Stranger in a strange land

I am in Frankfurt, Germany. Not alone, there are seven other guys, one of whom is dressed as a lobster. Nothing too unusual then. The details behind how all this came about will be the subject of a future post but for now I have a pressing need to find espresso.

This is a civilised place where cigarettes are on open display, cost less than half UK prices and you can smoke indoors. Yes, even in bars. There’s not much whisky around but I have seen a bottle of Tullamore Dew for 29 Euros. I should have brought a bigger bag.

The UK could learn a lot from Frankfurt. If I can learn German as well as Danish this year I think my options for moving to somewhere worth living might be considerably expanded.


34 thoughts on “Stranger in a strange land

  1. German as well as Danish? Wow, you really do set yourself hard tasks, but then you are fluent in Double Dutch πŸ˜‰

    Your weekend sounds delish!


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  2. My soon to be wife got me a litre of tullamore for 20 euros on the way home from germany earlier this year. Bargain! (and unfortunately due to something to do with evaporation, the bottle is now empty…)

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    • NOOOOO! One thing Germany is total crap at…. na two things, Radio programmes, and any kind of spirt drink!

      (Ahh THREE things… PIES! You just can NOT get a pie here!….. hmm, and real fish and chips. FOUR things… this is begining to read like the script to “It is NOT the Spanish inquisition.”)

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  3. I was in Germany in the late 80’s for 3 years with the army, I used to love their Asbach Uralt but that is brandy Leggy not sure if you like brandy. Failing that the quality of their beers is far better than any of the shit you can get here in the U.K.


    • “Failing that the quality of their beers is far better than any of the shit you can get here in the U.K.”
      That sentence is so patently stupid it is not worthy of a reply so why the hell am I replying?


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