Randomness abroad


Frankfurt at night.

Last night I heard a conversation that I expect to hear only once in my lifetime. Spoken seriously…

“Where’s the lobster?

“He’s playing darts.”

Tonight I will be locked in a room and have to find the way out. So will everyone else.

I suppose it was bound to happen.


10 thoughts on “Randomness abroad

  1. Is this a stag do, Mr? Hmm. Mine will be quite tame, no lobsters, but something to do with go-karts and a curry afterwards…… I’m far too boring to be chained up naked to a lamppost. Again.


  2. “Where’s the lobster?

    “He’s playing darts.”

    😀 So was Pinchy on target? 😉

    Legs, I decided to start a blog to house my witterings. You know, lift my chin above the water 😉


    How to get out of a locked room? Think … have you thought of using a mallet?

    I dunno, might be too explosive, you wouldn’t to croquet 😉 Is it your hotel room you’re locked in? Hello! can anyone smell oranges …

    Ooh, that didn’t end to well for Jack-in-the-box, so maybe it’s more like a Matrix … feel free to ignore this next clip, though … look, I’m only trying to help you …

    Was that some give I felt there … a little bit of movement …?

    Yay! Out and Safe …

    Welcome back Legsy. I hope you enjoyed your weekend


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