Locked rooms and shisha bars

Sober tonight. We visited this place.

First up was the biohazard room. One hour to solve the mystery and prevent the biohazard escaping. We did it with 10 minutes to spare.

Then we left after seeing the bomb room. Waiting for the tram , we decided ‘the hell with it’  and went back in.

Same deal. One hour to solve the clues and defuse the bomb. We did it in 33 minutes. They opened champagne so I guess it was a good time. None of us had ever tried this before.

Later we went to find some beer and ended up in a Shisha bar in a dodgy part of town. So that was yet another new experience for me. Shisha is pretty good. I’d definitely try it again.

Tomorrow there are plans for laser tag. Haven’t tried that before either.

Home tomorrow evening to decent internet and a proper keyboard. It’s been a lot of fun but this time I’ll be glad to get home.

Next time, maybe not so much.


7 thoughts on “Locked rooms and shisha bars

  1. Shisha pipes are great! Late last year my youngest daughter (26) demanded we spend some ‘quality time’ together, and suggested we meet up in Istanbul for a few days, which we duly did. Just near where we were staying was a very friendly Kurdish restaurant that served shisha (known as ‘nargileh’ there), and every night on the way home, we’d stop there and I’d have a nargileh, coffee and raki, and my daughter would have an apple tea and a couple of puffs on the pipe. She doesn’t smoke, but she quite enjoyed a few tokes on the hubble-bubble.

    As an interesting aside, much to my surprise when I was in Hanoi at the beginning of the year, I noticed that in the old quarter where I was staying, there were quite a few shisha bars. And not only that, on several occasions, I noticed when walking past that the partakers of the aforesaid shisha were young, well dressed (as in educated professionals) Vietnamese women in a small group, sharing a pipe and a few drinks. Quite unexpected! Shisha has truly become international!


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