Little chairs – part 4

Last early shift tomorrow, and then the blog can get back to normal and so can I.

I have been told often that if there is an easy way to do something, I just won’t do it that way. It was Roobeedoo who said most recently something along the lines of ‘If it was easy, it wouldn’t be yours’.

It’s not deliberate, it just happens that way. Halfway through assembling these chairs out of wood I cut from my plum tree, seasoned for two years, stripped the bark, selected shapes and appropriate curves, I realised I could have just gone to B&Q and bought a thin strip of harwood for a couple of pounds…

But I’m happy with the result so far. They are not IKEA-perfect clones but they were never meant to be. They were intended to look like something Rustic Rat put together in his shed out of logs he found lying around. They are close but not exactly alike, they have imperfections but they do look like something Rustic Rat might have made. The imperfections are perfectly reproduced.

Both chairs sit perfectly square on a flat surface. No wobble at all. I will not have to make a scale model book to stick under a leg. I am most content with that part.

So, to continue the saga for those who aren’t utterly sick of it by now….

Drilling and pinning every joint took time. I had to do them in pairs and wait for each pair to set before moving on. Since I was using Araldite which really needs to be left alone overnight, this took a few days to complete. Finally it was complete apart from the pins holding the armrests to the front legs. All the other pins so far will be hidden by upholstery but those will not so I drilled the holes but left the pins out.

14_CHAIRSUsing a small file to flatten the armrests took ages . So…

15_chairsBig brother took over. Aside from flattening the tops of the armrests, there were sharp edges to take off and bits to round off. Don’t want them gradually working their way through the coverings.16_chairs Then a dose of coarse followed by fine sandpaper to end up with quite strong chair framesย  It’s worth noting that by this time I have used a tiny bit in a big drill to make 24 holes and not one of them was in me. If that’s part of a life change, I’ll take it. But the drilling isn’t over yet.

18_chairsThe chairs now have three coats of dark mahogany varnish so the frames are complete. The armrest pins are in place, untouched by varnish. They will rermain visible. I varnished the bits that will never be seen again too, to help preserve the wood.

Next is upholstery. I have never done this before and have no idea how to proceed but that’s never stopped me before and won’t now.

Tomorrow, after the horrible early shift, I start stitching.


13 thoughts on “Little chairs – part 4

  1. I want to know, how many tiny drill bits did you break?
    If the answer is “none”, I shall be a bit impressed.
    If it isn’t, I shall be relieved.


  2. I can let you have some Plum Tree Wood come Winter if you need any. My Plum Tree is going mad at the moment and it’s got to come down a bit.

    Love the chairs. Can’t wait to see the upholstery.


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