Tax, and the arrival of Lurch

I completed my tax return tonight. They owe me money again. Not a vast sum – I don’t pay all that much tax to begin with – but enough to make a difference. It’s one in the eye for the taxman again and that’s always worthwhile.

Busy night at work tonight because Boss interviewed someone for Target’s old job. She wanted me in on the interview on the strict understanding that I said and did nothing to make her laugh. This proved really quite difficult, as it turned out.

Target’s last day was Saturday so getting an applicant so soon was really quite remarkable. I had hoped for some eye-candy with curves but all I got was a big hairy biker. I think Cafe Girl is warning local women about me so they don’t apply. Or maybe they visit the shop before applying and thinkΒ  ‘Oh, no. Not him!’

The new guy had earned his work name before the interview started but I dared not tell Boss until it was over. As I expected, when I did tell her she was pretty much helpless with giggles.

We have now employed Lurch as a Secret Ninja Cleaner. The place just gets odder by the day. He has no idea what’s coming his way and Cafe Girl is in for a surprise. She can’t pick on me now I have a giant as backup. He seems quite docile but looks terrifying. I think the fun factor at work just went up a notch.

He starts next Monday so it’s still a week of extra hours, but now we know it’s only a week it feels easy enough. This also takes Area Manager’s pressure off me over my time off, not that I was taking any notice of the pressure anyway. It just means I don’t have to rush to find a new job on my return.

It’s better to take the time to find the right one – or maybe even create the right one. As I’ll tell Boss, you don’t want to just go lurching from one job to the next. I’m going to have to work ‘lurch’ into every conversation now. I fully expect to hear that barely-breathed ‘Bastard!’ more than once.

With any luck he’ll stay for a while. Boss will train him in cleaning and I will train him in staff and customer relations when Boss isn’t looking. I only really need him to stay until I get on a plane on the 29th, although I don’t want to leave Boss in the shit so I hope he stays at least until I get back.

Ideally he’ll like the job and stay for good. Then Boss will only have to replace me when the time comes.

The collective sigh of relief from Local Shop on that day is likely to register on weather charts.



13 thoughts on “Tax, and the arrival of Lurch

    • No, they never spot the pattern, don’t crap bosses. They simply carry on being crap and blighting the lives of those they supposedly supervise.

      Work here is currently undergoing a re-org, another one (we get re-organised roughly every half dozen years here, but little changes), and as part of this everyone who is above a certain pay grade has been sent off for management training. This included myself and a large number of other techies; we’re all very good at technical stuff but prefer not to interact with staff more than is necessary. Trying to turn completely disinterested techies into managers is an exercise in stupidity, futility and frustration for those trying it.

      It also rather sets the tone for the entire re-org. Now we know the intellectual level (somewhere between very smart nematode and retarded snail), we can plan accordingly, and drop hints in the right ears. As the Big New Boss seems to like re-employing people he has worked with before, from $deadcorp, any announcement of yet another new manager is greeted with loud cries of “And what did he do at $deadcorp?”

      This, and an overspend on staffing costs, and the massed exodus of every techie sensitive to crap management, is getting noticed but the great and the mighty.

      I give the new boss maybe a year, two at the outside then he’ll be leaving on the toe of someone’s boot. Then we’ll have another re-org, to rectify the previous re-org.

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      • I suppose sometimes it’s hard for a techie to keep motivated when acknowledgement of a job, really well done, isn’t properly rewarded … especially when everybody else get’s the credit …

        It can wear down the enthusiasm of any member of staff, no matter how much they love and enjoy their job; instead of increasing productivity ’10 fold’, management might find themselves with staff only giving 10% πŸ˜‰

        It’s a shame really … proper change can work if it were communicated better. Otherwise, management should stop wasting everyone’s time and just keep going with the tried and tested approach … ‘Them and Us’ … I mean, it doesn’t take a genius to see where what that’ll get them …


      • You can not take us as an example, Leggy. Not every one has our…. “Boss control experience.”

        I wonder if I should add that to my C.V?


  1. I’m going to take offence on his behalf, having spent some time being called that myself (the stitches and the occasional groan didn’t help).

    A much more polite and genial title would be ‘Herman’ don’t you think? (showing my personal viewing preference, and age, I suppose, although I did much prefer Morticia to Lily’s dress-sense – skin-tight and slinky full length black dresses on a lady – what’s not to like?).

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