill slightly oversize holes and seal in the pins with glue.

My little drill had a tough time getting through the hard plum wood so I upped the game:

12_chairsWhat could possibly go wrong?

So far, nothing. Even though I held the chairs by hand while drilling and the bit slipped on the round wood. No shattered chairs and no new holes in me. Either I am getting better at this or I’m just getting dangerously overconfident now. Time will tell.

The pins I have are a bit long but the oversize hole means I can cut off the pointed ends. Then coat them in Araldite and push them in. I used Araldite because it’s very strong but takes hours to set. So I have time to get it off my hands before they stick together.

13_chairsThe difficult part is leaving them alone to set before drilling and pinning the next group of joints. I’m not worried about appearance where the frame will be covered in fabric, but will have to be accurate where the pins will be visible. Excess Araldite helped fill some gaps – again, only where the frame won’t be visible when they’re finished. That also helps strengthen those joints.

Gold-plated brass won’t rust so even if the chairs get damp in the future they won’t get unsightly brown stains. Unless one of the rats has a bad curry and an unfortunate trouser-based experience while sitting on one. Which is unlikely since these are Thai rats and therefore experienced in curries.

I won’t go further tonight. I’m just tired enough to make a blunder. That might result in a busted chair or a holed finger, neither of which would help progress the work. Also have to file the tops of the armrests to flatten them a little, but I really have to wait until the glue sets first.

Next week is also early starts at work but at least I won’t have to go back in the evenings. That will give me a chance to make progress on these things. Baker’s daughter is returning soon, so time is of the essence. A bad time toΒ  be covering other peoples’ holidays, but if I want time off, they’ll have to do the same for me. I think of it as building up some good karma.

For me, that makes quite a change πŸ˜‰

11 thoughts on “Little chairs – part 3

  1. I hate waiting for glue to set.
    I used to think that’s why my Airfix kits were always a mess.
    Now I claim that was because I don’t like following instructions.
    I still don’t like glue. Stupid of me, because it can accomplish a lot; but it still feels like cheating!
    But what’s wrong with cheating? Cheating is the important skill of avoiding stupid rules.
    Where am I going with this? Dunno.
    Good morning everybody. πŸ™‚


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