A load of horsebox

The taxman is on the prowl again. This time it’s horsebox owners. Not the horse-transporting companies but the farmer or small businessman who has one, maybe two such vehicles.

Because, you see, the taxman…

suspects farmers and rural businesses of buying the horsebox through their company, falsely claiming it as a business expense, or failing to declare personal use of the horsebox and paying tax on it as a ‘benefit in kind’.

Well okay. If you buy something for business use and reclaim the tax on it, you really shouldn’t then use it for personal use.

Not something I’ve ever had to worry about. Nothing I bought for work was of any use outside the lab, and most of them were unsafe outside the lab. To be honest, some of the equipment I made myself wasn’t all that safe inside the lab either. I was never going to buy a half-kilo of brain-heart infusion broth and make soup out of it, nor was I ever intending to take any bacterial cultures home as pets. The business really couldn’t buy me anything for personal use.

I also never claimed anything for my little office at home. I wasn’t going to try to work out how much gas and electricity were in use during working times. I interspersed working with writing (actually that’s legitimate work too) and browsing for silly cat pictures. I’d have needed a stopwatch to keep track of the time for each thing. It wasn’t going to happen.

Really though, a farmer does have need of a horsebox. If he uses it to take his children’s ponies to a horse show once in a while, is that really such a big deal? Personal use might add up to one or two percent of the year, so the taxman can demand only one or two percent of the reclaimed tax.

There will be instances when the taxman can’t find any tax liability at all, and most of the ones they do find won’t produce enough recovered tax to cover the cost of the investigation. It is, overall, an exercise in futility.

These campaigns will waste the time of every small businessman in the country, put them all under duress in case they’ve forgotten something or missed something and will damage or even close a lot of their businesses. This under a Tory government too.

Big businesses are not being investigated. Only their potential future competitors. Isn’t that odd? Almost as if those big companies bankrolling the government were using the government to wipe out any potential competitors. Would the government be complicit in such a thing? Would they play along?

There have also been campaigns aimed at recovering unpaid tax from medical professionals, plumbers, electricians and landlords.

All small fry. No mention of Amazon or Google in there.

And no politicians either.


12 thoughts on “A load of horsebox

    • Sorry, the software must have thought I was speaking html, which I don’t. It should have gone:

      And no politicians either.

      *Steps back in amazement*


  1. This sort of thing is a perennial obsession of the taxman, the nagging little thought that somehow farmers and small businesses are getting away with murder and that the activities of some half-baked prodnose are going to be able to spot this sort of thing. About all this sort of fuckwittery achieves is to reduce the quality of life for everyone.

    An example is how we used to keep country roads clear of snow in winter. This was what is known as “Doing it the easy way”. What you do is pay local farmers to keep the roads around their farms clear of snow. They’re on-site already, they have access to lots of very powerful machinery, and they know what they’re doing. The only problem is that the tractors will be using agricultural diesel.

    Not a problem to a farmer; they simply do the job, take the (rather small) payment and everyone’s happy. Except for the taxman, feckless numpty that he is. No, tractors running on red diesel doing non-agricultural work were not to be allowed; they insisted that any tractor doing snow-clearing work must be running on white diesel and yes, they would be checking and would prosecute for even the merest trace of red diesel dye in the vehicle’s system. Effectively this mean the farmer either had to go to the trouble of clearing out the tractor fuel system and keeping a supply of white diesel handy for just this job, or even keep one tractor specially for the job.

    Most farmers couldn’t be bothered. After all, the tractors can get through pretty much any snow without needing a plough and the work involved for the payment was vastly excessive. So they simply ceased this useful service and life out in the countryside got that little bit nastier, simply by the actions of penpushing fuckwits.

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  2. It’s just another piece of the necessary business of creating serfs of us all; to control us and take every penny they can get away with. They don’t pick on the big boys because they want to do away with the small players. They want global corporations serving up coffee and burgers; they want megafarms where the animals are fed GMO and pumped full of chemicals; they want socialised medicine for control, monitoring and eugenics.

    It’s all got to be big and it’s all got to be global and it’s all got to be controlled by very few people who are serviced by a pyramidal system of Yes Men, each tier obeying orders and passing them down, no matter how crass, so that the proles at the bottom “comply” with all their diktats.

    Of course, they use their mainstream media to convince the proles that what is happening today is normal.

    But as Cameron is back in Number 10, I guess it’s what the people want: decay, demoralisation, depression, dehumanisation and destruction.

    I have just received an email from a reader which gives very compelling reasons to quit politics and concentrate on proclaiming the gospel.

    The global regime is almost complete. We have global taxes and global laws and global “human rights” giving all power to the State. Seems to me that the vast majority has been irreversibly fooled.


    • XX Of course, they use their mainstream media to convince the proles that what is happening today is normal.XX

      And the proles fail to see, that if you have to be TOLD it is normal, then something is DEFFINATELY not.


  3. Property rights, we don’t need no steenking property rights – the progs all squeal.

    You don’t own your own land (try building on it or keeping animals without ‘their’ say-so), you don’t own your house (ditto, or even paint it an unacceptable colour), you don’t own your own children or even yourself any more, so why did you think you oned your own horse-box?

    I’m just waiting for an electrician to be done for using his tools (claimed for as a legitimate business exopense) to change aplug at home/ a neighbours – it’s only a matter of time.

    But as Jannie might have intimated (once or twice) – no duck houses, never occupied second homes, nights out entertaining, or flock wallpaper on the watch-list is there?


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