The Vaccy Baccy experiment

I think I can conclude this one. The cheap vac-bags from Poundland were pretty good but imperfectly sealed. Leaves are starting to dry out but they have lasted a good few months more than they otherwise might have.

Freezing is no improvement. Leaks in the bags mean the leaves freeze-dried anyway.

The cardboard box will work if you have the right place for it. Mine went too dry, but then the heating’s been on a lot in the last few months. Dry leaves can be revived and at least they won’t go mouldy, but they don’t age further when dry.

The sample I had from TL4U in the sealed bag is still pliable. I have now opened the bag and the leaves are in perfect condition.

The answer, then, is buy it vac-packed and don’t open it until you want to use it. For homegrown, Poundland vac-bags will make it last longer or a simple cardboard box will work if you can find the ideal place for it. For long term storage, I think the industrial vac-packed leaves are the best bet. I’d better order some more.

My week of 8:30 am starts is over and I am now fully recovered. Some of you do that every day. I think you’re completely bonkers. It’s a hellish time to be awake. How do you manage on four hours of sleep a night? It must be knackering.

Back to normal now. 3 pm starts this week. Much more civilised. No more falling asleep at the computer and going to work like a zombie, and no more missed blog nights.

Cafe Girl must have noticed my torpor and picked the perfect time for her prank. I will have my revenge.


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