High drama

Target has quit his job. Chaos reigns at work again and Boss has been on the phone last night and today. I still have today off… best enjoy it, it could be the last one for a while!

So we’re back to the madness of real life again. It feels like I’ve never been away 😉

I’ll write an account of the Frankfurt trip with the Interesting Events I can recall… later. For now, here’s an introduction to a different kind of madness. Meet a new addition to Smoky Blogland… Roobeedoo!

Don’t worry if it makes no sense at first. It might not make any later on either 😉 Just enjoy.


16 thoughts on “High drama

  1. Aww … thank you, Legsy …

    Oh no … Target’s gone? Damn! So is it going to be one of those ‘once more unto the breach, dear friends’ type situations? ‘Cos you can totally do that …

    …. but let’s hope a replacement is found quickly 😉


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