Another year…

…older and deeper in debt.
Saint Peter don’t you call me, ’cause I can’t go
You know I owe my soul to the company store.

Not sure the words are right but a free book to the first with the YouTube link to the song. Signed in any way you want.

I am in excellent humour. Another birthday and I am not yet dead. That has to be a good thing (for me anyway and now for someone else too). I also have a Kindle Fire to play with and this…

cillichocYes, my mother has a strange sense of humour. I was really lucky to turn out so normal.

I have Penderyn from Poppy. The perfect gift because it’s the only whisky that’s hard to find in Scotland. I’ve had a taste but it’s not guzzling whisky. It’s a slow and savouring one.

So,another birthday passes and I’m a bit older.Β  Wrinklier andΒ  uglier.

It’s still better than the alternative.



28 thoughts on “Another year…

  1. Happy Birthday, Leggy, And many more to come. Remember, the best way to preserve things is either to smoke them or pickle them so you should be good for a bit yet!

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    • It’s very useful. I don’t worry about whether I have to include that day in this year or last year’s tax because I don’t work on the day πŸ˜‰
      Except at Local Shop where the tax is someone else’s problem


  2. Another birthday. Like me you’ e accumulated a fair amount and you have to scroll a good bit down when selecting your year of birth! No matter. We get better with age just like whisky. Or we pretend we do. Hope you enjoy.


  3. Happy Birthday leggy! My daughter in law whois from the shetland Isles,gave me some chocolate yesterday its called Puffin Poo collected fresh everyday fae da cliffs o, Shetland regards robbo


  4. Ahh. Penderyn. A couple of years back I visited the distillery in Wales where the stuff is made and purchased a bottle, to be kept and savoured for special occasions only, as opposed to the normal stuff which is designed for glugging back at speed and in large quantities. Needless to say, at a family birthday celebration shortly afterwards I took it along to share a taster with a very old family friend (both in terms of years and length of friendship) whom I knew would appreciate the stuff and between us we polished off virtually the whole bottle. Funny how we managed to put the entire world to rights at the same time. All in the space of one sunny afternoon …

    Happy b’day!!


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