I’m no union man

When I was made redundant, quite a few years ago, I naturally dropped my membership of the union that did sweet FA to stop me being made redundant.

Actually it wasn’t a bad deal. The pay was frozen for three years and redundancy was three years’ pay and a ‘get lost’ note. So my options were either work for them for three years with no pay rises or take three years’ pay right then and go and do something else. Not a difficult choice.

The union phoned afterwards to ask why I had dropped my membership. Slightly confused, I replied that as I was now self-employed and didn’t work there any more, there really wasn’t anything they could do for me. They seemed to think there was.

Since they did bugger all when I was employed, I really couldn’t see how they could help me as self-employed so I fairly politely declined their offer of taking money from me. They never phoned again.

I’m still self-employed as well as employed so my tax code is split 50/50 between the two. I get a small retainer every three months from a company that occasionally phones for advice. Also the books… they make a bit of whisky money, no more, but they count as self-employed. I still fill out a tax form every year and for the past few years I’ve had a decent rebate. It’s time to do it again.

It seems Moribund has been castigated for not sending his election lies to the self-employed. As if any of us are likely to vote for a union puppet anyway. He’s just being sensible really. It would be a waste of a hell of a lot of paper.

But one leading self-employed businessman said: ‘Labour depends on union subscriptions for funding and in reality, few of the self-employed are union members. This is not so much a slap in the face to the self-employed as a left hook.’

Really? Not having to put a bit of paper with crap written all over it into the bin is some kind of mortal insult? I put it all in there. From every party. Unread. Since no election promise is binding, it is an utter waste of time to read any of them. I’ll make up my own mind, thanks. Without bothering to read any lies or slanderous remarks about other candidates.

Now if they had to deliver on promises within a set timeframe or it would trigger another election, those bits of paper would be worth reading. As it is, they are too smooth and slippery to wipe your arse with and are therefore of no value whatsoever. Like the politicians pictured in most of them.

Those leaflets are all a waste of money. Espeically those targeted where there is no hope of a vote. Moribund, if he had a brain, would be saying that.

He isn’t. None of them are.

I’d vote for the first one who did.


11 thoughts on “I’m no union man

  1. I’ve been a member of four trades unions over the years. All of them were as much use as a rubber screwdriver when I needed help. On one occasion the local rep even sided with Management. Yet the bastards expected me to turn out when their pensions were threatened? Screw them. Never again.


  2. I’ve only been close to bring in a union when I was working as Student over the summer at a chemicals plant. There were about 8 of us and we were asked to go meet with the union rep. We turned up and he told us that we wouldn’t be joining the union and if we told anyone we weren’t we would have to leave. A bit odd.

    He was also the safety guy so he has us meet him again and we were shown how to use extinguishers and a huge hose in case of a chemical fire. Once we’d finished he told us to forget all about that crap. His safety advice was in the event of a fire run as fast as you can and get over the fence and keep running. Fair enough really.


  3. You’re absolutely spot-on Leggy the manifesto’s don’t mean shit, which of course means that the arseholes can promise whatever they like in their manifesto’s as it means absolutely nothing.


  4. The one time I was a member of a trade union, was the one time I needed them and they let me down badly. They show an interest in you until you join and then politely ignore you for evermore. I was told I would get access to a free solicitor if I ever needed one and yet when I needed one, they palmed me off with excuses. Bunch of parasites on the backside of humanity. Bit like our politicians….


  5. About all that can really be said of politicians is to look where their personal funding seems to come from. Conservatives get paid via backhanders from businesses, so are the safest bet politically speaking because they rely on a functioning economy to pay them bribes (and no, big business does not want to monopolise entire markets, for down that road lies effective nationalisation and doom for them).

    The Labour lot make their money via parasites on some companies, and increasingly via an incestuous parasitism on the public services. Merely forcing the public services to adhere to the letter of employment law would remove the raison d’etre for unions, so Labour indirectly rely upon their own government being a bunch of scofflaws and arses, so that unions are needed to keep them in line, and thus fund the Labour lot.

    The lib-dems are drinking in the last chance saloon politically speaking, UKIP have a point but waning support and the SNP are bonkers.


  6. Unions are only good if you are the one in charge.

    The average American worker earns about $50,000 per year.

    Excluding the MLB Players Association and other unions representing professional athletes, 497 union officers and employees were paid more than $250,000 last year – not a bad haul for representatives of teachers, blue-collar workers and government employees.

    Laborers’ International Union of North America president Terry O’Sullivan, was paid $670,403 in 2014.


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