Morally superior ketchup (and other food-based crap)

I’m still staying away from that ridiculous charade of an election. I decided who to vote for ages ago, and none of them are even going to try make any difference to that.

Instead, here’s a couple of articles on food nonsense.

It seems that, just like antismokers and antidrinkers, those who turn their noses up at a nice big plate of bacon, egg and chips and opt for tofu fried in bat’s urine instead are smug and boastful about it. They claim it tastes better.

Real people can’t tell the difference, even when told which is organic and which is just ordinary food.

The researchers found that feelings of moral satisfaction were the most important factor for the initial purchases of ethical food. However once this taste-moral satisfaction link was established in consumers’ minds, the belief that the taste of ethical food was superior to conventional food took precedence and became the main motivator for continued purchases.

So the morally intolerable are willing to pay more for food that actually tastes the same. Okay. Let them. Let them ignore the part that says ‘the belief that it tastes better’ and let them think it actually does. Idiots.

The team analysed data from a 2005 survey across eight European countries which found a correlation between buying organic tomato sauce and feelings of moral satisfaction.

Just how shallow do you have to be to get a feeling of moral superiority from a bottle of ketchup? Just how empty a life do you need to have in order to feel smug and self-righteous because you paid more for a bottle of the same stuff as is on the next shelf down?

Why does anyone feel the need to feel morally superior anyway? What’s the point? I smoke, antismokers can be smug. I drink, antidrinkers can be smug. I eat meat, vegetables can be smug. How much effect does this have on me?

None at all. It is a tsunami of smugness that passes me by unnoticed. It achieves absolutely nothing whatsoever. If you look down your nose at me I’ll tell you I can see right up yours. I simply do not care if you think you’re better than me.

Especially if your opinion is based on ketchup.


The organic food crowd are concerned that people are opting for non-GM food rather than going all the way to full organic. It seems people have this strange idea that non-modified food is healthier than modified food and they don’t need organic any more.

The organic sector has cultivated a culture of ethical awareness among consumers that conventional manufacturers are now cashing in on – and new product development is vital for the sector to retain its value, say experts.

This is called ‘mainstream healthification’ (sigh) in which manufacturers of real food are diverting customers from organics simply by stating their food wasn’t meddled with by Dr. Frankenstein. So the organics have to up their game now.

I grow a few things. Some years, my plums are a fine sight as they shudder in a cool breeze. Apples, raspberries, blueberries, gooseberries, strawberries, rhubarb and of course chillies. All grown with no sprays or fertliser apart from a pot of dried chicken shit. That’s organic and on a small-garden scale it’s easy.

On a commercial scale it’s not easy. I have lost a few things to slugs, mice and birds but since the birds planted the raspberries it’s only fair they should take a few. There’s plenty for both of us anyway. It’s not the same thing if you’re growing them to make a living out of them. Then, you need to get as many as possible before the wildlife tuck in.

Commercial growers have whole fields full of the same plants. A disease will spread easily in such a concentrated population. It’s not really surprising they use pesticides and other sprays to keep their livelihood alive.

Personally I don’t like the idea of food that’s been genetically meddled with. Puts me in mind of that scene from Woody Allen’s ‘Sleeper’ where there are huge vegetables and a farmer with a giant chicken on a lead. Organic food is a nice concept but it’s always going to be expensive on a commercial scale because it will have losses due to wildlife and disease.

In between is the food we had before. Seems it’s making a comeback.

Works for me.




6 thoughts on “Morally superior ketchup (and other food-based crap)

  1. I wonder how long it’ll be, before one particular political party propses that donations to Food Banks must contain at least 10% organic produce, so that the recipients aren’t morally disadvantaged?

    Place your bets now ……

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  2. I couldn’t give a toss one way or the other about organic food but there are a couple of items where you can definitely taste the difference. Heinz tomato soup is one. Eggs tend to be another.

    With everything else I’ve tried, it’s been a non-starter. The only difference I’ve found in organic vegetables and bread is that they don’t keep as long.


  3. Slugs plagued our garden for years, but not this year. I wonder if it is due to the 15cm of wood chips which I poured on top of all cultivated areas. I got the idea from a youtube video which I now can’t find. Anyhow, this should give you some idea of the benefits:

    No slugs, weeds easy to pull out (no digging required). Plus, when it rains too much, the wood chips absorb the excess water, and remain moist so that the underlying soil is never dry, even during a dry spell. The nutrients in the wood chips also rain down on the soil beneath, so negating the need for added compost.

    This works so well for us that we bought a wood chipper, which gnaws its way through all the spring and autumn tree trimmings, turning this ‘waste’ into luxury bedding for home organic gardeners.

    It certainly works for me. 🙂


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