Through the absurdity horizon

[Tipped by @CynaraeStMary in part of a long conversation on Twitter. If you haven’t worked out who she is yet, do try to keep up 😉 ]


The World Health Organisation has now passed an event horizon into a black hole of absurdity, and might soon disappear into the lunacy singularity from which no rational thought will ever emerge again.

They want to ban the common names of many communicable diseases in case someone gets offended, and in case entire species are eradicated in the name of Public Health.

It’s no joke. Publically funded nonscience really has come to this. It’s beyond any hope of parody.

Nonscience. It probably wasn’t a word before but I’ll use it again, I think.

This might be the first time I’ve ever agreed with Hugh Pennington (or ‘Saucy HP’ as he has been called by a certain scientist in the past) on anything. As he says, people understand the common names of these diseases and replacing them with complex scientific terminology will confuse people.

He’s wrong on the ‘upsetting animals’ part. The WHO didn’t say that. They claim it’s to stop needless slaughter of animals. It was only three pages, Saucy. No need to rely on the reporter’s version.

Slaughtering loads of animals just because diseases tend to be named after where they were first found is ridiculous, but teaching the difference between a word and the thing it describes would be a much better way to deal with this.

As @CynaraeStMary said in that conversation:

They didn’t slaughter a lot of Spanish people because of the Spanish flu like they did with the pigs they mention.

Quite so. In that one sentence she encapsulates the required education. The eradication of Germany will not cure German measles and the nuclear devastation of Lyme, Connecticut will make not one jot of difference to Lyme disease.

Killing pigs will not affect swine flu because it has now moved into the human population. You don’t catch it from pigs any more. You catch it from people.

As for this –

The guidelines also call for the words ‘unknown’, ‘death’, ‘fatal’ and ‘epidemic’ to be avoided in descriptions of human disease because they can ‘incite undue fear’.

I’ll bet every single one of you facepalmed at that. You can’t warn people that something is deadly in case they get scared of it. If it’s deadly you’re supposed to be scared of it. That’s the function of ‘scared’ That’s what it’s for.

The WHO were set up as an organisation to control and, if possile, eradicate communicable diseases. Now it seems they’ve found a way to achieve their goal.

They’re going to pretend the diseases don’t exist.



19 thoughts on “Through the absurdity horizon

  1. Nearly as bad as MSM alerting populace to be on lookout for dangerous criminal, but unable to publish his photo (to aid identification) so as not to breach his ‘human rights’.

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  2. The guidelines also call for the words ‘unknown’, ‘death’, ‘fatal’ and ‘epidemic’ to be avoided in descriptions of human disease because they can ‘incite undue fear’.

    Oh good, that would mean that they’ll be taking all those ridiculous claims off the side of cigarette packets, then. The ones claiming ‘death’, fatal’ etc. whose very purpose is to ‘incite undue fear’.

    Won’t it?

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    • That’s an excellent point. Would it then cover all those tax-payer-funded ‘charities’ whose sole purpose is to communicate dis-ease about tobacco, alcohol, fat, sugar, salt, meat?

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  3. They’re going to pretend the diseases don’t exist.

    As the NHS becomes increasingly decrepit this will ease the strain. People will die as a result, so that is good for the overall plan.

    The WHO were set up as an organisation to control and, if possile [sic], eradicate communicable diseases. (Typo alert.)

    Or…The UN/WHO were set up as an organisation to control and, if possible, eradicate billions of people.

    The guidelines also call for the words ‘unknown’, ‘death’, ‘fatal’ and ‘epidemic’ to be avoided in descriptions of human disease because they can ‘incite undue fear’.

    Spot the red herring. They want us to be afraid of everything. As Nisakiman points out. We’re supposed to be wetting ourselves over climate change, scared to open our mouths about the loss of freedom of speech, spraying gallons of anti-bacterial preparations around the house, believing there to be a paedo around every corner – and the biggie yet to come now that we are “guaranteed” an EU referendum in the next 18 months – high-grade mainstream media and government fearmongering should we think it would be a good idea to leave. Like Royston Vasey, they’ll make sure we never leave.

    They’ll probably end up recycling the people who die from the New Names into burger meat. If you order a Big Mac you might actually be getting a Big Mac – Big John MacDonald who died of “Nowhere Specific To Avoid Causing Offence Flu” and had read that he ought not to worry about it.

    Maybe they want us to be blasé about disease, so we become careless, catch the New Name and expire.

    More people gone and therefore a more “sustainable” world where more frogs and beetles can thrive where people used to be.

    Same MO – pretend to care about people being “offended”. I should be offended by the term “Scotch egg”: – the supermarket versions which are usually the tiniest eggs available, usually with a greenish yolk and wrapped in a slightly stale “meat” which is so thin the tiny egg rattles about inside. Then it’s covered in breadcrumbs to represent a ginger-haired Jimmy.

    It’s a “racist” abomination!

    Seriously though, we know they don’t care about us. The WHO cares about the big pharma corps.

    As humans lose our rights and freedoms, animals are getting more. Donkeys on the beech. Now they’re entitled to certain rights: a more reasonable working week, a lunch hour, retiral age and non-contributory pension plan.

    There has even been talk of apes getting the same “rights” as humans.

    So as to treat humans as chimps, probably.

    Banana, anyone?

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  4. “The behaviour of any bureaucratic organization can best be understood by assuming that it is controlled by a secret cabal of its enemies”.
    (Robert Conquest’s Second Law of Politics)

    So, the WHO whose original formation was to allow for the dissemination and sharing of information and skills (ie. Education) to combat the spread of communicable diseases throughout the world now acts to limit the spread of knowledge in case it scares someone, somewhere (or might possibly).

    I’d say you couldn’t make it up but then I remember the spectacle of the UN ‘Human Rights’ and ‘Womens Rights’ organisations being run by … the worst countries in the world for Human and Womans Rights abuses.
    So, just more SSDD.


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